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How To Entertain Lovebirds? 9 Ways that works

Mackenzie Gary



Like humans, cute birds with feathers want to be entertained. But how is it possible to entertain lovebirds with your care? Naturally, pet sitters don’t allow their beloved birds to go outside. Still, birds have the habit of flying long distances. What should be the right way to entertain them in a closed room or large cage?

So, are you looking for fun lovebirds tips without sacrificing the essentials? Yes, in this article, you will find remarkable ways to enjoy lovebirds with affordable items. Lovebirds spend their happiest time with friends, even humans. Just imagine a cute bird in a lonely cage and feel their boredom.

All kinds of questions related to lovebirds entertainment are discussed below. Just stay with this article!

Ways to entertain the lovebirds

Lovebirds need attention for their spending satisfying time. With minor to major needs, your lovebirds feel relaxed. For bird lovers, the below tips can be crucial to implement for lovebirds. 

Water Bath keeps them entertained

Lovebirds bathe according to their mood. However, water is essential in all seasons, but giving too much access can be dangerous to the health of the beloved birds. Undoubtedly, they need to cool their body due to excessive heat in summer. But in winter it is not susceptible to more than one bath in a week.

Aggressive and solitary birds are more difficult to handle in warmer temperatures. To attract them to the water bath, try some friendly techniques to get close to your bird.

  1. Always make sure to avoid plenty of water for bathing. Lovebirds feel scared and fall in the danger of drowning. Too much wet does not help to dry feathers immediately and cause pneumonia.
  2. Various kinds of small water baths with less water make the lovebirds satisfied. The same color and design can make them boring. Give access to a safe zone for the splashing of water.
  3. Some kinds of green toys and leaves are assuredly beneficial to maintain health with bathing. Leaves and branches attract the birds for chewing. Moreover, this tip can fall the scared lovebirds in love with a water bath. 
  4. Put your hands in a water bath, and sprinkle water on lovebirds. This will make your birds, and happily, they take a bath.

Note: Don’t put a water bath for baby lovebirds until 3-4 months. 

Satisfying and favorite food keeps them healthy and active

For lovebirds, training is nothing helpful without satisfying food. Firstly, it’s crucial to know about birds’ favorite food and ways of providing them. Imagine, if you don’t give food at the proper time, then how can lovebirds survive? Assuredly, meal timing matters for lovebirds’ long life.

  1. Birds want seeds according to their bill size and shape. However, lovebirds want seeds in limited quantities. It never means to skip seeds from their diet. Most vitamins, minerals, lipids, and proteins are attainable through seeds to lovebirds. 
  2. Fruits, leaves, and soft vegetables are best suited for lovebirds’ diets. Moreover, they get most of their hydration from watery items. 
  3. Pellets food is most unique for baby lovebirds and mature ones. This kind of food is high in nutrition and for better development. Also, lovebirds happily want pellets for warmness.
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Provide a partner

To get rid of lovebirds’ boredom, they need a partner. Even human flocks or the same species can be their happiness. Although, with a brief interaction, they spend a maximum time with their spouse. This can help to improve the mental and physical health of lovebirds. Try to provide them a mate within 9 hours of their lonesome period.

Why you should provide a partner to lovebirds. Here’s the guide. How to introduce them?

Avoid distraction

Louder voices, a tight grasp, and disturbance in birds’ area make them annoying. Mainly TV and speaker sounds are not accurate for lovebird’s health. They lose their hearing capability and remain exhausted, aggravated, and aggressive. Although in a calm and peaceful area, lovebirds stay involved. 

Provide stress-free environment

Pressure and depression generate many troubles in lovebirds. No doubt, they lose their health due to screaming and poor nutrition. After all, a stressful environment stops your lovebirds to eat food. They fastly lose their weight by incognizance. 

  1. Entertain your lovebirds to equip them with a sociable environment
  2. Lower your voice to keep relax your lovebirds.
  3. Be active to manage lovebirds’ food. 

Large cage

A large cage is best according to the bird’s size, long tail, and beak security. It depends on the lovebird’s pair. Hence, you should look upon your bird’s size, numbers, and cage condition. In this way, put a larger enclosure for maximum birds and a smaller one for single birds. Undoubtedly, your birds are only entertained with flying space and decorative cages either.

Beautiful design of the cage

Cages design matters for your home corners. Some sorts of lovebirds enclosures are suitable for open places, and others are not. It depends upon temperature and the lovebird’s age. Yet, decorative, stylish, and trendy cages amuse the lovebirds.

Light music

Lovebirds are temperamental but love music that is natural. The music I recommend is forest sounds, flowing water, chirping birds and blowing wind. Of course, it depends on the type of coordination. First, you should test your beloved birds with loud music. If you find them offensive, then try a lighter one. It never means playing music 24 hours a day. This behavior irritates your birds, and they will fall into trouble.

Also, relaxing music makes love birds dance to keep them moving. Lovebirds release happy hormones and keep them entertained. Do not play pop or any other music as it is forbidden.

Give outside access

All-time having the birds in cages is not healthful for them. Importantly, try to train the lovebirds to give them outside access. Otherwise, your lovebirds will fly out of your home. Another side, with the proper friendship, you can easily allow the birds to fly in the room. This can assuredly make the birds delighted and pleased. Muscles will be soothed, and the body will be developed.

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What do lovebirds like to play with?

Lovebirds like many types of toys. Commonly humans love to play with balls and bats. However, lovebirds also want balls but are lighter and smaller. According to lovebirds’ figures, they love to play with hanging, chewing, and throwing toys.

