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How to get rid of sparrows on the roof? 10 ways

Mackenzie Gary

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Sparrows, like other birds, are known for their nesting behavior. They build nests in a variety of places, such as trees, buildings, and maybe even on your roof. But the presence of sparrows on your roof can be harmful. Bird droppings can contain pathogens that can cause various diseases. Similarly, a bird’s nest can harbor various parasites that can be very dangerous. Thus, it is important to remove the sparrows from the roof to avoid any difficult situation.

Having sparrows on your roof can be a nuisance, so take precautions to get rid of them. Here are some effective preventative measures that can help you get rid of sparrows from your roof.

  • Spread different traps on your roof.
  • Clear the various nesting sites.
  • Avoid putting food particles on the roof.
  • Make use of ultraviolet light.
  • Disperse various irritants through the hazing system
  • Sprinkle the peppermint on the roof.
  • Place Hawk decoy on the roof
  • Hang reflective surfaces on the roof.
  • Make distress calls
  • Remove the nests.

It is important to take precautions to keep sparrows off the roof of your building. The above methods can help get rid of sparrows but also prevent sparrows from coming to your roof. You can choose any suitable method to keep sparrows away. All methods work effectively to get rid of sparrows but also help prevent other harmful birds from visiting your roof.

Here is a complete breakdown of how to implement the above methods to keep your roof free from sparrows.

Spread different traps on the roof:

Spreading different traps on the roof is among the most effective methods to get rid of sparrows. Spread various traps, such as nets on the roof. The sparrows prevent landing on these traps due to fear of dying or being trapped, thus securing your roof from sparrows.

Clear the various nesting sites:

The sparrows keep on searching for different locations for making nests. Usually, they make nests on the top of buildings or roofs. Clearing the various sites that are suitable for making nests can prevent the sparrows from coming in that area.

Avoid putting food sources on the roof:

Mostly we put different food sources on the roof for different birds. Moreover, birds may drop food while flying. It can be harmful due to numerous sparrows gathering on the roof. Thus, you should avoid putting food particles on the ceiling. You should also clean up fallen food particles to distract the sparrows.

Make use of ultraviolet light:

Ultraviolet light acts as a danger material to get rid of sparrows on roofs. The sparrows consider the ultraviolet light as a smoky and flammable material. So they fly away from it due to fear of dying.

Disperse various irritants through the hazing system:

You can disperse various irritants on your roof. The irritants create an uncomfortable environment for the sparrows. As a result, the sparrows fly away to prevent any irritation.

Sprinkle the peppermint on the roof:

Sprinkling the peppermint on the roof creates a bad odor. The sparrows usually hate this smell and avoid the sites with sprinkled peppermint. This can be helpful in getting rid of sparrows on the roof.

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Place Hawk decoy on the roof:

You can scare the sparrows by placing the hawk decoys on the roof. Sparrows, being the common prey of hawks, avoid hawk decoys due to fear of death. Thus, they do not come on the roof.

Hang reflective things on the roof:

The reflective surfaces such as mirrors act as scaring things to the sparrows. The reflective surfaces distract the birds thus preventing their landing on the roof.

Make distress calls:

You can use distress calls to frighten the sparrows. It includes the calls of different sparrow’s predators. The calls create stress in the sparrows which keeps the sparrows away from the roof.

Remove the nest:

Removing the nests is the best method of getting rid of sparrows. Removing the nest urges the sparrows to find another location for making a nest thus helps in keeping away the sparrows.

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No doubt, the sparrows may look attractive but their presence on the roof can be harmful. So it is essential to keep them away from the roof. The implementation of above detailed discussed methods can help you in getting rid of sparrows without injuring and killing the sparrows.