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Why do pigeons coo? Meanings and How to stop them

Mackenzie Gary



I have been watching pigeons since my childhood. My cousin is crazy about keeping pigeons. He has now a variety of pigeons in the loft. I am listening to pigeons’ sounds from an early age. I closely focused on them. People are crazy to know why do pigeons coo?

Why do pigeons coo?

When pigeons are in love, they call their mate to mate and nest. They make strange sounds when they are in trouble or trying to defend their territory by warning other pigeons. When they feel hungry, they also cover and ask for food.

They are among the quietest birds. This is why they can be kept as pets. If you are sitting in a room, you cannot hear them like parrots. Parrots are loud while pigeons are low-pitched. You can read pigeons life cycle here.

Pigeon sounds meanings

There are some meanings hidden in their cooing sound on different occasions that you should know. Before moving forward, they have the same sounds in every moment but the intensity and location matter. Here below are the occasions when pigeons make sounds.

Calling for mating

Male Pigeons call for mating by cooing. First, they walk around the female, show their chest, tries to impress her. They also cooing at this time. It shows when they are in a mating mood they make noise.

If a female accepts the proposal, they do mating. If rejects she flies away. In the above case, she doesn’t want mating but the male forced her to do so.

Cooing for Nesting

After mating both looks for the place for making a nest. They look for the area where they stay away from predators or where the availability of food is easy.

When males or females choose the place, they coo and calling the other partner for building a nest. Whenever you see a pigeon on your balcony, and he is making noise fly him away, if you don’t want him to live there.

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For the territory

If the pigeon sees any predator around he coo constantly to alert other companions. I have several portions of the nest in the same loft. If any other pigeon enters into their territory they start making noise and peck him. Not every pigeon repeats the same phenomenon. Most birds are polite.

In anger

Pigeons are very innocent. They don’t show anger much. But if someone teases them they surely peck him and make cooing sounds.

I have seen an owner who keeps this bird as a pet. He was failed in taming him instead he was disturbing him. The pigeon was angry at that time and make strange noises. He was also showing his anger by grunting.

When they are in love

It is very easy to tame a pigeon. If you love the pigeon, he will love you back.

These birds when start trusting you, start sitting on your hands and shoulders. On fingering in their furr, they coo. They feel love at this moment. At this, their voice is very low and calm. You can easily understand their noise.

For Communicating

Humans communicate using languages. Is there any language through which birds can communicate? It is said when pigeons have to talk with each other they coo.

I saw a pigeon talking like this. Their body behavior and textures are their languages. I find this in my experience. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

How to get rid of noisy pigeons?

Some people found these sounds soothing while others are irritated by them. Those who are closely related to nature loves them. I don’t think so nobody hates them as birds. The only hated thing is their droppings and laying eggs and nesting which they do everywhere. That’s, why kind-hearted People want to get, rid of them.

Below some are of the best ways of keeping the noisy pigeons away.

Using the Traps

The best way that works for getting rid of pigeons is by trapping them. You may have tried everything they will not go. Some people are so annoyed they wanted to kill them. That is actually against animals’ rights.

All you have to do is to place the trap with food in it and around where they are in excess amount. Keep the door of the trap open for some days. After they start entering the cage, keel the doors down.

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Once the pigeon enters the trap, he will not find any way of getting escape. Here are some useful tips and the best traps you need to know. This will surely help you to get rid of noisy pigeons.

Remove any food available

Have you ever wondered why pigeons are living in the cities? It is because they are getting food easily. They usually nest near the area where they have an easy approach to food.

If you don’t want to hear pigeon noises near your home. Make sure you are not feeding him food. If you are feeding other birds in the backyard, pigeons will surely come to eat. Remove any food on the roofs or in the balconies to prevent their entry.

Stop them from nesting

I have told you earlier that pigeons also coo when they find a place for making nests. They do so to call the other pigeon. Whenever you see the pigeon cooing in your balcony or the window, fear him away.

If you don’t take action, this bird will make a nest on your roofs under the solar panels or near AC outers. After they made a nest, you have to hear their noises constantly all day and night long.

Decoy can help

There are different types of spikes available in the market which you can place on the roof, balconies, and windows. They can provide an unbearable environment for the pigeons to settle. When they don’t find comfort at your place, they will stay away from you.

You can also use reflective surfaces. These reflective surfaces form a prism when hit by rays of sunlight. This causes the pigeon to stay away. If you use a simple mirror, instead of staying away, they may come to you. Because this bird can recognize himself in the mirror, that’s why to choose reflective surfaces that keep the pigeon away.

Other best thing to get rid of pigeons is by placing owl decoys. They are their natural predators.

Spraying water on them

This method is a temporary way of flying away noisy pigeons. All you have to do is to take a water pistol and fire it on the water. A water pipe can also do the works.

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It is not so workable because the pigeons return after some time.

Call for help

If you cant does anything then you can just call the pest control service. These guys can handle the situation as they are experts in this field. You have to pay some money.

Best method (Conclusion)

The best method that works is trapping. It is a one-time investment of about 14-100 dollars depends on the cage you choose. Read the full details here

Related Questions

Why do pigeons make the same noise? Pigeons make the same noise because they don’t have variations in their tongues. All they can do is to low down or increase the intensity of voice depending upon the situation.

Do all pigeons sound the same? Pigeons have a lot of varieties. All of them coo but there is a little bit of difference in the cooing sound. Their tune is different a little bit.

Why do pigeons make weird sounds? When pigeons make a weird sound it shows they are in distress and using this grunting sound as a warning and alert message for other pigeons.

Do pigeons coo when they are happy? Pigeons make a low and prolonged cooing sound when they are happy and relaxing. It is mostly heard when they are being petted and spending time with their mate. Even when getting the food they do so.

Why do pigeons make noise in the morning? In the morning, a cool and soothing breeze is blowing. They may be feeling happy or maybe hungry calling for food.

Why do pigeons coo constantly? If there is a predator or someone enters their territory they start cooing constantly calling for others for danger

DO pigeons make a lot of noise? They don’t make a lot of noise. Usually, they are very quiet birds. When they are in pairs, they make sounds that are stressful for some people, and for some it is peaceful.