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How to get rid of birds on the roof?

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


Maintaining a hygienic environment in modern times is undoubtedly a difficult task. Apart from environmental factors, flying birds play a major role in creating unsanitary conditions. They may look attractive, but their harmful nature can destroy your buildings, especially roofs. Therefore, you should take precautions to protect your roof from bird damage.

Here are some effective methods that are mainly adopted to get rid of birds on the roof and create a hygienic environment.

  • Install bird netting
  • Remove debris and nesting material
  • Remove food and water sources from the roof
  • Remove nests from the roof
  • Make use of audio deterrents
  • Make use of visual laser deterrents
  • Sprinkle the spices on your roof
  • Scare birds with scare decoys.   
  • Use electric birds deterrent system on the roof
  • Spray the nearby plants with methyl anthranilate
  • Scare birds with shiny objects and reflective surfaces
  • Prevent birds from using repellent gel on the roof

Proper planning and implementation of the above methods will lead to undesirable results. To keep the bird off the roof, you should carefully follow the procedure of bird prevention methods. Simple and easy methods of these methods are given below.

Install bird netting:

Installing bird netting on the roof area is one of the most appreciated ways to prevent birds on the roof. Proper netting must be installed to prevent birds from entering and landing in the area. Bird nets come in different types and sizes.

Before choosing a net, you should measure your target area so that the net fits properly. In addition, you must follow the proper installation instructions. Otherwise, it just leads to wasting your money.

The first step in installing the net involves the installation of anchors which come in different types namely corner and intermediate anchors. Corner anchors are fixed properly in the corner after drilling through the drill machine while intermediate anchors are fixed at places other than corners.

The next step involves running the cable through these anchors. A strong cable passes equally through these fixed corner and middle anchors. The final stages include hog ringing.

At this stage, hog rings are metal rings, Used to fasten the net firmly to the cable. The net thus installed acts as a net and prevents all kinds of birds from landing.

Remove nesting and debris material:

Nests and debris materials act as an attraction for birds as birds make nests out of this type of material. Birds make their nests mainly by collecting twigs, fallen leaves, twigs, bark strips, feathers, threads and other small particles. If your roof is covered with this type of material, birds will continue to flock to the area.

The best solution to this problem is to remove all nesting and debris material from your roof. You should make sure that your roof does not contain any material that attracts birds and can cause birds to visit. Also, you should clean your roof regularly which is essential to create a hygienic environment.

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Remove food and water sources from the roof:

In addition to debris and nesting material, food and water sources also act as attractions for birds. Flying birds fly specifically to find food and water for themselves and their young. They visit the area regularly whenever they find a source of food and water. Their collapse can seriously affect your roof.

If you have bird food or water on your roof, you should remove them to prevent the presence of birds. You can place this bird feeder anywhere other than the roof.

The best suggestion is to place the feeder away from your building. When birds cannot find a source of food or water from the roof, they will fly to search for food elsewhere. This will effectively protect your roof from bird droppings and splashes.

Remove bird nest from the roof:

The presence of a nest on your roof area can be a major cause of birds on your roof. You should know that your roof is free of any bird nests. But, if you suspect the presence of a nest on your roof, you should search the nesting area.

After finding the nest, you should carefully remove and separate the nestlings. Here are easy steps to remove bird nests from your roof.

First of all, take precautions to protect yourself from being harmed by a bird. Wear long sleeves and gloves for this purpose. After wearing gloves, check the inside of the nest. Never attempt to remove a nest containing birds and their young. This is because birds can hurt you badly. Always remove the nest when it is empty.

Carefully remove the nest with the lifting device and do not throw it in the open. This is because birds can rebuild their nests from this material. Always place nesting materials in a plastic bag or trash can.

After removing the nest, clean the area with a disinfectant to kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria. When the birds return and fail to find a nest, they leave to search for their own nest.

Make use of audio deterrents:

Bird scares using audio deterrents are an effective way to get rid of birds from buildings, land, farmland or even your roof. Audio deterrents are devices that emit the sounds of various predatory birds.

They work either by direct connection to electricity or by a charged battery. You can buy them from departmental stores or online websites as per your needs.

To keep birds off your roof, install a good audio deterrent device in a specific spot on the roof. When you turn it on, it starts making sounds of different bird predators. You can change the sound and voice of the hunter with one button on the device. This sound covers an area of several acres.

