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How to keep birds off my porch light? (5 valid steps)

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


Birds make a lot of mess on the porch. Their falling and noise are very disturbing to the occupants of the house. Sometimes they also build nests on verandas, considering it more secure for their future generations. Their presence is very disturbing.So How do you keep birds away from the porch light?

You can keep birds away from your porch lights by removing their nests and using bird spikes on the lights. You can spray peppermint essential oil on nests because they don’t like it. Hanging an owl decoy on the porch will also keep birds away from your home.

You have to use all these tactics carefully. If you implement these practices incorrectly, chances are they will return and build more nests on your porch. This means you have to clean up more drops and hear more chatter.

Here’s a detailed guide to what you need to know if you want to keep birds off your porch.

Remove the bird nest from the porch light

This is the first step in keeping them away. You will have to remove their nests from the porch light. If there is a nest, they will consider it their territory and return again. Nests also cause many problems. There are also many insects that live there, making your porch look like a junkyard.

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Before removing them, you should check the nestlings. If you hear any sounds or see any babies, I recommend not removing the nest. As those young would be in danger without their nest. hold on! Until they learn how to fly. When they are old enough to feed themselves, you can remove the nests.

But if you want quick results, you can call the nest removal companies in your area. They will take care of the babies and help you remove the nest. If birds frequent your porch, you should apply the methods below.

2. Use spikes on the porch lights to prevent their landing

Using spikes is a humane way to get rid of birds. Since they are nesting on your porch light, what can you do to prevent them from landing? When they do not find a place to land, they will not consider the place suitable for nesting. When there are no nests, there will be no more birds.

The spikes are short and sharp. They do not injure a bird, instead, when a bird attacks them, it gives them a slight pain in their feet. If they get hurt, they fly away.

3. Use cayenne Pepper essential oil

There is some smell that birds hate. Cayenne pepper smell is one of them. If there is a nest on the porch light, you can use this pepper on it . This smell will irritate them and they will surely leave your place in peace..

Smell of garlic also serves the same function. You can try both. Remember, it would be temporary and work until the smell is there.

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4. Owl decoy can keep the bird away from porch light

The natural predators of birds are owls and hawks. They do not usually nest in houses. So they won’t make it to the porch light. But their presence will be enough to keep other birds away. As soon as the birds saw them, they flew away without thinking.

You can use owl decoy, which will help you deter birds. You can put it somewhere where they can see it. There are many types of owl decoys available on the market, but you should look for one that has some movement potential. It will cost you some money but works great for scaring birds.

Another thing you can do is use voice. You can play owl sounds in the background to make it a more realistic effect. However, the owl’s deformity is sufficient and will serve a function. Even if the robins are bothering you, this will also keep them away from the porch light.

5. Cover the lights with an aluminum coil to keep birds off porch light

If you are looking for some cheaper alternatives, the aluminum coil or reflective tape will prevent the birds from nesting on lights. You can buy an aluminum coil and cover the lights with it. It is shiny and will scare the birds. Although it is not the best way but it will give you a helping hand.

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