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How to keep birds away from the balcony?

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


Birds are the most beautiful and delightful creatures. They are loved by almost everyone. His voice is charming to listen to. But sometimes these little creatures can cause us a lot of trouble.

Birds like sparrows, pigeons, robins and others can cause you trouble and your valuables in the balcony can also be damaged by their poops. How to keep birds away from apartment balcony?

You can get rid of birds from apartment balconies by using fake decoys like owls or hawks. Placing shiny objects like old CDs or reflective tape can also solve your problem. You should avoid food items that are the main source of attraction.

You wake up too early in the morning due to the chirping of birds and this results in a headache or bad temper. Stay tuned to the article for a detailed guide and some special tips.

You have created a beautiful balcony for your enjoyment and parties. When you go to your balcony to relax in the evening or at any other time, you would not like to step on the chirping of birds. This is the most annoying thing for you but don’t worry. In the next 10 minutes, you will be happy to find a solution to your problem.

Here are the 9 most effective methods that you can use to keep your birds away from the balcony.

  • Use fake predators decoy
  • Birds spikes can keep them away from the balcony
  • Find the reason which is attracting these birds to your apartment balcony
  • Sound deterrents can assist you
  • Water sprays
  • Spinning repellents
  • Shinny material
  • Use wind chimes
  • Gel repellent

Use fake predators decoy

This is one of the most effective methods you can use. Fake decoy can protect your balcony from birds. Due to the fearful nature of birds, they do not sit still. You can use this to your advantage.

Buy an owl decoy from the market and place it in a central location where birds can easily see it. It can protect you from bird droppings. You can also block others like hawks and snakes. There are many obstacles in the market today.

You can choose any of them that suits you. But it can’t work for long if you keep the wrong hunters in one place. Because the birds will know that the hunter is not real. So change their location regularly.

Solar Predator eyeballs are also a good option. You don’t need to charge them and they look awesome because of the constant eye movement. It can be effective.

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Birds spikes

Anti-perching birds spikes will be a good solution to your problem. This will remind the birds that this balcony is not for them. You can use it anywhere in your balcony. They are readily available and in a range of materials from plastic to steel.

For smaller birds, plastic spikes will be best but for birds like pigeons, hard materials are a good option.

They are less expensive and durable, can stay there for a long time. Spikes also don’t disturb the look of your balcony. They are small in size and may not be noticeable. You can install them in less time and with the help of others. This would be a good choice.

Remove any food source around

Find the reason why birds are coming to your balcony again and again. Birds go there where they feel comfortable and find a suitable environment. It might be because of the food material that they get there.

Sometimes you do this unintentionally. Remove this reason for their return and you will feel a clear difference.

Nests removal

This is also the reason for their visit to your balcony. There are many places in the houses where the nest can be easily made by the birds without getting your attention. Birds like sparrows make their nests and other birds also start building theirs.

They lay their eggs there and return regularly. It gathers a lot of birds. Find the nests and remove them. Fill that place so that they can’t make a new one.

Sound deterrents

Birds get scared when they hear voices and fly away. Ultrasonic bird deterrent is an effective method to use. The normal frequency of hearing for most birds is 4Hz. Ultrasonic deterrents have a frequency range of 18-20Hz.

This frequency may cause little or no hearing damage to birds but is enough to repel them from your balcony.

These ultrasonic sound systems are motion activated. When the bird comes and sits, it immediately makes a noise that scares them. They are also easily available.

You can also use specific sounds for target birds. Tape recordings can be used for this purpose. If sparrows are very common in your area, you can use sparrow warning calls.

They will be more efficient. Similarly, recorded sounds of other birds like crows, pigeons, woodpeckers are also available. You can choose according to the situation.

Water sprays

Water spray can be used as a bird deterrent. You can buy a spray with a sensor. As soon as it detects birds it will start spraying water which will keep the birds away from your balcony. It is automatic and battery operated. It is easy to use with effective results and does not harm the birds.

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You just need to connect it with a hose. This sprinkler sprays water for 5 seconds when birds arrive. It also has a good range (8/10 meters). If you have plants in your balcony and lots of birds visit there daily, this water sprayer will also serve to water the plants in the balcony.

Spinning repellent

Spinner wheels are also a good tool to keep birds away. Birds are afraid of moving objects and do not even go near them. This is why it is a good and effective repellent option.

They are made of plastic, so they are less expensive and within everyone’s reach. But in areas with high air flow, these repellents can be easily washed away due to the plastic material. As a solution, you can use a hard material like steel for their rod.

They are easy to install and also a humane solution to the problem. One thing to keep in mind is wind direction. Position them in the right direction so they can rotate as much as possible to keep birds away.

Shiny material

Shiny materials such as mirrors, tape, and CDs are great ways to repel birds from a distance. They see these materials in flight and do not approach them. Shiny things annoy them. They fear these things.

Flash tapes and CDs are easy to use. They may not need a special place on the balcony, especially the shiny tape. You can use this tape anywhere and it will not affect the beauty of your balcony and will be hidden from people’s eyes.

It can act as a visual barrier for birds. The luminous material is effective both in sunlight as well as under the bulb. They just need some light to do their job. If you want to hang these materials, leave some space between them.

So they can move around which also scares the birds as mentioned earlier.

Use Chimes

Wind chimes are the most useful for birds, which you can install and they also give the best results. Birds like sparrows, pigeons and others feel uneasy when they hear sounds.

Chimes are a good way to create sounds that disturb birds to sit and create disturbances. A good choice for you to make a wind chime is that it can sparkle, make a sound, and even spin.

All these things frighten the birds. Chimes look beautiful when hanging. It can also add to the beauty of your balcony. Place them under the sun or where sufficient light is available. So that they can shine. The size of your balcony decides how many bells you need.

Gel repellent

You can also choose gel repellent. This is a new way to keep birds away from the balcony. It has a sticky surface and a smell that birds don’t like. And It is versatile, can be used for all types of birds such as sparrows, crows, herons, owls and pigeons.

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It can be set up in minutes. This is an expensive solution but can last for 2-4 years if the area is properly cleaned. You can place it anywhere in your balcony.

Should I kill birds?

Early in the morning or when you wake up to the chirping of birds, the first thing that comes to your mind is I’m going to kill them. But how many birds can you kill?

This thought will hurt more. Killing them is also inhumane. This is illegal in many areas. However, killing of non-native birds is permitted in some areas. This will also be a noisy operation. So stop thinking and follow these simple tricks to get rid of birds.

Final words

Birds are beautiful creatures by the Creator but sometimes they can damage things and can create trouble for you. You will be comfortable after applying any of the above-mentioned techniques.

You can choose according to your comfort and budget. But keep in mind you want mental satisfaction and convenience so don’t try to harm them. They are also an important part of the environment.