How to get rid of birds on the roof?

The maintenance of a hygienic environment in modern times is no doubt a challenging task. Besides the environmental factors, flying birds mainly contribute to creating unhygienic conditions. They may seem attractive but their damaging nature can destroy your buildings, especially roofs. Therefore, you must take precautions to protect your roof from bird destruction.

Here are some effective ways mainly adopted to get rid of birds on the roof to create a hygienic environment.

●     Install bird netting

●     Remove debris and nesting material

●     Remove food and water sources from the roof

●     Remove nests from the roof

●     Make use of audio deterrents

●     Make use of visual laser deterrents

●     Sprinkle the spices on your roof

●     Scare birds with scare decoys.   

●     Use electric birds deterrent system on the roof

●     Spray the nearby plants with methyl anthranilate

●     Scare birds with shiny objects and reflective surfaces

●     Prevent birds from using repellent gel on the roof

The appropriate planning and implementation of the above-mentioned methods will only lead to undesirable results. To keep the bird away from the roof, you must carefully follow the methodology of bird-prevention methods. The easy, simple methods of these ways are summarized below

Install bird netting:

Installing bird netting on the roof area is among the most appreciable methods for bird prevention on the roof.  The proper net installation is compulsory to prevent the birds from coming and landing in that area. Bird netting comes in various types and sizes. Before choosing a net, you must take measurements of your targeted area so that the net can fit properly. Moreover, you must follow proper installation instructions. Otherwise, it only leads to the wastage of your money.

The first step of installing a net includes the installation of anchors which come in various types i.e, corner and intermediate anchors. Corner anchors are properly fixed in the corner after drilling holes through a drill machine while the intermediate anchors are fixed in areas other than corners.

The next step includes the running of cable through these anchors. A strong cable is equally passed through this fixed corner and intermediate anchors. The last steps involve hog ringing. In this step, hog rings are metal rings. are used to tightly connect the net to the cable. The net installed in this way acts as a trap and prevents the landing of all types of birds.

Remove nesting and debris material:

The nesting and the debris material act as attractants to the birds because the birds make nests from this type of material. The birds mainly collect the bushes, fallen leaves, twigs, bark strips, feathers, threads, and other small particles to form a nest for their living. If your roof is occupied by this kind of material, then the birds will keep on visiting this area.

The best solution for this problem is to remove all the nesting and debris material from your roof. You must make sure that your roof has no such material that attracts the birds and can be a reason for birds coming. Moreover, you must also clean your roof regularly which is essential to create a hygienic environment.

 Remove food and water sources from the roof:

In addition to debris and nesting material, the food and water sources also act as an attractant to the birds. The flying birds especially fly to search for food and water for themselves and their young. Whenever they find any food and water source they visit that area regularly. Their dropping can badly affect your roof.

If you place any bird feeders having food or water on your roof, then you should remove them to prevent bird presence. You can keep that bird’s feeder in any other area than the roof. The best suggestion is to keep the feeder in a far place from your building. When the birds cannot find any food or water source from the roof, they will fly away to search for food in another place. It will effectively protect your roof from bird droppings and poopings.

Remove bird nest from the roof:

The presence of the nest on your roof area can be the main reason for the birds on your roof. You must know that your roof is free of any bird’s nest. But, if you have doubts about the presence of a nest on your roof then you must find the nesting area. After finding the nest, you should carefully remove and dislocate the nest birds. Here are the easy steps for bird’s nest removal from your roof.

First of all, take precautionary measures to protect yourself from any bird’s harm. For this purpose wear long sleeves and gloves. After wearing gloves check the internal area of the nest. Never try to remove a nest having birds and their young ones present in it. This is because the birds can badly harm you. Always remove a nest when it is empty.

Carefully remove the nest with a lifting tool and don’t throw it in an open area. This is because the birds can rebuild their nest from this material. Always put the nesting material in a plastic bag or a trash box. After removing the nest, clean the area with a disinfectant to kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria. When the birds return and fail to find the nest, they will go away to search their nest.

Make use of audio deterrents:

Scaring birds with the use of audio deterrents is an efficient way to get rid of birds from buildings, lands, farming areas, or even from your roofs. Audio deterrents are devices that produce the sounds of different predators the birds. They either work by direct connection to an electric current or by a charged battery. You can buy them from departmental stores or online websites according to your requirements.