When birds hear this sound, they sense the presence of a predator in the area. Thus they get scared and stay away from the area.

Make use of visual laser deterrents:

Like the audio deterrent, the visual laser deterrent also scares off the birds with its laser light. It consists of a device that emits laser light to scare away birds. You can easily install it in your desired area for bird control.

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These laser emitters can operate on a charged battery. Most such devices can be powered by charging solar panels. So they have small solar panels attached to them for proper functioning.

Place a visual laser device on a part of the roof where the light it emits can be easily seen by birds. Also, make sure it has direct access to sunlight as it works through solar panels. The device continues to produce laser light that can vary in color.

Because of the movement of the laser device, the birds can see the laser light from all directions. Laser light also covers an area of several miles. When the birds come in contact with the laser light, they get scared and fly away. It can protect your roof from bird damage.

Install electric bird deterrent system on the roof:

Installing an electric bird repellent on the roof can also help deter birds. This electric deterrent system basically consists of a device that produces an electric shock. You can also use a system consisting of tracks and plow energizers.

The track is attached to the ground using a strong adhesive. These tracks are then connected to a plug energizer that generates current after several times.

When a bird lands on this electrical system, it may feel an electric shock. This electric shock cannot kill or seriously injure the birds. Thus, when the birds feel the electric shock, they move away and avoid landing on the roof area again, keeping it safe from birds falling and falling.

Sprinkle the spices on the roof area:

The use of spice materials is an effective way to repel birds from the roof due to their strong scent. Take chili garlic, black pepper, lemon, vinegar, chili or any material of your choice that has a strong aroma. Spray it on the ceiling area.

When birds land in this area, they feel irritated due to the strong scent. Thus, they avoid getting into your roof area.

Scare the birds with fake scary decoys:

Scary decoys can do wonders to keep birds away from your roof. These draw decoys are either made of plastic or rubber. They resemble the shape of birds of prey such as owls, falcons, or scarecrows. For their stable placement, you should fill them with soil or sand.

Some scaring devices also work on direct electrical connection and charged batteries. Their parts can move when turned on to scare birds. You can place them on the ceiling or even hang them from nearby branches.

Take a scarecrow like an owl and place it on the roof where birds can see it. When the birds see this creepy bug, they can sense the presence of their predator. Thus they avoid landing and fly away due to fear of death and being eaten by predators.

Scare birds with shiny objects and reflective surfaces:

The use of horns and objects with reflective surfaces is the most widely used and oldest method of scaring birds. A variety of bright objects are used to scare away birds. Some of these items include mirrors, old CDs, or reflective tape.

Take some pieces of mirror and attach them to the wall near the ceiling with strong adhesive. When light falls on a mirror, reflection occurs. The reflection distracts the bird and prompts them to stay away from the area.

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Also, you can use reflective tape as a reflective material. The best thing about this tape is that both sides are reflective. Thus it can produce reflections from both sides. You can hang reflective tape by tightening one side for a firmer support.

When the light falls on it, it creates a reflection from both sides which scares the bird away from the ceiling. It is also a cost-effective technique for bird deterrence.

Spray nearby plants with methyl anthranilate:

Spraying methyl anthranilate on nearby plants is a safe solution for bird control. Methyl anthranilate is a plant-based compound with a strong grape aroma. The scent of grapes is highly irritating to birds. It does not harm either plants or birds.

Carefully spray methyl anthranilate on nearby plants and branches. Its strong scent not only keeps birds away from the roof area but also prevents birds from nesting in trees and surrounding areas.

Prevent birds by using a bird’s repellent gel:

Bird repellent gel is also an effective solution against the destruction of birds. Bird droppings on roof walls can pose serious health risks. Thus, the use of repellent gel can be effective. There are different types of bird repellent gels available in the market. Some gels are applied directly to the targeted site while others may come in the form of a gel pad.

Use a gel gun to apply the repellent gel directly to the ceiling walls. You can also use gel pads but you have to use a glue gun for this purpose. First, cover a small area with glue using a glue gun.

Then, place the gel pad in place and press it firmly so that it is not displaced. When birds land in this area, they feel sticky underfoot due to the sticky nature of the glue. This effectively prevents birds from landing on the roof area and keeps it free from bird droppings and splashes.