Lovebirds as pets Pros and Cons – Everything You Need To Know

Do you also have an interest in having some lovebirds as your pet? Or think that they will look beautiful in the garden. But, not sure if you can take care of them or not? To clarify all these doubts, here are a few Benefits of keeping lovebirds at home along with some drawbacks you may face that you should know before getting them.

Here are the list of pros and cons for keeping lovebirds as pets

  • Pros: Lovebirds are friendly
  • Pros: Cheap to buy and care
  • Pros: Easy to tame
  • Pros: Food is easily available
  • Pros: Can add beauty to your home
  • Cons: Lovebirds are noisy
  • Cons: Can cost you more for the toys
  • Cons: They can bite

Usually, they are very friendly by nature like to socialize with the owner, and are easy to tame. Plus, most lovebirds are from Africa which also explains their bright colorful feathers that everyone loves to look at. Other than that, they also like to have natural feed like healthy fruits and vegetables. So, the following are the details of Lovebirds as Pets Pros and Cons.

Even though they are also considered beginner birds most people do not know how to take care of them properly. Similarly, if you are also willing to get a lovebird as your first pet, then you should know that having a pet is a very responsible job. Moreover, each of them comes with its own pros and cons, and you need to adjust and decide depending on them whether this one is for you or not. 

Pros of Lovebirds as Pets:

1. Lovebirds are friendly

Whenever someone asks to define Lovebirds as Pets Pros and Cons, their character traits are considered to be the top attraction this bird offers. Lovebirds have a friendly and social personality type. Mostly, they love to talk to their owner. Even though its vocals are nowhere close to a talking parrot’s skills, still, they try to communicate with their owners continuously.

Moreover, they are never going to disappoint you with their energy and always keep you fresh and active with them because they always try to seek attention and have passion for being the center of attention in any setting. 

Especially, if you have no previous experience and are feeling a bit nervous to get your first lovebird as a pet, then let me tell you that there is no need to worry about it. Lovebirds are easy and quick to tame. Moreover, most shy bird owners also like to have at least one of them because once they get along together with the owner, they will love to move all around the house and neighbourhood on the owner’s shoulder. 

2. Cheap to buy and care

If you are looking to get your first bird and are not sure if you can handle them or not, you can try these birds. Because you would not have to spend a huge amount to get their starting set up. However, you should be willing to spend some money to get a high quality cage so that lasts long. 

Other than that, unlike many other large sized birds, they do not like to eat a lot. They can happily live in a cage with less feed, and consequently, the expenses will also be going down. 

Plus, if the lovebirds get along with you, then you can start investing more in them like getting toys, a better cage, but for starting days, you can play cheap with them. 

3. Easy to tame

Lovebirds are easy to tame. You don’t need a lot of hard work to do so. All you need is consistency. They easily get attached to you if you will give them proper time.

When you bring the new lovebird home. Give him some time to adjust. It usually takes some time of 2 weeks almost. Keep the cage somewhere to your eye contact. Too low height can make him think to scare you. You will look like a monster to him.

After that talk to him politely. Don’t be harsh or rude to him. If you do so he will get scared. Our purpose is to make him a friend, not the enemy.

Along with start feeding him his favorite foods like bananas, apples, grapes, or sunflower seeds. First, give them with your hands only. So they know if they have to eat their favorite food, they must have to go closer to your hand. This will hand tame the lovebirds.

The common diet should be given in the cage, not by hand. Be polite to him and your work is done. Trust takes time to build. Once it’s built you are easily befriended by your pet bird

4. Food is easily available

Lovebirds don’t need a special type of food. Their food is easily accessible and cheap. Lovebirds mostly eat seeds, fruits, and berries that are easily available in the market. Even these things are kitchen things that are always there in the home.

If you say they are cheap birds to adopt than you are right. They don’t cost you much.

