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How to get rid of starlings from the roof? (8 tips)

Mackenzie Gary

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Starlings, like other birds, are everywhere. You can find them in the garden, on buildings, rooftops, etc. The presence of stars on the roofs is a big problem. Not only do they make noise on the roof, but their nests and droplets on the roof can spread diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the stars from the ceiling.

Here are some effective ways which can help you to get rid of starlings from your roof.

  1. Remove and hide the nesting material
  2. Remove water and food source from the roof
  3. Spread bird netting on the roof.
  4. Use transparent repellent gels
  5. Place audio deterrents on the roof
  6. Scare birds with deterrent kites
  7. Hang reflective scare spiral rods on the roof
  8. Use Bird-Shock Flex-Track

Proper implementation of all the above methods is essential to protect your roof from the stars. You can use any method you like. If you fail to implement any method properly, you cannot get rid of stars at any cost. So, here is a complete simple explanation of all the above methods to keep stars off your roof permanently.

Remove and hide the nesting material.

If you find a starling nest on your roof, you will need to remove it to get rid of them. Before removing the nest, make sure it is inactive. This means that there are no birds and no eggs in it. For your own protection, you should wear gloves and long sleeves before removing the nest.

Then, use lifting equipment to lift the nest. Carefully pick up the nest and put it in the trash. Do not dispose of the nesting area in the open because starlings may collect the nesting material and re-nest. After removing the nest, clean the area with a disinfectant.

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Remove water and food source from the roof:

Removing water and food sources from the roof is the easiest way to get rid of gnats. Never keep food and water on the roof. Placing food sources and water on the roof attracts birds, including starlings, and encourages them to come to the roof.

Instead of putting water and food sources on the roof, you can put them in feeders several miles away. This causes starlings to come directly to the feeder instead of the roof. Additionally, you should clean your roof regularly to get rid of any food sources and bird droppings.

Spread birds netting on the roof:

Bird netting is highly recommended to keep starlings off the roof. Different types of bird nets are available in the market. In the case of starlings, the use of stealth nets is highly effective. Its 1-⅛” inch mesh effectively blocks birds like starlings, keeping them away.

Place the bird netting of your choice on the entire roof or in the desired area. When the starlings approach the netting area, they become afraid of being blocked in the netting. They avoid coming near the netting area. This way, your roof stays starling-free.

Use a transparent repellent gel:

Different repellent gels are specially formulated to keep birds away from different areas such as roofs. These repellent gels are sticky so their stickiness prevents birds from landing on the surface. You can use it to get rid of all kinds of birds, including starlings.

Bird-B-Gone is the most effective bird repellent gel due to its excellent adhesive properties. It comes in tube form and one tube can cover an area of about 10 feet. Take the bird-be-gone tube and attach it to the ceiling area. You can use a caulking gun to easily attach it to the ceiling.

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The best thing about the gel is that it is transparent. Thus, it cannot affect the appearance of the roof or the area where it is installed. When stars land in this area, they feel sticky, which disturbs them. That way, they don’t come back into your roof area.

Place audio deterrents on the roof:

Audio deterrents are devices that produce sounds that scare away birds such as starlings. These instruments emit sounds of different frequencies. They work on either electric current or charged batteries.

You can use a cassette player for this purpose. Place the device on the ceiling and turn it on. It starts emitting the sounds of bird hunters. Whenever the stars hear these sounds, they get scared and run away from the roof.

Scare starlings with deterrent kites:

Scaring away starlings using various deterrent kites is considered to be the most effective way to get rid of starlings. These kites are shaped like bird hunters. You can use hawk and owl kites because starlings and owls are afraid.

Take an owl or hawk kite and fly it up. When the stars come close to the kite, it will get scared and fly away. This way, you can protect your roof from the stars.

Hang reflective scare spiral rod on roof:

You can use reflective material to draw starlings away from the ceiling. Using a mirror is the best choice for this purpose. It is also cost effective. Place mirrors on the ceiling to scare away the stars because of their reflection.

You can hang reflective draw spiral rods on the ceiling. When light falls on it, it creates a reflection that scares away the stars. As a result, the stars stay away from the ceiling.

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Use Bird-Shock Flex-Track:

Bird Shock Flex Track is a deterrent system that generates shock to keep all types of birds away. It is ¼ inch high and made mostly of stainless steel and UV stabilized PVC. Therefore, it is durable.

Install the bird shock flex track on the roof. When stars come into contact with it, it produces a mild electric shock. The shock is a bit painful but harmless to starlings and other birds. Therefore, the stars will not come back to the roof due to shock and stay away from the roof area.