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How to keep birds out of the carport? (9 methods)

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


Birds create a lot of mess in the carport. They made their nests there and were always there to tease you. Droppings are the major problem. They actually made a new design on the vehicle by their pooping. If they will make their nests there, it would be a serious threat to you. It is because they can attract a lot of other pests. They also attract snakes. Snakes are there for the food. Getting rid of the birds is necessary. How to keep birds out of the carport?

  • Remove the bird’s nest
  • Use bird netting to cover the vacant spaces of the carport
  • Methyl Anthranilate deter birds as they don’t like the smell
  • Hang fake owl to keep the birds of the carport
  • Cover with aluminum foil
  • Use shiny objects to scare the birds from the carport
  • Ultrasonic devices also keep the birds out of the carport

Using these methods will keep them from nesting in your carport. If you follow all the instructions, you will surely be able to solve this problem. But if you didn’t use these correctly, there are chances you will get rid of birds temporarily. Stick to the article for details.

1. Remove the bird’s nest

Birds always make a nest in the rafters or any vacant space where they think they will be safe. If there would be one nest, chances are other birds of the same specie might come to build the nest. If there would be a nest, there are insects and other predators of the birds that will visit you like snakes. It would be dangerous for you as well.

The first thing you can do is remove the bird’s nest. You have to take precautions before cleaning the nest. Take a stick and then analyze if there any other predator like a snake is present or not. Although you can see it visually. Precautions are always better. Snakes are there to eat birds’ eggs.

Remove the birds’ nest with a stick. If there are baby birds present, you can wait for some days until these fledglings start flying. When you noticed that they are flying, you can remove the nest. It means that they can survive by themselves. You don’t need to worry about that.

As you have removed the nest. It is better to clean it. If there would be any nest leftovers remaining there, the metal would have a chance to rust as we are going to close the openings. You can use any cleaner to kill the remaining germs.

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2. Use bird netting to cover the vacant space

There are many things you can do to cover the vacant space of the carport. You can use bird netting to cover the vacant spaces. Bird netting is cheap to buy. You can use it to cover your small fruit trees to prevent the birds from visiting those trees.

If you have more nets you can cover the whole carport. But that is going to cost you a lot. You should cover only those areas where the birds have the probability to nest. There is a combination of other things you can do.

3. Cover with aluminum foil

The best alternative to bird netting is the use of aluminum foils. They are a better option for the coverage of the rafters. One prominent pro of using them is that they last longer. They are the permanent solutions.

it will cost you a little more. The first thing you need to do is to take measurements. It is a simple thing to do. You have to take a cardboard and then draw over it the proper measurement by adhering it to the vacant space. After you take the measurements, take the aluminum foil and cut it accordingly.

You should first cut the cardboard according to the shape of the vacant space and then place it over the foil sheet. Cut it according to the shape of the board.

As we have now the proper foil to cover the space. Close the space. Now birds are not going to make the nest. But what would you do if there are vacant spaces everywhere in your carport? You can use other alternatives that we have discussed below.

4. Hang a fake owl to keep birds off the carport

Birds are small. They are actually prey to other animals like cats and dogs. Hawks and owls are birds of prey. They attack and feed on small birds and animals. We cannot have them as it is illegal to cage them. If you are able to do so, they are expensive to buy and their care is hard too.

To keep the crows away, you can hang fake owls in the carport. Birds when they will notice there is a predator bird, will be scared and fly away. Some birds are more intelligent than you think. If they see that the owl is not showing any movement, they will come back. At this, you need to do 2 more things. One, buy a fake hawk or owl who has the ability to move. You should also need to change the position of the fake predator, so birds know that it is real.

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Secondly, you can run sounds of owls in the background. This is done to show the birds that there is a real owl and he is waiting for them to come. They will easily get scared and never tried to come to the carport.

5. Use shiny objects to scare the birds from the carport

There are a lot of methods to scare the birds. Shiny objects also help in the removal of the birds from the carport. Shiny objects make the rays of the lights, giving a feeling of a laser that is going to burst everything.

You can use old CDs and hang them in the carport. The CDS combined to make an illusion. All the rays combined to cover the whole carport. If one bird will dare to enter the territory, he will get attacked by the light rays. He tries to avoid it and will fly away.

You can use anything that is reflective. Shiny pinwheels can also serve the function, but they are not long-lasting and need wind to proceed.

6. Use a mirror

The mirror is a good way of nesting the birds in the carport. Birds choose their territory. When they nest somewhere, think that it is their area and no other birds are supposed to enter here. If the bird is looking for space to make a nest and has found another bird already there, he might leave that area.

If you hang some mirrors in the carport, the bird will see his reflection. He will think that there are already birds living there. So instead of nesting there, he will leave. He may fight for the place, but will eventually get bored and leave.

You should use a mirror for the experiment., if it’s work for you, you can stick with it in the long term.

7. Use the ultrasonic device

There are many ultrasonic devices available on the market. They work best to irritate the birds from the carport. Every bird can hear sounds at different frequencies. The higher the frequency the more irritant they would be. We can only hear frequencies from 20Hz-20KHz. Birds have a higher range.

To scare the birds, you can use ultrasonic devices and run them at different ranges to scare the birds away. They are effective and considered to be the modern solution. Before getting an ultrasonic device you should go for the cheaper methods, as I reported in this article.

8. Oil the carport rafter

In order to prevent birds from nesting in the carport, you can make the surface hateable for them. You can do this by oiling the carport with vegetable oil. Oil is slippery and when the bird tries to make a nest or even try to land on the carport ceiling, he will fly away. It is because the surface is not suitable for him.

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You can also use the essential pepper oil, anywhere in the carport. The smell will keep them away. Garlic and ginger spray is also excellent source. Although it is a temporary solution, you must use the smell every week or whenever the birds start visiting you again.

The smell of Methyl Anthranilate is also an excellent source of preventing birds from visiting you. Its scent feels good to humans but is not liked by the birds.

9. Keep the carport clean

The ultimate step to keep the birds away from the carport is to clean the carport. You should look for the sources that are attracting them. One enormous source is food, and the other is protection.

You have to look for the food sources first, so they stop visiting you. Remove all the food sources. After that, you have to close the openings so they don’t find a place to nest. If it’s possible, keep your area clean and there should be a clutter of people.


You can use any method to scare away the birds from the carport. The best method is to cover the openings and use of fake predator decoys with their sounds. You can also use reflective CDs and pinwheels to scare them away. Bird netting and bird spikes will discourage their landing.