5. Add Beauty to your Home

Most people get a bird in their homes to add beauty to their homes. If you are also one of those people, then this bird you should be at the top of your priority list. Moreover, you can also find them in a variety of colours from peach to teal or green to white. However, the most trendy colours for lovebirds are mostly green plumage. With this variety in colours, you can easily find the bird that matches your living room’s colour theme too. 

Most people with small gardens prefer to have these birds. And these are the birds that can add life to your small room. Plus, with a little variety of colourful lovebirds, it has the potential to turn your room into a bright coloured one. Under this budget, you can hardly find any other bird with this much variety of colours and friendliness. Therefore, it is also considered to be a perfect bird for beginners. 

6. Can be turned into profitable Business

Lovebirds are one of the most popular birds you can find in the market. It is because there is a huge demand for them. Consequently, if you are also planning to get a few lovebirds to your home, you can also consider starting selling their eggs and that can be a very profitable background. Just get some lovebird’s eggs and put an ad online “lovebirds for sale” after that just look at how the magical numbers start rising.

They are also easy to breed, and their eggs are also in huge demand. Therefore, the prices of their eggs are much higher as compared to other birds in the market. Also, you do not need to have any huge investment, instead, you can start with one or two pairs of lovebirds and start your business from there. After that, slowly and gradually, their numbers will start increasing. However, all you need to make sure is that they are having a proper diet and nutrition and they are good to go.

Cons of Lovebirds as Pets:

1. Lovebirds Can Be Noisy

While going through the lovebirds as Pets pros and Cons, their noise is probably the biggest con you can have. Especially, If you like silence in your home, then the lovebirds are not the type of bird you should get. They like to keep making noises and try to communicate with the owner. Moreover, if they are in good mood, then they are likely to keep making noises and pierce through your ears. 

Moreover, if you take their cage next to a TV or any audio player, then they will get even louder. In fact, they also love to sing along with the songs being played on the audio player. This can also be entertaining sometimes. However, if you look at it in a long run, it can also be a headache. 

2. They can bite

Even though lovebirds do not give a bite to their owners regularly, still their occasional bites can also be very painful. However, once they get used to their owner, they won’t hurt you anymore. Still, if it is looking to get along with your finger or earlobe, it means you should get them out of their cage and play with them a little. Also, remember they do not bite to get a piece of meat. All they are looking for is some of your time to communicate and play with them.

Moreover, if their mood is still not changing, then you can try different things like getting them some new toys or getting a new partner for your little buddy. Since new things are likely to bring a change to his routine, they will not bite you anymore. Moreover, you can also try out various tips on How to stop lovebirds from biting you.

3. Can not bring Variety of Species

People commonly ask What birds can live with lovebirds? The answer is simple, if you have a pair of lovebirds, let them live alone. Why? Lovebirds are very friendly and love to play and have fun. However, their friendly behaviour is limited to their owner and other birds of the same species. If you are planning to get birds other than lovebirds in the same cage with them, it might not be the best idea.

Because they have an aggressive mindset for other birds and can also damage them. Therefore, to keep your garden clean, you can not add various birds with your lovebirds.

4. Can cost you for the toys

If you are thinking of buying only one lovebird then you have to give him the attention all day. Surely you will not be available 24/7. There are some times when you have to leave him. At this, he will get bored. He would have nothing to do.

At this moment you have to provide him with toys. Toys not only entertain your bird but also keep him healthy. Chew toys keep their beak healthy. Ladder or strings can keep their feet healthy. Every toy has its benefits. You have to give him maximum toys to keep the boredom away.


If you want any bird including Lovebirds as Pets Pros and Cons will be there. Thus, you need to choose the best for yourself. if you are one of those who never had a bird at their home before, lovebirds should be their first and topmost priority because they tick all the boxes a new bird owner would look for. They are beautiful, colourful, and love to play with the owner. And when it comes to the budget, they are budget-friendly and will not require a huge budget. So you can also get these birds to your home to check if petting a bird is as per your mood or not. And once, you guys get along with your first pair of lovebirds, you can start having a variety of these. Plus, once, you get a variety of birds whether they are lovebirds or different species, they will add incredible beauty to your garden. 






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