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How do you keep birds off the patio?

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


The patio is an area where you can enjoy spending time in the cool air due to the open environment. But flying birds can interrupt your enjoyment. Birds can nest near the patio and mess it up with spills and droppings, which is frustrating. Therefore, you should take precautions to keep birds away from the patio.

Here is a list of useful methods that can help keep birds away from the patio and prevent any damage.

  • Install birds’ netting near the patio.
  • Distract birds with reflective and shiny material.
  • Move the bird’s feeder away from the patio.
  • Scare birds with bird’s deterrents such as owl and snake decoys.
  • Repel birds by placing mothballs near the patio.
  • Remove fountains near the patio.

You may follow various tricks to keep the birds away from the patio. But, they might work temporarily and the birds will come back after some time. The above-discussed methods will not only help to keep birds away but also prevent the birds from returning to the patio.

1- Install bird’s netting near the patio:

Placing bird netting near the patio can help you keep birds away from it. Birds may be afraid of being caught in the net and do not come near the netting area. If installed properly, it can keep birds away permanently. Bird Be Gone Net is considered best for this purpose. You can install a bird net by following these simple steps.

First, you need to install anchors which come in two types, i.e. corner and installed anchors. Corner anchors are installed in the corners of the wall while intermediate anchors are installed in areas other than the corners of the wall.

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To install the anchor, mark the section of the wall with a pencil and drill a hole at that point using a drill. Then, stick the anchor into the hole and continue tapping until all but the head of the anchor goes into the hole. Finally, set the anchor using a screwdriver,

Then take a cable and pass it through the attached anchors and tighten the cable at the end using turnbuckles. Then, carefully open the mesh and pull it from all corners. Attach the net to the cable using the hog ring tool.

He attached the net with wire by looping a metal ring around them. It provides durable and long-lasting netting thus keeping birds away from the patio.

2- Distract birds with reflective and shiny materials:

You can use a variety of reflective and shiny materials to keep birds away from your patio. Proper use of bird spiral reflectors and reflective tape can permanently distract birds.

Bird spiral reflectors are lightweight discs with two-way mirrors. They are easy to install. Hang them in the patio area using hooks. When light hits their surface, a reflection is created which distracts the bird and they fly away.

You can also use reflective tape to distract birds. Reflective tape comes in different sizes. Both sides of these tapes can reflect light. Hang the tape in the patio area by tightening the top of the tape to a sturdy support.

You can also tighten one end of the tape to tree branches near the patio. When light hits the tape, reflection occurs. Birds may become frightened by the reflection and avoid returning to the patio area.

3- Move the bird’s feeder away from the patio:

A bird feeder is the main thing that attracts the attention of birds. Birds fly continuously until they find a feeder. A bird not only eats alone but also invites other birds by making sound signals. Thus, a large number of birds may congregate at the feeder site and contaminate the area.

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To protect the patio from bird pollution, you should remove the feeder. Avoid placing the feeder in the area near the patio as it can also make the patio dirty. Place bird feeders safely away from the patio to prevent birds from entering the patio.

4- Scare the birds with bird deterrents such as scarecrows and snake decoys.

Scarecrows and snake decoys act as bird deterrents to keep birds away from the patio. They are made from a variety of materials such as acrylic. You can buy these decoys from the relevant bird store and also order online.

Take a scarecrow and place it on the patio. You can also place it on a nearby tree branch. It is designed in such a way that its head moves when the wind hits it. When the birds saw a moving scarecrow, they were afraid that they would be eaten by the scarecrow and never went back to the patio area.

You can also use a rubber snake with the same installation process to deter birds from coming onto the patio. Fake owl decoy also works the best.

5- Repel the birds by placing mothballs near the patio:

Insect balls repel birds because of their irritant and strong scent. These are crystal-like balls with a white opaque color. Take packets of mothballs and place them in an area of the yard where they are invisible to birds but they can smell them.

This is because birds can die from eating insect shells. When birds smell the foul smell of mothballs, they become irritated and do not visit the yard.

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6- Remove fountains and birdbaths near the patio:

Fountains and birdbaths are usually important water sources for birds. They usually drink water from these water sources. Birds not only quench their thirst by drinking water, but also bathe in these water bodies, especially in summer.

This results in an accumulation of birds that can adversely affect your patio by visiting and even nesting in it. Therefore, you should move nearby fountains and birdbaths far away from the patio to protect them from bird damage.