How do you keep birds away from the pool?

Birds can create a fun environment because of their pleasant sounds but they can also be a reason for your anxiety. The bird’s hazardous nature can’t only affect the land but can also damage the water bodies such as the pool. Folks do swimming in the pool for refreshment, especially in the summer. The bird poopings and droppings not only make the pool water dirty but can also cause serious health risks for humans. Therefore, precautionary measures should be taken to protect the pool from the birds.

Protecting the pool from the birds is a bit difficult but not impossible. You can keep the birds away from the pool area by properly following the below-discussed techniques.

  • Cover pool with custom-fitted covers
  • Put floating predator toys in the pool.
  • Remove bird feeders and place them far away from the pool.
  • Remove bird nesting.
  • Make distress calls and bird predators sounds.
  • Distract birds with shiny and reflective materials.
  • Frightens birds with predator statues and flying kites.
  • Repel birds with “Bird out”.
  • Install bird spikes near the pool

It is impossible to keep the pool safe without  knowledge and effort because of large number of flying birds. If you are thinking of keeping the destructive birds away from the pool, then you must do proper planning. Here we have discussed some most effective ways which can lessen your anxiety by keeping away the birds from the pool and protecting your pool from birds.

1. Cover pool with custom-fitted covers:

Covering the pool with custom-fitted covers is the most appropriate method to protect it from bird damage. You can easily buy these pool covers from the market and can also customize them according to your pool size. Take a customized pool cover and spread it on the pool in such a way that it covers the pool from all sides.

If your pool cover is not according to the size of your pool, then you need to cut the cover to make it perfectly fit in the pool. For this purpose, you need a marker and a scissor. Spread the cover on the pool in such a way that the extra cover remains outside the pool area. After spreading the cover mark the cover area present on the outside of the pool with a marker and cut it with a scissor to make a cover according to pool size.

When the birds land on the cover they may feel unstable. They cannot enter the pool because of the cover and fly away from the pool area. It will effectively help to keep the pool water clean by acting as a barrier between the pool and birds.

2. Put floating predators toys in the pool:

Putting the floating predator’s toys in the pool can also protect the pool from bird poopings and dropping. Various types of pool toys are used to scare birds. These are commonly made of plastic material because it is lightweight and keep floating on the pool surface instead of sinking.

You can use pigeons, peacocks, and any type of bird predator toy. Take a peacock toy and place it on the pool water surface. It keeps on floating and shows movement because of the wind. When the birds look at the peacock, it avoids coming near the pool and so cannot find a chance to damage the pool.

3. Remove birds feeders and place them far away from the pool:

A Bird feeder acts as a center of attraction for birds because it contains the bird’s food material. Whenever birds find a bird feeder they start gathering at that place. They not only eat the food but also damage that area with their poopings and droppings. So, the best option is to remove the feeder from that place.

If you find a bird feeder in the pool area then you must remove it and place it far away from the pool area. When birds fail to find a bird feeder, they fly away to search for it in another area. In this way, birds do not visit the pool area and thus your pool remains safe from birds.

4. Remove the bird’s nestings:

The presence of birds nest in the pool area is the main reason for the dirty water of the pool because of birds. The only solution to get rid of it is the removal of nests from the pool area. For this purpose, you must find the area where the nest is present. The nests can be in a hidden place, in holes, or on the branches of trees.

After finding the nest you need to remove it. Never try to remove an active nest. Always remove a nest when it is inactive. Inactive nests are the ones that are empty and free of any eggs and birds. Wear gloves and long sleeves and remove the nest with a lifting tool and place it far away and throw it in a trash container. After nest removal, clean the area with a disinfectant to kill any harmful microorganisms.

5. Make distress calls and bird predator sounds:

You can keep the birds away from the pool by scaring them. Different ways are used to scare the birds. Among them, the use of birds’ predator sounds and distress calls can be effective to keep birds away from pools. These sounds are produced by devices that may work on electrically charged batteries or with direct electrical connections.

Bird Guard pro is considered the best to scare birds. This device produces the high-frequency sounds of different bird predators or the sounds of birds in danger. These high-pitched sounds are only audible to the birds. You can also adjust the sound frequency with a rotating sound adjust button. When turned on, it starts producing a sound that scares the birds and birds stay away from the pool.

6. Distract birds with shiny materials:

The material with shiny and reflective surfaces can help keep birds away from the pool. Take a CD and carefully break it into two pieces by folding it. Then make holes on the edges of both parts with a hole puncher. Then pass thread monofilament through the hole and tighten it.

Hang it with strong support on the pool area.  You can also hang the CDs without breaking them. When light hits their surface, reflection is produced that distracts the bird’s attention and urges the birds to leave the pool area. Thus, the birds don’t come near the pool. As a result, your pool remains safe from bird destruction.

You can also use mirrors instead of CDs. Take pieces of mirrors and attach them o walls using a strong adhesive. You must keep in mind that light must directly fall on the mirrors. The reflection produced urges the birds to stay away from the pool.

7. Frightens birds with predators statues and flying kites:

Birds’ predator status and flying scare kites also keep the birds away by scaring them. You can use statues of owl and hawk bird predators. They are mostly made of plastic and rubber and look exactly like real owls and hawks. You can place them on a solid flat place near the pool by filling them with mud or sand. You can also place them on branches by tightening them with a rope or by placing them on a fixed rod in the branch of the tree. When the wind blows, their heads show movement which scares the birds.

You can also fly scare hawk kites. For this purpose, you need to fix a ground stake in the ground using a hammer. After fixing the stake, take a rod and firmly attach it with a hawk kite using a bowline knot. In the end, attach the rod with the fixed stake. The hawk kites hang down and keep flying in the air. It is an easy method to scare birds to keep them away from the pool.

Repel birds with “Birds out”:

You can also use various bird repellents to repel birds because of their unpleasant aroma. You can use various natural products such as vinegar, and peppermint oil. Spraying the pool with these products creates an unwanted environment for the birds and keeps them away.

You can also use repelling products such as “Birds out”. It is easy to install and mainly installed in a dispenser that is fitted in the discrete walls. It contains methyl anthranilate that irritates the birds because of its unpleasant smell. It feels like the smell of mild grapes which is highly irritating for the birds. The “Bird out” keeps on producing methyl anthranilate in the pool area. Thus it keeps the birds away from the pool by creating unwanted conditions for birds.

Install birds spikes near the pool:

Bird spikes act as birds’ visual and tactile deterrents that keep birds away by perking them. These are long needle-like plastic and metallic rods that are fixed on a flat metallic rectangular plate. Take bird spikes and place them near the pool. You can use a strong adhesive to strongly attach the spikes.

Put the adhesive on the lower side of the bird’s spikes and firmly attach them to a place near the pool by pressing them. When the birds land on them they may feel a perk that scares the birds. The birds avoid landing again on the area of the spikes. Spikes are usually harmless to the birds but they avoid the pool area because of the perk of bird spikes






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