How to get rid of sparrows nesting in awning?

Birds are well-known for their nesting behavior because they form nests, in which they live. They can form nests in bushes, trees, roofs, porch, awnings, etc. The presence of the nests in awning is not a good thing because of the presence of different disease-causing agents including ticks etc. Moreover, the bird’s droppings can not only cause diseases but also leave permanent marks on the floor. So, it is compulsory to get rid of sparrows nesting in awnings.

Here are some effective techniques through which you can permanently get rid of sparrows nesting in the awning.

  • Remove the nest in the awning.
  • Relocate a nest.
  • Create an unwanted environment by limiting resources
  • Create a scary environment
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the awning.

All the above-mentioned techniques only work properly when they are executed properly. Otherwise, you may face more losses instead of benefits. Therefore, a detailed explanation of the above techniques is discussed here, which can help you to get rid of sparrows in the awning.

1- Remove the nest in the awning:

If you find a sparrow’s nest in your awning, then removing it is the only way to get rid of it. First of all, you need to find where the nest is formed in the awning. After locating the nest, you must observe whether the nest is active or inactive. It means that you must observe the presence of the young birds and eggs in the nest. If young birds and eggs are present then, you cannot remove them because it is illegal. But if the nest is empty then you can remove it easily.

You should not remove the nest immediately after locating it.  You should prepare yourself to remove the nest. It means that you should follow some precautionary measures such as wearing gloves, wearing long sleeves, etc. You should also use some lifting equipment to lift the nest. Then, carefully remove the nest and put it in a trash box so that the birds cannot relocate it in the same place.

After removing the nest, clean the area where the nest was present. For this purpose, you can use a mixture of water and bleach. After cleaning, apply to deter bird repellent to the area. It effectively prevents the birds from forming the nest due to the presence of hot pepper extract. The birds may feel unpleasant due to the hot pepper formula and also get irritated due to its sticky property. This method will not only help you to remove the nest, but also prevent the sparrows from forming a nest in the awning.

2- Relocate a sparrow’s nest:

Relocating a sparrow’s nest is no doubt a good idea. It not only removes the nest from the awning but also protects the nest from any damage. Relocating the nest to a safer place can help the sparrows to live in a new safe area. For this purpose, you must find a suitable cozy place where you can relocate the nest.

After finding the place, carefully remove the nest with proper precautionary measures. Then, put the nest in a container or a box according to the nest size. Lastly, carefully place the nest in the selected target area. Keep in mind that the nest should be visible to the sparrows. If you put it in a place where it is invisible to sparrows, then they can build another nest.

3- Create an unwanted environment by limiting resources:

Creating an unwanted environment for the sparrows is no doubt the most effective way to get rid of them in the awning. There are various ways by which you can create an unpleasant environment to get rid of sparrows nesting such as scaring sparrows with their predator’s sound, mirror’s reflection, etc. Among them, the most effective method is by removing the food and water sources in the nearby areas.

 Food and water are the main things for survival. When the sparrows fail to find both, they get disappointed. It urges them to move to a place where they can easily get them to save a life. Therefore the sparrows may move the nest to another place where they can easily access food and water

4- Create a scary environment:

Scaring the sparrows can help you to get rid of sparrows’ nests in the awning. You can create a scary environment in various ways. For this purpose, you can hang different CDs or mirrors on the awning near the nest. When the light falls on the mirror, reflection is produced. Reflection acts as a scary thing to the sparrows. They may be scared and move their nest to another place.

You can also use visual deterrents in awnings such as snake decoy or pigeon decoy. It comes in various sizes and is easily available in the market. Take a snake decoy and place it in the awning where it is easily visible to the sparrows. Snakes are predators of the sparrows so, sparrows may get scared due to fear of dying. Thus, they can move the nest to another safe place.

Using audio deterrents can also be effective. These are small gadgets that either produce sound on a fully charged battery or by connecting with a direct current. They produce the sound of sparrow’s predators. Place it near the nesting area and turn it on. It produces sounds that scare the sparrows so they may move to another place.

All the above three methods not only help you to get rid of the sparrow’s nest but also prevent the sparrows from building the nest in the awning.

5- Sprinkle baking soda in the awning:

Using baking soda is an excellent natural way to get rid of the sparrows in the awning. The presence of baking soda irritates the sparrows and other birds. They don’t like the presence of baking soda under their feet and highly avoid it. It is also a cost-effective method because baking soda is inexpensive.

Take baking soda in a bowl and carefully sprinkle it in the awning. When the sparrows feel the presence of baking soda, they may get highly irritated and may move to another place to avoid it. It can also prevent the other birds from landing on the awning and from building a nest in it.






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