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Homemade crow repellents that keeps them away

Mackenzie Gary

Get rid of birds


Crows are very disturbing. They create a lot of mess around. If you have a birdfeeder they will come there and disturb other small birds. They are always on your roof to disturb you. All these crows must need to be deterred. When you go into the market, there are solutions available that may cost you some pennies. But there are some homemade crow repellents that may work the same.

A mixture of chili, water, and vinegar is a homemade crow repellent recipe that helps you to keep them away. Reflective things and their predators like cats and dogs can also work as a scarecrow.

How you can make the recipe and how some other tips be helpful. Stick to the article I will explain them all.

Predators can keep the crows away

Crows almost eat anything. They are omnivores. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have predators. Some of their predators might harm us but there are some of them we keep as pets i.e Cats and dogs. Dogs especially love to chase them.

If crows are keep coming to your yard, keep your dog there , he will manage it by himself. He will bark at them and chase them. This may work for only a moment because crows are intelligent birds, they might start teasing your dog.

If he was able to remove them from the yard, the crows will come to your roof. At this you have to take another measure. Spray the mixture of recipe that I told you below.

Tips that works and keep crows away from the roof. Read here

Hang Reflective surfaces

There is some old stuff always present in the home that is reflective. For example Old CDs. In the old days, they were important as they store the data for you. But now the internet is available everywhere. Surely they are present at your home.

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CDs are reflective. You can use them as a crow repellent. Hang it somewhere in the yard where their presence is huge. Place it on the roof also. Birds may keep themselves away as they consider reflection as a source of the attack on them

Does tin foil keep crows away? Tin foils are reflective. It can keep the crows away. But it is better to use a dead crow decoy, it works 100%.

Make Repellent spray at home

For making a crow repellent spray, you need:

  • Two dozen chili papers
  • Half gallon water
  • Vinegar

How to make:

  1. To make the crow repellent spray. Cut the chili into small pieces. It is better to crush them. If you can’t just mash them into small pieces.
  2. Two half-gallon water into a container then add chili into it – the chili we crushed earlier.
  3. You can heat the mixture for 4-5 minutes. It is better to place it under the sun for 5 days. So it is fermented properly.
  4. Now add 1/4 cup of vinegar to it. Mix them all properly.
  5. Take a spray bottle and add all the mixture to eat. Your mixture is ready. Store the rest of the spray in the bottle

Spray it on those areas which are birds main hotspots where they love to land. As this smell will irritate them and helps them to stay away from you.

Tips that works

There are some tips that will help you along with. If you will act upon these tips , there are chances they will stop visiting your place.

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Keep the area clean

Crows mostly visit those places where they have easy access to food. From fast food to cakes they eat on everything. Trash has almost all those things which they can eat. You may have seen places with the trash are the main spot of their presence.

Keep all the trash bin covered and keep your yard clean. If they are still coming look for your neighborhood. Is there area clean?

Use Birdfeeders for small birds:

I already explained which birdfeeder would be best that would keep the crows away. Having that birdfeeder will allow only small birds to have access to food. The big birds will even don’t have a seat to sit on.

As birdfeeders have food in them. They are the source of attracting them. You cannot change the food. They almost eat everything. You cannot stop them. Just change the birdfeeder.

Place a dead crow repellent:

Dead crow repellent works best. You can place the dead decoy in the yard. They will stop visiting you. As they think there is danger there because one of their fellows is found dead.

If they will go there they will be dead too. Having this thing in mind can keep them from visiting your house.

There are some other ways that might cost you some money but work better than homemade bird repellents. Hope these tactics work for you. If you have any queries in mind. Feel free to ask in the comment. Thank you