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Why do lovebirds need to be in pairs?

Mackenzie Gary



Lovebirds are wild birds. They love to interact with each other. In the wild, they have the choice of living alone or in herds. Do you know what they like?

They prefer to love their partners. This is because they are comfortable with each other. They even fight with other lovebirds but there are companions that they love to interact with and spend time with.

Regardless of their wild nature. These birds can be kept as pets. As you are planning to bring them home but you are confused about keeping a lovebird or a couple. Do lovebirds have to be in a couple?

If you don’t have enough time to have fun alone, lovebirds need to be in pairs. A single lovebird needs more attention than a couple. Both lovebirds will spend time with each other. You don’t need to set aside a special time for the couple.

There are some reasons why you should keep lovebirds in pairs. Here are some valuable tips that will help you keep your pet.

  • Don’t need much attention
  • Easy to take care
  • Keeps themselves busy
  • Remain Healthy and active
  • Can give you next generation

Let’s dive into details and analyze is better to keep a single lovebird or a pair? If you are keeping lovebirds for the first time you can read their pros and cons as pets here

Don’t need much attention

Lovebirds are social birds. They need someone to interact with them. If you can afford only one lovebird or don’t have enough space to keep two, you can interact with him easily. You can keep one lovebird but he needs more attention. How much attention do lovebirds need? You can read here to an idea

Moreover, it is easy to tame one lovebird. But it requires a lot of attention. You have to be there all time. Have to talk with him more often. When you befriend him he wants you to be always there. If you are not there he will make noise in order to call you. This noise sometimes might be disturbing for you.

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One single lovebird will get bored when there is no one around. It may lead to depression in birds. When they are depressed they are weaker and more susceptible to illness.

When you keep a pair, they will interact with each other. It is sure that you can never be there. In that scenario, they will have someone to talk to or fight. When they are in pairs they bite each other and keep themselves healthy and entertained.

In short, they need less attention when they are in pair. Single lovebirds need more care and love.

Lovebirds can give you babies when they are in pair

If you are going to keep them in pairs, it is recommended that one be male and the other female. This will help them bond and produce the next generation. Both will be healthy. This would make a cute pair of them.

Like food, mating is the other basic need of any reproductive life. If you leave them alone, they will feel lonely and will not be able to fulfill their desire. Moreover, a pair can give you more offspring. You can create a community of lovebirds.

If you don’t want these babies, you can sell them or give them to your friends as gifts. This will strengthen your relationship with them. But it is difficult to know whether the bird is male or female.

You can check the gender of lovebirds by their DNA test. Moreover, the female will lay eggs when it reaches its maturity even without a male. She also makes slices of paper in its tail. This thing will help you to differentiate between a male and a female lovebird.

Taking care is the same as for the single one

Two lovebirds can make your maintenance work longer than before, but not harder. When you have a bird with you, it will make more noise to get your attention. He will call you because he is alone.

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Food and water should be given in the same cage and both will eat from it. If they fight over food, you can have two feeding areas in the same cage. This is not a very difficult task to do. If you have one, you have to take care of it almost as much as you would a pair.

Keeps themselves busy

Two birds in a cage are always doing something. If they are good friends, they can kiss each other. As they spend all the time together, they will play together and have fun with each other. If they have strong chemistry, they will try to harmonize.

There are situations when they fight. They can cut each other. One moment they are happy and the next they are pecking each other. In short, lovebirds keep themselves busy all day long.

Conversely, if you have a lovebird, he will have nothing. You have to give him toys so he can entertain himself. But at the end of the day, he needs someone he can communicate with. It is true that lovebirds have a strong bond with humans, but they are birds. One bird always needs another. You cannot give him what another partner of his type can give.

You can have a lovebird though. But you have to be there for him all day. So he never gets bored. Two birds can keep themselves active and more entertained than one.

Remain Healthy and active

When there is a single pet bird he doesn’t keep himself busy if he remains in the cage all the time. If he will be bored he might get depressed. When he got mental issues he may get ill and lazy. This is only the scenario of the bird whose owner doesn’t care about him.

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If there are two birds and even if you don’t give them much attention they will survive. The pair will keep themselves active and smart. Their health will remain good.

In short, it is better to have a pair if you can’t give attention to the single lovebird.

Pet expert

Why should you keep a lovebird?

If you want to tame it quickly, it’s best to have a lovebird. Single lovebirds spend more time with humans than pairs. At that point you will be his everything. If tamed, he will sit on your shoulder and head. Eat with your hands. Both of you will have a good time together.

If you can’t time it, it’s better to keep it in pairs.

Are lovebirds quiet in pairs?

Lovebirds can be calmer in pairs than alone. This is because they have nothing to do when they are alone. To get your attention, they will call and shout at you. This results in unwanted noise that will disturb you. When they are in pairs they will communicate with each other. They can make less noise.

Can I keep 4 lovebirds together?

You can keep 4 lovebirds together in one cage. It is recommended to keep two males and two females so that they can mate with each other. They are social birds. 4 birds can make a braid of approx. They will fight, play and eat together.

There is nothing wrong with keeping 4 lovebirds in a cage.

Can you keep two male lovebirds together?

Males bond very well with each other when introduced at a young age. If you introduce them to the same cage as adults, they may fight each other as they are territorial birds. They do not want another bird to enter their territory.

How do you put two lovebirds together? Read this here to introduce them correctly.