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Why do budgies scream? How to stop?

Budgies are pretty birds. If you are adopting them for the first time you might face some problems which might exhaust you. Screaming all day is normal but sometimes they do it for some reasons that when avoided or unnoticed can even lead to their death (rare). Here are the reasons budgies scream suddenly

  • Attack of the predator can be the cause of their sudden scream
  • Jealousy from other birds
  • Fear of the particular person
  • Boredom
  • Wants your attention
  • He is ill and needs medication

Below I will explain these details and tell you some treatments you can do to avoid any complications. If you notice this behavior time to time,

Predators Attack

There are predators like cat , dogs or hawk around about if you listen sudden scream of your budgie. The parakeets are prey birds. They survive in the wild by hiding themselves in the trees . As when we keep them as pets , they need care . If you have a cat or a dog at home , you should train them to be friends with each other. This is quite risky in early days.

Keep your cat away from the cage. This might be the reason he is fearing from her all the time and keep screaming at times when she is around about. If your bird is outside the cage and playing with the toys , your dog may disturb him.

I have seen cases when cat ,dogs and pet birds are living at the same place happily. They are trained well , Moreover every pet has a diifferent nature, One is angry , the other is calm and more socialize pet.

If you are keeping your bird in the lawn as in winter for the sake of sunlight , you should look the surrounding space. If your budgie noticed any danger around he will scream.

Attention seeker

Your bird might wants your attention. Budgies are very loving birds. They got special attachment with the owner. In the early days ,you might be giving him more time than now. Or may be is in dire love with you. So he wants you to be always around.

Whenever he sees you , he might scream. If you go there he may stops. If you are leaving your room and he yells . Don’t come back . If you do so, he will think that if I scream my owner will surely come.

Your pet bird is seeking your attention. All you can do is to buy another fellow for him. This can reduce this screaming behavior and don’t go closer to him when he shows this type of behavior.

Jealousy can be the reason

Two birds in the room can cause you the problems. If you bought a new bird for the existing one or buy another pet ang giving him more time than him. He will feel jealous. Even if you are smiling or laughing with you friends or family , he may show the same behavior.

Some budgies shows this wild behavior. All you can do is to make your new bird befriend with him. Give both birds the equal time. Show love to both. If this problem still persists , change the location of your bird. This will be easy for both of you.

Fear of the particular person

Sometimes your pet bird might scream whenever the specific person in the room exists. He is fearing from him due to some reasons. The person may torture or tease him when you are not there. He may yell at him. The person in the room may have a heavy look. He may a heavy voice or a extreme tone.

All you can do is to help both of the fellows to befriend with each other. This will keep his screams low.

Your budgie is getting bored

If you have only one budgie at the home . He don’t have any activity to do. There are no toys there. No partner to play with. There is no window to look at the sunlight or outer atmosphere, He is just closed in the closed room. This is the sign of extreme boredom.

Provide your bird the toys so he can play with . Toys are essential . These keeps your pet bird busy . Variety of toys can help him to entertain himself. You can read here the toy buying guide.

You can introduce the new partner. Both fellows will enjoy themselves . Play with each other . Even sometimes fight exists between them that might have more screaming you need to hear. But after that , that would be chirp only.

Change the location of the cage . Keep it closer to the sunlight or the window , so he can have the access to the outside world. Give your birds space to fly in the room. If the size of the cage is too small change it .

He is ill and needs medication

If the screaming is continuous and you have applied all the solutions I mentioned above your budgie might be ill and he has to go the vet. Mostly when they are ill , they remain quite. Do not confuse with the chirp and scream . Some birds are noisy and some have a calm nature just like humans. You can change the budgie if this issue ain’t solve.

You can stop budgies from screaming by following the below tips

  • Provide him darkness
  • Change the size of cage
  • Provide him the open environment
  • Don’t give attention when he scream for attention
  • Take him out
  • Keep the predator pets away
  • If he is alone, provide him partner






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