How to get rid of pigeons under solar panels?

Pigeons are flying pests. Everyone wants to get rid of them. You may see them in cities before but when they nest under your solar panels. They are creating a great mess for you. Disturbing you more than before. Now they are living with you. Not only their noises are unbearable, but the poops they do are also harmful to your roof tiles and solar panels. Without further moving here is

You can get rid of pigeons under solar panels by covering the panels with wire mesh or any available net. Chilli powder, black pepper, and cinnamon can also be used to deter them. Before applying wire mesh clean the poops and nests under solar panels.

That’s not enough. As you apply these tips you need to choose them wisely. Do everything with proper care and strategy. A better plan can keep them away from your roof for long-lasting. Here is the detailed guide.I will tell you why they are coming to your solar panels and can their presence damage your panels.

Clean pigeons’ remains first

The first thing before covering the panels you have to do is to clean the area under them. Pigeons have made nests there and their pooping would also present there. You have to remove the nest first. If there are babies then wait for them to fly away or call the bird control authorities.

Now clean the area. You can use the garden hose. Keep the pressure low. It can damage your solar panels. If you don’t want to use water, you can use vinegar and dish soap to clean it with the brush. You can use a bird poop cleaner. Remember to wear gloves as there may be chances of getting diseases.

Use black pepper under solar panels (Homemade and cheap)

This is the cheapest way to get rid of these birds. Pigeons usually do not like the smell of hot pepper and chili sauce. As they have nested in your area. You can sprinkle the pepper under the solar panels. It may keeps them away.

Remember it is not a permanent solution. The air is always on the roof. It may wipe off with time. IF this method works for you. You can use this. But you have to keep the cinnamon or peppers again and again. But if they have laid eggs in the nest or have babies there. This method may not work. For that purpose, you need something which covers the solar panels.

If there would be no space to enter. They will never reach there. No nests no poops.

Installing wire mesh can keep the pigeons away from solar panels

This is the best way to keep these tiny creatures from nesting under solar panels. This is done to cover the space around the panels which prevents them from entering.

For this, you only need a wire mesh. The mesh has small boxes. Not only it will keep the pigeons away but also other rodents such as rats. A quality mesh will not rust and discolor with rains. The one benefit of using this type of deterrent is that you will not face any problem with the rainwater. It will pass through easily. If the pests will try to force and enter it will not break.

How to apply?

You can apply it easily even if you haven’t experienced such type of work before.

  • Cut the fence according to the length using a wire cutter.
  • Measure the distance from the top of the solar panel to the roof
  • Attach washers with the wire under the panels
  • For the corners cut the wire so it can bend easily

Before installing it is recommended to clean the place before applying the wire mesh

Use the net to cover the panels

If you don’t want to pay for the wire mesh, you can use the net to cover the area around the panels. Net can be applied mannually. It will cover the area but not a better a solution than wire mesh. If you have net already at home, you can use it . But if you are going to pay separate money for it , I will not recommend it.

Bird spikes can stop the pigeons from entering the solar panels

The other way to keep the pigeons away is to use bird spikes. These can prevent them from nesting. They are not going to hurt them. But will be enough to tease them and give them a little pain which prevents them from launching the site. I recommend you do not spend money on these. IF you want a permanent solution go for the wire mesh.

Although it reduces the chances of their perching. When they see spikes they would find it less attractive to make a nest on.

Do pigeons damage solar panels?

Pigeons poop can be hazardous for solar panels due to its acidic properties. Although they don’t cause much damage to your solar system. They may cause little damage to your wires or may reduce their deficiency up to 30%.

Why are pigeons attracted to solar panels?

Pigeons are attracted to solar panels because they find shelter and protection there. Hawks, dogs, cats, and even humans can’t reach there. Pigeons can’t have the ability to make nests so they look for places where there can lay eggs and no one can attack them.

How much does it cost to pigeon proof a solar panel?

It depends on what products you are using for covering the solar panels.

  • Wire mash costs you 38$ to 115$ depending on the mesh you buy. If you implement it by yourself that’s the cost. But if you hire an agency it will cost you more.
  • The number of solar panels and their sizes also influence the cost.
  • 100 ft mesh may cost you 112$. Measure the length of the panels and estimate accordingly.

Hope this article helps you to get rid of other birds too. If you have any other ideas share them with us. Thank you







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