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11 ways to keep crows off your roof

Mackenzie Gary

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Crows are very noisy. They create a lot of mess. Sitting on the roofs, they search for food sources all around. Sometimes these mini creatures may dig your roof. It is so frustrating. You are sitting in your room. Watching TV or reading books. Crow will come and just mess with the peace of your home. So, How to keep crows off your roof?

  • Remove all the food sources around
  • Look for their nests on the roof/trees
  • Place a dead crow decoy
  • Use bird spikes on the roof
  • Noise repellents can work best with the owl decoy
  • Use motion sensor sprinklers
  • Bird netting should be applied
  • Use reflective tapes
  • Use birdfeeder for only small birds
  • Call bird deter companies
  • Place pepper on the roof

That is the short answer. But how to implement these in such a way that helps you to deter these crows from the roof? In this article, you will get all the solutions that you need. These methods work almost for everyone. Moreover, one may work for different locations or environments and the other may not.

Remove all the food sources around

This is the first thing you have to do to remove all the possible sources of food that attract crows. Crows are omnivorous, just like humans. They eat everything, they always keep their eyes on the trash. From bread to pizza and burgers, chocolate, insects, or whatever is in the trash, they will eat. They love dirty places. To get rid of these creatures, keep your yard and roof clean. This will help you to keep them away.

Crows are very smart if there would be a trash bin, they will try to open it(if it is open from one side or broken). Sometimes they got successful. To prevent this, you can place heavy materials in the bin. This will keep the Bin closed. Raccoons in the night may come to your house in search of food. They may try to open your trash bin and may mess up with the trash. To prevent this, keep your trash inside the garage.

The problem will not be solved if only your area is clean, and your neighbor has trash around. The entire area should be cleaned. Keep all the trash cans covered.

Look for their nests on the roofs

The other reason they are coming to your roofs is that they have nested on the chimneys or a vacant space there. If there are a number of crows that start gathering on your roof in winter, it means they are roosting. (Gathering is called roost). They do so to get warmth and protection.

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Look for the nests, if there are any clean them. There may be nests of other birds like pigeons under your solar panel. Crows are predator birds. They may be coming for the pigeon eggs and babies. If you don’t want them to visit. Remove that nest too. If you don’t know how to deter pigeons from the roof, you can read our post here.

There are enormous trees around the houses. These are their favorite spaces for nesting. If they are living close to your house, they will surely look for food sources around. As we have removed the food sources earlier, it’s time to remove their nests. You should call the bird to deter companies in your area. They will deal with it better. After removing the nests, the next step is to place a dead crow decoy.

Placing a dead crow decoy on the roofs deter crows

It is one of the best ways to keep the crows away. It works 100%. Cheap and very effective way. As crows are intelligent, it is difficult to catch them. IF they sense danger around, they flew away.

I lived in the countryside. We have a farm here. There are many crows always around which disturbs the flock. So what we do is place a dead crow on the farm. Whenever they see that decoy, they think we are killing these birds. In order to save their lives, they never came there. That’s funny! isn’t it?

Placing the fake dead body of crow on the roof will keep them away. It is cheap and costs you nothing once you bought after that.

Use bird spikes on the roof

Using bird spikes on the roof is a little expensive way to keep them away from the roof. For this, you have to target those areas of the roof where crows usually land. These are usually the edges, antenna, and curved spaces. What you have to do is to point out those areas.

After analyzing the entire roof, stick the gum on that spot and place the bird spikes. This is a one-time and long-term process. It also keeps them away. Not only crows but also other irritating birds will now mess with your roof. If you love watching birds, it is not wise to use them as they will also keep your favorite birds away.

Get rid of crows from your garden. Here are some tips.

Noise repellents can work best with the owl decoy to keep crows from the roof

One more tactic we used to practice is to use firecrackers. These works. But they are temporary. For one time, they may keep the crows away, but in the next moment, they will return. You have to use firecrackers again and again.

One demerit of using firecrackers is that your neighbors will get disturbed. Maybe using them in your area is illegal. Firecracker is temporary but helps blackbirds to deter.

