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Pigeons sitting down (Pics + Memes) – What does it mean?

Mackenzie Gary



Pigeons are the birds that flew in the city and remain in a particular area. We have seen them mostly flying all around And walking on the ground eating food. Why we never see them sitting? Recently Pigeon sitting down memes and pics have gone viral due to the way he sits on the floor.

In this article I will summarize, how do they sit. I will share some pics and memes Before moving forward, Let me explain you,

How do pigeons sit?

There are two ways by which pigeons sit.

The PIgeon sits down by folding his feet inwards such that his body remains in a horizontal position and his lower stomach touches the ground. His feathers collapsed with his body. If he sits on the eggs he may spread out his feathers to cover the eggs properly. This is a very common way of sitting which is shared by almost all birds.
White pigeon sitting down

The other way pigeon sit is by moving his legs out just like a human baby. His tail touches the ground. This is a rare case that is captured in a snap that goes viral.

Pigeon sitting down weired

Why do pigeons sit?

Pigeons are living creatures just like humans. They also have feelings and they got tired too. To hatch the eggs and keeping them at an optimum temperature, they sit down on them. When the eggs are hatched, pigeons keep the babies under their feathers.

You can read pigeon’s life cycle here.

Pigeon sitting down meaning?

If a pigeon is sitting on the ground then he may be tired or ill. He may have eaten something junk that may be disturbing his digestive system. He may be hungry or have dehydration problems. Intense heat can be another problem.

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Pigeon sitting on ground or roof or on the floor if he is sitting not moving it means that he needs water and food. If that is not the problem he is ill. There are chances that he may disrupting the predator by showing his illness. The hawks or eagles only attack the healthy bird. For saving his life he may pretending to be ill and not moving.

But what if Pigeon sitting on top of each other? You may have seen this behavior many times. Pigeons don’t have organs like humans. To do intercourse, the male jumps on the female pigeon for 3-5 seconds for the reproduction process. It is their mating behavior. There are chances pigeons may randomly sit on each other just for fun.

There is a case where a pigeon sits on the baby rabbits considering them his squabs. He thinks of himself as a daddy. That’s a funny case. Here’s the video

Pigeon sitting on rabbits

Pigeons sitting memes

Pigeon sitting down viral image

“I am going to poop on everything you love”

Pigeon Mafia