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How to get rid of crows in tall trees? (5 practical tips)

Mackenzie Gary

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Crows create a lot of mess in every area where they are found. They usually nest in large trees, usually in groups. One crow is enough to boost your anger, but when they are in groups, how toxic their behavior would be. So how to get rid of crows in large trees?

You can get rid of crows in large trees by removing their nests first. After that you have to place a dead crow decoy there to show them as a sign of danger. You should also place a fake owl in trees with a combination of their sounds to prevent crows from nesting in tall trees.

If you are using these methods correctly, they will surely get rid of your property. But you have to use them in a proper way. Without proper knowledge, they will scare away only for a limited time. Here below is the detailed guide.

There are two purposes: crows visit trees. One is they need a location to live in and the other is if there is food on the trees. These black birds love fruit trees. For fruit trees, you can use netting but it is not a reliable source as you need a lot of nests. Also covering a large tree is a bit difficult task.

1. Use a dead crow decoy to scare away crows in tall trees

The\is the most effective way of keeping the crows away from tall trees. When crows see fake Dead Crow hanging on the trees, they consider it a sign of danger. Crows think if we go there, they will get hurt. 

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You have to buy a fake dead crow Decoy and hang it on the trees or anywhere where it is prominent to crows. 

2. Remove their nests to prevent crows from nesting

Crows made their nest in the trees. They do so for protection. Although the trees made them think that no one will catch them there, so they usually made their nests in those trees. 

 So to get rid of crows in the trees, you need to clean the trees and remove the crow’s nests. Why would crow visit those tall trees when there would be no home to live in? If there are a volume of trees, then it would be a severe problem for you, you cannot remove all the nests. 

For this you have to use a combination of steps and methods to prevent their landing in tall trees 

3. Use reflective devices

Reflective tapes reflect the light. It made an effect of something going to attack them. You can hang them on trees. When the wind blows, all the reflective tapes combined make an effect of light rays. These not only keep the crows away from roosting in the trees but also other disturbing birds.

There are also a lot of other reflective devices available, but reflective tapes are one of the cheapest methods. For trees, you need them a lot and they are more effective than any other reflective surface.

Use laser (Temporary works)

If there are a number of crows living in your tall trees, you can scare them with a laser. Yes! A laser works. In the evening, there are a lot of crows returning to their home. You only have to scare one crow.  When one crow will fear, the other will run away without noticing what happens. They just ran to save their lives. 

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You can use this method but it is not a long-term solution .

4. Sound deterrents work best with fake owls work best to keep the crows from nesting in large trees

This is one of the best combinations to keep the crows from nesting in tall trees. Crows are not the top birds from which other birds deter. There are some big birds already there from which the crows also fear, hawks and owls. We can not have them physically, as these birds of prey are expensive to buy. But there is always a solution to anything. You can use their decoy. 

Fake owl decoys are effective if you keep them moving from location to location. As you know, crows are one of the most intelligent birds out there. In order to keep them away, you need to play them wisely. You have to look for the owl decoy that almost looks real.

One more thing you need to do is to use their voices to make them more realistic. When they hear the owl voice , they will already fear and will not dare to move into that area. If they see a decoy , they will surely run away.

If the decoy will always be in the same location, they will not fear. They will easily understand that it is fake and will come back. It is recommended to change the location after every 3-4 days.

5. Use a combination of products

In short, you can use the combination of all the above mentioned steps to keep the crows away in large trees. As when you use the sound of an owl, they will think there is a real owl there who will attack them if they go there. Secondly, when they see a decoy, this will provide them with proof of danger. Thirdly, when a dead crow is decoyed there, they will think that the cruel owl killed their fellow.

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Having a sense of danger there , they will get rid of trees in your area. Hope this guide helps you a lot.