To prevent the birds from your roof, install a good audio deterrent device on a particular area on the roof. When you turn it on, it starts producing the sound of different predators of the birds. You can change the pitch and sound of the predator through a button on the device. This sound covers several acres of area. When the birds hear this sound, they feel the presence of a predator in that area. Thus they get scared and stay away from that area.

 Make use of visual laser deterrents:

Similar to the audio deterrent, the visual laser deterrent also scares the birds with its laser light. It is composed of a device that emits laser light to frighten the birds. You can easily install it in the area of your choice for the sake of bird control. These laser-emitting devices may work on a charged battery. Most such devices may work by charging on solar panels. Therefore small solar panels are attached to them for proper working.

Place a visual laser device on the area of the roof where its emitted light is easily visualized by the birds. Also, make sure that it has direct access to sunlight because it works through solar panels. The device keeps on producing laser light that can vary in color. Birds can see the laser light from all directions because of the movement of the laser device. The laser light also covers many miles of area. When birds come in contact with the laser light, they fly away after being scared. This can keep your roof safe from bird destruction.

 Install electric bird deterrent system on the roof:

Installing electric bird repellents on the roof can also prove helpful in the prevention of birds. These electric deterrent systems mainly consist of a device that produces an electric shock. You can also use a system consisting of tracks and a plu energizer. The track is adhered to the ground by using a strong adhesive. These tracks are then connected to a plug energizer that produces current after several times.

When the bird lands on this electric system, it may feel an electric shock. This electric shock cannot kill or severely harm the birds. Thus when the birds feel the electric shock they go away and avoid landing again on the roof area and keeping it safe from bird poopings and droppings.

 Sprinkle the spices on the roof area:

The use of spice material is an effective way to get rid of birds from the roof because of their stronger scents. Take the required amount of chili garlic, pepper, lemon, vinegar, chili, or a material of your choice having a strong scent. Sprinkle it on the roof area. When the birds land in that area, they feel irritation because of the strong scent. In this way, they avoid visiting your roof area.

 Scare the birds with scare decoys:

The scare decoys can surprisingly keep the birds away from your roof. These scare decoys are either made of plastics or rubbers. They look like the shape of bird predators such as owls, falcons, or scarecrows. For their stable placement, you must fill them with mud or sand. Some scare devices also work on direct electrical connections and charged batteries. Their parts may show movement on turning on to scare the birds. You can place them on the roof or can also hang them on nearby branches.

Take a scare decay such as an owl and place it on a place on the roof where it is visible to the birds. When birds look at this scare decoy, they may feel the presence of their predator. Thus they prevent landing and fly away because of fear of death and being eaten by predators.

Scare birds with shiny objects and reflective surfaces:

The use of shing and objects with reflective surfaces is the most widely used and old method to scare the birds. A variety of shiny objects are used to make the birds scared. Some of these objects include mirrors, old CDs, or reflective tapes. Take some pieces of mirror and attach them with a strong adhesive on a wall near the roof. When the light falls on the mirror, a reflection is produced. The reflection distracts the bird’s attention and urges them to keep away from that area.

Moreover, you can also use reflective tape as a shiny material. The best thing about this tape is that both sides are reflective. Thus it can produce reflection from both sides. You can hang the reflective tape by tightening one side to strong support. When light falls on it, the reflection is produced from both sides that frighten the bird, keeping them away from the roof. It is also a cost-effective technique for bird prevention.

 Spray nearby plants with methyl anthranilate:

Spraying the nearby plants with methyl anthranilate is a safer solution to control the birds. Methyl anthranilate is a plant-based compound having a strong grape scent. The grape scent is highly irritative to the birds. It does not cause any damage to both plants or birds.

Carefully spray the nearby plants and branches with methyl anthranilate. Its strong scent not only keeps the birds away from the roof area but also prevents the birds from forming any nests in the trees and nearby areas.

 Prevent birds by using a bird’s repellent gel:

Birds repellent gel is also an effective solution against bird destruction. The bird’s poopings and dropping on the walls of the roof can cause serious health hazards. Thus using repellent gels can be effective. A variety of bird-repellent gels are available in the market. Some gels are directly applied to the targeted site while others may come in the form of gel pads.

Use a gel gun to directly apply the repellent gel to the walls of the roof. You can also use gel pads but for this purpose, you have to use a glue gun. First of all, cover the small area with glue by using a glue gun. Then, place the gel pad on this area and press it firmly so that it cannot be displaced. When birds land in this area they feel stickiness under their feet due to the sticky nature of glue. It efficiently prevents the birds from landing on this roof area keeping it free of birds dropping and poopings.






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