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Do pinwheels scare birds? How to make them work?

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


Birds sometimes show very toxic behavior. They irritate a lot. There are a lot of devices that scare away birds. Pinwheels are one of them. People are using them a lot. They place them at the border of the garden just to keep them away from the feeders, garden, or house. But do pinwheels scare birds?

Pinwheels are widely used to deter birds. They work in some areas. A weak non-metallic paper-made pinwheel will not work, but a shiny metallic pinwheel with reflective light can scare away the birds. It is because of the reflective light which scares the birds.

Using pinwheels wrongly will not scare them. If you place them in the open area, chances are birds may scare for the first time but after that they will be used to it. In this article, I will tell you how you can use pinwheels to keep the birds away.

Do pin wheels really works? (Not for everyone)

I do research for the pin wheels and also look some videos over the internet and visit forums to know the truth.

There is an individual who uses the pinwheel in an open area to scare away the doves and pigeons. He places it in his garden. Even the pinwheels are moving with the wind, but instead of scaring from the pinwheels, doves are playing with them. They were actually enjoying its presence. Birds were jumping over it and showing that it is their area and you are not supposed to enter here. Go away.

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Do pinwheels works to scare away birds?

Here in the above video you can see how birds are making fun of the scare, we used.

Pinwheels work to scare away the birds if you use them correctly

On the farms where we usually have eggs from the ducks and hens, crows are always there to steal the eggs. For pinwheels to work, there must be good wind and light. Light is needed because we are using metallic or reflective pinwheels. When the light falls on it, it reflects, which teases the birds.

These pinwheels work best. It is because when they spin they usually make an effect that deters the birds. You can check it on amazon and some reviews from the customers.

How do you put together a bird repellent reflective pinwheel? (works best if you follow these tips)

The first thing you need to do is to buy a pinwheel that can reflect light. Light is the base for scaring the birds. If you buy a colorful pinwheel, it only enhances the beauty of your garden. Instead of scaring birds, it would be the source of their enjoyment. They will enjoy it as we have seen in the above video. So, buy a reflective pinwheel.

After buying the reflective pinwheel we have to place it in direct sunlight. If we place it in a shade, the purpose of buying a reflective pinwheel will be of no use.

Remember, it works only for a small area. For example, if you have vegetables and fruit plants in the garden, you can place pinwheels close to those areas. If there is no wind blowing in your area, buying them is a waste of money.

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Other alternative to scare birds

You can use the fake owl decoy to scare the birds. It usually costs you some extra money, but it works. One demerit of using a decoy is that you have to change the location of it almost every 2-3 days. If you will use the sounds of owls and hawks along with the speaker, it would be more effective. It will make a realistic effect.

Other cheap methods for deterring birds are using reflective surfaces like CDs. You can hang the CDs in your garden, balcony, or anywhere where they are making a mess for you. You can also reflective tapes instead.

Bird spikes are only effective if you want to disrupt their landing. On the roofs, gutters and their landing spots in porch you can use them.

Bird netting is also good to keep the birds out of your property or pants. They work only for small plants and small areas like under the solar panels or attic.


Pin wheels do works to scare birds, but the location matters a lot. You can use them as they are cheap. Reflective surfaces like CDs and tape can also serves the function. Also, their functionality varies from bird to bird and location to location. For covering large area you need to use them more but you can use fake hawk kite to cover the larger area. For both methods, you need to have wind blown there.

Hope this article helps you. If you have any query, you can ask.

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