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  • Raven vs hawk – The difference

    Ravens and hawks are two birds that are often seen in the wild, and they have some similarities and differences. Both birds are members of the Corvid family, which means that they are related to crows, magpies, and jays. However, they are also distinct in their own ways, with unique characteristics and behaviors that set […]

  • How to attract hummingbirds to your feeder/Yard? 20 proven tips that work

    Hummingbirds are small birds. Everyone who loves to watch birds want to attract hummingbirds in his garden. Watching them flying and enjoying them with each other is an eye-captivating moment to watch. Nobody can explain that feeling in words. You can also attract them to your garden or birdfeeder by using the tips I mentioned […]

  • Owls in Florida you need to know | BirdsJournal

    Do you also live in Florida? And want to know what Owls live here and how you can maximize the chances to get a slight glance of them? Along with a few tips to attract them to visit your backyard? If yes, then this article is for you. Owls in Florida are some of the […]

  • 30 small birds in Florida

    Are you a bird enthusiast living in Florida? Then, this is the ultimate birding list you will need to hone your interest in bird feeding the small birds. We have got a roundup of 30 small birds found in the Florida region. So, get ready to set your feeders and make friends with some unique […]

  • Attracting and feeding Winter Birds In Arizona

    So, the winter is around the corner, and you would have a great chance of feeding winter birds in Arizona. As the winter arrives, several birds from North America also migrate to Arizona and stay here for a few months. Thus, it is a fantastic opportunity for making new neighbour birds in your backyard. In […]

  • Hawks in Florida – Behavior and Interesting Facts

    Whether birds are smaller or larger, noticing them will never end for bird lovers. Although, bird watching is listed amongst different hobbies. Nevertheless, it looks weird to see Hawks in Florida for people who are unfamiliar with nature. But awareness about species can make you fall in joy and happiness.  Without identification, nobody can differentiate […]

  • Attract backyard Birds In Arizona – 7 Tips

    In the flowering season, birds migrate to different yards. Anyway, beautiful call voices of various species make the orchid attractive for visitors. But How To Attract Birds In Arizona to grab the attention of tourists? Those people who love birds, know the requirements of the species. Besides, who doesn’t know about birds’ feeding habits, food […]

  • How To Attract Birds In Texas – Detailed guide

    Have you ever enjoyed birding in Texas? For bird watching, different formalities are to be completed. But how to attract the birds in Texas with various tips and techniques? As everyone is attracted towards the safe space. So that various bird species feel thirsty for food, water, and good location. You need to be focused […]

  • Attracting 16 Types Of Humming Birds In Florida – Detailed Guide

    Do you also love sighting hummingbirds? If yes, you should consider visiting Florida at least once in your life. There are more than 300 different species of hummingbird, but you can find 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida, including some of the rarest hummingbirds in the world. You can find up to 13 different […]

  • How To Attract Birds In Florida

    Do you have a backyard and want to know how to attract birds in Florida? Undoubtedly, birds like trees, flowers, and food. But every bird has their own fondness. Some birds prefer seeds and others enjoy fruits. According to Florida weather and environmental situations, it’s significant to overlook their houses.  Not every species needs to […]