Hanging toys

Hanging toys comes in variety and are helpful for the movement of tiny creatures. Lovebirds grasp these toys tightly, and you can fix them anywhere inside and outside of the cage. 

Chewing toys

Some kinds of chewing toys make the beak busy. These toys entertain the lovebirds and divert their attention from fighting. Ropes, stems, and branches are fall in chewing material.

Throwing and tearing items

Paper is the best item for lovebirds to tear off. No doubt, lovebirds change their mood frequently and dislike another bird before proper interaction. In this situation, throwing toys like smaller balls and twigs is best to keep them calm. 

Best toys for lovebirds

Some best toys for lovebirds are puzzles, swings, and little bicycles. Let’s read;

Puzzles toy

Puzzles are available in the market for lovebirds’ mental health. Yes, it’s difficult to play this game, but training makes everyone perfect. You can buy this in any variety of materials. Even though, give wood and plastic puzzles game for metal activeness, body maintenance, and training. There are more chances of suffering your lovebirds without these types of playing activities.

Woven wall net

Woven wall net helpful to hang inside and outside of the cage. This is not toxic to lovebirds due to the fabric material. Moreover, net holes provide the space for grasp, and birds appreciate chewing this knitted. Sometimes, small beads on this net make it more beautiful. You can select whatever you desire for lovebirds. With some winning treats, your lovebirds attract to this game daily.

Little bicycle

Bicycle for lovebirds is designed to offer a space of unique sitting. It supports maintaining the balance of the body and regulating muscles. During paddling, the whole body is working, and lovebirds cycling is the best way of exercise. These types of sitting are durable and easy to fix at any place. Replace bicycle with perches for adding a new item in enclosures. 

Shredding toys

During aggressiveness, birds want something to tear off. Shredding toys are the best suited to handle lovebirds’ anger. Your fingers will be safe with these toys. Just hang it in your lovebird’s cage for fun also. It can help to keep the lovebirds engaged and healthier. 


The most common toys for pets are swings. This is durable, easy to hang, and also entertaining for lovebirds. Just hang it according to cage size and shape. You can also appoint it outside from cage to add more enjoyment for your lovebirds. 

How do you spend time with lovebirds?

Always make certain to give your time to your lovebirds. Playing games, healthy food, and toys will be best for spending time. A pair of lovebirds don’t want your maximum time. However, a pair needs an utmost of 3-4 hours daily for playing. 

Although, a single bird without a decorative cage requires a maximum of 5-6 hours. Besides, if you provide accessories like toys, then you must give 3-4 hours to your single bird.  How much attention do lovebirds need?

What game can I play with my lovebirds?

Lovebirds play various games like other pets.

  1. Basketball is not just a favorite for humans but also lovebirds. A small basketball game delivers wellness. Your birds get access to balls, suction cups, and basketball hope, which are attached to a table. 
  2. Fetch is a wonderful game, and assuredly dogs come into your mind. Those who are not aware of lovebirds playing can take a lightweight small ball. Throw it, and allow your birds to catch. Avoid tossing forcefully in the air and give access to the ground. After that, birds will pick the ball and come close to you. Neven avoids giving them appreciation treat. 
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Do lovebirds like to be petted?

Lovebirds like to be petted but sometimes. While lovebirds just want the pet of their owner. Even the other people’s touch can irritate them and they became assertive. 

  1. During lovebirds’ training, make sure to touch their body and avoid the tail. 
  2. Also, don’t forcibly hold them in your hands. 
  3. Always protect your lovebirds from noises. 
  4. Play games with them during the initial days of training.
  5. Touch bird’s beak rather than below neck feathers. 

If lovebirds feel easy in your hands, then its means they like your care and affection. 

Do lovebirds like to cuddle with you?

Lovebirds feel satisfied with their playing partner. However, they cuddle with their mate as well as humans. The reason for cuddling with humans is to pay off their love, consideration, and admiration. When birds realize save hands, in return give the respect to handling person. In this way, lovebirds appreciate cuddling with you.

How do I know if my lovebirds are happy?

When your lovebirds are satisfied and energetic, it means they are happy. Some kinds of louder sweet sounds make you sure that they are pleased. Mostly you feel your lovebird’s happiness during playing and eating sweet food.

Do lovebirds like a mirror?

Lovebirds like mirrors if they are alone. Too much attraction to reflection can affect the mental well-being of lovebirds. Curiosity and anger at their reflection makes them physically and mentally weak.

On the other hand, if lovebirds are in a pair, they don’t need a mirror to play. A mirror can be a little helpful in distracting a lonely bird from its sadness. This trick can come in handy if your pet bird doesn’t have any toys.

How long does it take for lovebirds to bond?

It depends upon your way of activity. With appropriate timing and confidence, you may win the heart of lovebirds. Even if you give your 4-5 hours daily, it will precious for strong bonding. Otherwise, it takes one year for relations. Yet, with appropriate time you can entice lovebirds within a maximum of 3-4 weeks.


Summing up, it is crucial to provide every kind of entertaining thing for your lovebird’s activeness. Undoubtedly it is hard to give time to a busy person, but crucial to care about lovebirds’ fitness. Different games like basketball and fetching can entertain your lovebirds. 

A stress-free environment is valuable for lovebirds’ minds and body health. Water baths, favorite food, beautiful large cages, and music are the best source of entertainment. With above all tips, your lovebirds are always happy.