Can lovebirds eat apples?

Lovebirds eat apples. They have great bonding with apples naturally. There is no harm in feeding them. It is better to peel off the apple skin. They get excited when they see apples.

Apples make a great addition to a lovebird’s diet due to their nutritional and health benefits.

You feed lovebirds with your hands by placing your bird on your shoulders or on your hand. It develops trust between birds and their owner and keeps them happy.

Wash and Peel apples first, then cut them into thin slices to avoid seeds and pit of apples so that the birds can easily pick up and chew them very well.

Can Lovebird’s Eat Apple Skin?

It is better to peel off the apple skin for your bird, if your bird chewing it well then it is fine to give apple with skin. The main reason behind the peeling of apples is to prevent choking because it can be hazardous for any bird.

Green apples mostly have tough and thick skin. Not easily swallow and chew for your bird so it could be better if you leave the apple skin before feeding them.

Benefits of Apple with Skin for Birds

Apple skin also contains rich number of vitamins, minerals, and fibers that play an important role to keep healthy and wealthy.An Apple skin has an insoluble dietary fiber that helps in digestion and keeps the digestive system healthy.

It contains huge number of vitamins, minerals, and other constituents, which are very important for humans as well as for birds.

Nutritional value

Apple contains vitamin c, which acts as an antioxidant. Vit B 1, B2, and B6 are also present in apples that keep the nervous system healthy.

Potassium keeps the heart in a healthy state.

Low amounts of magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper are also present in apples. Fibers present in apple 4., fiber plays an important role in digestion and is good for the GIT system.

Can Lovebird’s Eat Apples Seed?  

It is necessary to remove seeds from the apple when it is given to your lovebirds. Apple seeds contain harmful components. Each seed of Apple contains 0.15 gm of amygdalin (a cyclonic glycoside) . When the seed is ingested, amygdalin reaches into the stomach where it breaks down into cyanide and glucose, cyanide becomes changed into hydrogen cyanide (gas)which is very poisonous.

20 apple seeds contain amygdalin which produces 65 mg of cyanide. Cyanide is fatal because it stops oxygen-binding which may lead to organ failure.

How To feed Apples to Your Lovebird’s?

  • Wash apples to remove contaminated substances

Always properly washed apples before it giving to your  lovebirds, because their outer surface may contain pesticide sprays, which is sprinkled on the crops to protect them from harmful insects that damage the nutritional values of  crops, or sometimes it is contaminated with the bacteria  from  the  external environment that can cause infections or other illness to your lovebirds

  • Remove the apple core first. Apple core is a central portion of the apple.
  •  Remove seeds
  •  Mesocarp a portion between apple cores. And ENDOCARP, good for bird feed, this part is juicy and soft, easy to eat for birds.

How Much to Feed

It is enough to give 2 or 3 slices every 2 or 3 days. Ideally, 10% or a maximum of 20% of the daily diet of any fruit is enough for the bird.

Apples can be given just like snacks.

Excessive eating of apples to your Love bird can increase weight.

You should add fruits and vegetables to your bird’s diet for nutritional values, but it is not an alternative to a balanced diet. It depends on lovebird’s nature

A healthy single bird of (45 – 60 gm) in weight takes 1 ½ – 2 ounces per day. A small bird takes ¼ cup (1 – ½ tsp) pellets. A large bird takes ½ cup (1 tbsp) per day pellets. Pellets are a formulated and completely balanced diet for your lovebirds. It has more nutritional value than seeds.

Sunflower seeds are most likely the food of lovebirds, they like them.

Make a proper schedule for your lovebird feed by discussing with veterinarians. Make a proper diet for your pet lovebirds to keep them in good health and growth. The Diet of a Lovebird needs changes according to the weather.

It should be necessary to give a proper diet to your pet’s lovebird to fulfill the nutritional values of the bird. don’t give them all at once. Don’t leave remains of food that can spoil after some time, and if this spoiled feed eaten by birds it may cause health issues. Also, don’t overfeed your lovebird; it may cause health issues and can impact bird growth.

Nutritional Benefits

A balanced diet is necessary for any bird to remain healthy.

A balanced diet includes vegetables, fruits, grains, pellets, seeds, legumes, etc. You should add other nutritional alternatives to your bird feed.

Excessive amounts of any fruit can be harmful to your bird’s health.

Fruits have enough nutritional value.

Just like apples, if you give a healthier diet to your Love bird, it may lead to fatty birds and it may be creating a problem for bird health.

Although fruits have enormous nutritional value. You should also add another dietary pattern to your bird’s feed, which is important for good health. Apples contain vitamins and minerals that can-do incredible things for your lovebird. It helps stress relief to protect their mental health. Every component of these Vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and copper give unbelievable benefits for your birds.

Apple cider vinegar for your lovebirds 

Apple cider vinegar is good for humans as well as birds. Use half tsp or 2ml to 5 ml apple cider vinegar by adding in your bird’s drinking water to maintain the pH level of the drinking water. It is safe for your lovebird in a limited amount. It can prevent infections due to its anti-infective properties. It mobilizes or burns fat so that’s why it prevents the increased weight of your birds.


Lovebirds are very beautiful, playful, active, social, and lovely creatures.

They want the attention of their owner. If we don’t give daily attention to him, they are aggressive and stop eating. Try to gain trust by giving proper attention and socializing with your lovebird. They play with toys and love to bathe. When they are happy, they sing and cuddle. They like water splashing sounds. When it flies away, they can’t return.

They love apples and sunflower seeds. Always give apples in slices after removing the seed and pit. Seeds contain amygdalin that produces hydrogen cyanide when it is metabolized in GIT.

Do not give too much fruit because it contains vitamins and minerals that can increase the weight of the bird. Maintain a proper diet chart for your pet lovebird by a veterinarian, so your birds keep healthy and happy.

Most of the lovebirds take 1 – 1.5 measures tablespoon of seeds per day for a single bird or it depends on bird weight.






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