The other thing you can use is noise repellents. You can record the voices of the predators of the crows like falcon and owl. The crows fear to form them. As they are smart for one time, they may get rid of your yard. But for the next moment, they will look for the owl. If they will not find any owl, they may get used to it and will surely return.

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So what you have to do in this case is to use an owl deterrent. Along with the voice, the owl decoys work. This thing made the crows think that if they will go there, they will get attacked by the owl. Remember not to use a still decoy. It is better to use a moving decoy that has elasticity.

Sprinkle water on the crows

No bird likes to be sprayed with water. Crows love to drink water but do not like to be sprinkled. You may be speculating about who will serve the duty. If we have to spray water on them, there must be someone always there who completes that work. Even if someone has agreed to do so how hard it would be to do.

You don’t have to worry, there are many devices that serve your duty for you. Motion sensor sprinklers whenever they detect something moving in their area. They will spray water on them. You can use them. But there are some cons. One of the biggest cons is that it will wastewater. Secondly, it will create a mess around your area. Personally, I don’t like standing water.

Bird netting should be applied to get rid of crows on the roof

The other best way to deter crows off the roof is to use bird nets. Birds netting will not provide the crows to land on the roof. When they will find nothing to land on. They will remain away. Bird netting is a one-time process. You have to buy a net and that’s it. Place the net all over the roof.

That is a terrible job to do. Bird netting costs you more, but it works. It also keeps the other bird away. One benefit of using them is that you can use the nets for other purposes. Like if you have tomatoes or any fruit in your garden; You can cover them with these nets. Nets can also be used for other purposes and they also keep the other birds away that may be toxic for you.

Use bird feeders for only small birds

Bird feeders are the source of food. If you love watching birds, there are definitely bird feeders in your garden. Your intention is to attract small birds, but other bully birds like magpies and crows take over the moment. If you don’t have a birdfeeder, your neighbor may have. To target the food, the crows may come to your roof.

You can get rid of a crow from the bird feeders by reading this helpful guide.

But what if you a bird feeder and you don’t want to remove it. You should then change the birdfeeder from which the crows can’t eat. If you can’t do so, you should try to change the food that crows hate. But the thing is that they feed on almost everything. Changing the birdfeeder can keep the crows away

If there would be no access to food, they will leave. The above feeder that I recommended is for small birds. Crows will find this feeder easily but their beak will not reach the food source. Even it is also useful to keep the squirrels away. Hang it where ever you want.

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If your neighbors have feeders that are attracting these crows. Talk to them. If they don’t listen to you just gift them this feeder. If the problem still persist, hang a dead crow.

Use reflective tapes

Reflective tapes are cheap and a good way to deter birds. As crow are visiting your yard and roof. What you have to do is to cut the tape into pieces. Place them on the roofs, trees, or any area where they are teasing you. Once you implement the reflective tape. It will blow with the air. This will cause a reflection. The bird will consider it an attack. Whenever he will see the tape, he doesn’t bother to reach that place again.

The good thing is that it works for crows. Hummingbirds don’t care about the tape. They will come surely to the birdfeeder. If hummingbirds fears, change the location of the tapes. Make it visible to the crows where they reach the tremendously.

Place pepper on the roof

Crows hate the smell of the pepper. You can place the pepper on the roof where they land. Whenever they will come, this smell will deter them. One demerit of using the pepper on the roof is that due to air the pepper may fly away. The smell may disturb you and your neighbors. It is a home remedy. There is no guarantee that it works for you or not.

Call critter control

The last solution is to call critter control. They will help you. Although all the above-mentioned methods work. But if you don’t believe in yourself or don’t have enough time to fight with these creatures, you can take these measurements.

Why do crows like my roof?

Crows love your roof because they are finding the food source there. There may be nests of other birds like pigeons for which they are coming. Your roof is dirty and there are insects there. Crows will come to eat them on your roof.

How do I keep crows off my flat roof?

  • Use bird netting on the flat roof
  • Place a steep rod and hang reflective tape to it
  • Hang a dead crow to it
  • Use bird spikes on the roof. But it would cost you more.
  • Remove any food source from there

What does it mean when Black crows are on your roof? It means they are coming for the food. There is no spiritual meaning of it.

Hope you like the article. If these tactics work for you. Share it with the community to help them, too.