Lovebird is scared of me – Here’s what to do

Lovebirds are prey birds. They are small and loving pets. When you brought them home for the first time, everything is new for them . Being smaller than us we look huge to them which makes them scared. They need special care and attention.

This article will help you to understand why they are fearing from you and tell you the solutions and mistakes you are doing which are keeping him away from you.

Why lovebird is scared of me?

There are certain reasons that are keeping your lovebird from taming. You need to do some changes and lifestyle which can bring him closer to you. Before the solution you should know the reasons. Here are the reasons why lovebird is scaring from you?

  • You are grabbing him wrong
  • His previous environment wasn’t good
  • He is in stress
  • Your behavior is aggressive
  • You are not interacting with him
  • Location of the cage is wrong
  • Your lovebird is not trusting you

You are grabbing him wrong

This is the top reason . If you have a new bird in the home and you are trying to grab him with your hands ,it would look like to him a predator is catching him. He thinks you are going to attack him.

This is in their natural instinct. Even if you have a old or trained lovebird ,he would do the same thing. This behavior can helps you to loose your bird’s trust. Your pet will not come to your hand within a day or a week . It requires patience . Be gentle with him. Grab him from the bottom with soft hands.

His previous environment wasn’t good

It depends on the previous experience of the bird. I have seen in cases where the parrots are placed in a small cage. There are many birds which even don’t have proper space to stand or fly . Your lovebird might spent his time there.

If he already a pet than there are chances his previous owner was harsh to him. He might think you the same man who would be cruel to him. Don’t worry he would be ok if you treat him kindly.

Your budgie is in stress

There are many things that can lead your bird towards stress. Depressed bird show laziness and scared behavior towards you. Certain environmental factors are involved such as dark environment all the day long or a predator around .

You should try to reduce his depression by keeping him calm. Do not yell at him. Keep his cage near the window so he can look outside and can change his sight. If there are children around, keep them away.

These are prey birds. If the cage is placed at the bottom, you would look giant to him. Place his habitat at eye level. Treat him in low voice.

You are yelling at him

Lovebirds are innocent birds. They love to enjoy by keeping themselves involved in certain activities which may be annoying to you. Sometimes they tore the paper and put it in their back. It is lovable behavior. But some may find it irritating.

Sometimes they throw away the seed from the cage to the outside making mess that is hard to clean by yourself. Same thing with the water throwing on each other . This thing makes you angry and in return you may yell at him.

Yelling and screaming frequently at the lovebird makes him to scare from you. You should keep your voice low . Talk them calmly and train them not to do these stuffs. There may be a chance that your friend or member from the family yell at him . Try to avoid , this can also leads to depression in your pet bird.

Your interaction with the lovebird is weak

When you brought a new bird in your home. He will not come to you because he is not trusting you. He may find you a predator . Along the time when you offer him his favorite treat and treat him kindly ,he gets tamed.

Getting trust of your bird is not a easy task. It requires proper time and dedication. You have talk to him several times a day. More you talk more it makes the taming process faster. If you are interacting him often times , how do you think he will trust you?

You have to makes this interaction stronger by talking to him politely. Call him by his name . Offer him his favorite food. Talk like parents talk to their newly born babies.

Location of the cage is not good

Providing your bird the best cage and a place where he had access to the outer environment makes him happy. Some owners make the mistake .They keep the cage only in their room. It is ok to have him in the room, But if the room has no window , you should care about it.

They are wild birds . Like every organism they also need sunlight to get important nutrients like vitamin D. Dark environment can leads to depression and can also makes your bird sick.

Place the cage at the busy but calm area of the home. TV lounge is best place. Your bird will have interaction with everyone. It would keep him busy. As he will remain busy , he will be happy . Happy lovebird will surely not fear from you.

Smaller cage which has no freedom for the fly can be harsh. You should give him a big cage with some toys hanging in it.

Your lovebird is not trusting you

The first sign that parrot shows when they are not trusting you is by fearing from you. Mostly new birds in the home have these issues. But you can gain the trust again by following the recommendations ,I told earlier.

Trust is the top issue . you can gain it my offering him his favorite treats like berries , bananas , grapes and sunflower seeds. Like humans birds also have priorities. Whenever you talk to your bird , Talk him with the very low tone. Just made hyim realize that you are his friend and you are not going to hurt him.

Give him some toys . Play with him. Help him to climb on the ladders and perches. Treat him like you are his mother that is always their to help him but not harm . These tactics are not going to work instantly. It demands time.

Remember time is the key to success. Follow all the rules and help your lovebird to understand you. This will boost the taming process and he will start trusting you.

How do I stop my lovebird from being scared of me?

You can follow these tips which can helps you to gain trust of your scared lovebird

  • Offer him his favorite food
  • Give him space to fly in the room
  • Be polite with him
  • Talk to your lovebird more oftenly
  • Grab him smoothly
  • Be consistence

How do you bond with the scared lovebird? Spend more and more time with your lovebird. Give him toys to entertain himself. This will keep him busy and happy. Feeding him his favorite food like sunflower seeds can make your bond more stronger and faster. Do not yell at him if he don’t responds.






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