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Best Birds Feeders For North Carolina

Mackenzie Gary

Best Bird feeders


Looking for the best bird feeders for North Carolina? Surely, for a bird lover, connection with nature is a must to identify various aspects. Firstly, you should know about bird food. However, caring for the birds is an important factor to keep them alive. 

In this article, you will know about the best feeder for birds. Actually, solar bird feeders are well known due to their unique solar rechargeable capacity. Besides, the mesh feeder is durable and easy to hang. There are lots of features in window feeders. Although, it is easy to stick on windows. 

A long stand for an open backyard provides great advantages to lots of birds. To know about extra features, keep in touch and select the best one for your birds. 

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Solar Birds Feeder

Solar birds’ feeders are unique for having a solar system. The most applicable feature of this feeder is to lighten up at night. The overall body is made with a glass mosaic. This material is helpful to attract the bird toward food during the daytime. 

During the night, birds can easily feed because of automatically fixed light. Some of the solar birds feeders are following:

Hanging capability

Hence, the strong metal chain is helpful to hang this at any place on the lawn. One end of the chain is fixed in a circular ring. Another end is fixed with a loop to hang on branches or fences. Every link is strong and made in the same way. 

Due to stronger connections, the chain carries the heavyweight easily.  However, the crucial factor is to fix the solar bird feeder in a suitable place. Yet, the chain is easily removable to use the ring for hanging in low-growing grass. 

Solar power capacity

Solar power capacity makes a bird feeder attractive due to electricity not being consumed. The solar battery is durable and functional for months. During the sunlight, the battery is fully charged. Perhaps, the light is functioning when the sun rays have totally disappeared. 

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This feeder is also usable after the completion of battery lifespan. Make it running to exchange the solar battery with a rechargeable one. 

Glass mosaic material

The material of this feeder is made with glass which is more eco-friendly than plastic. It enhances the lawn’s beauty and stays along. The material is not affected by environmental harshness. Also, the reflection of light appeals to charm and joy. 

Basically, the glass surface is flat, plain, and shiny. Even dirt and dust particles are easy to clean from the glass bird feeder. 


  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof material
  • Durable battery


  • Small access spot
  • Limited time of sparkle

Metal Mesh Bird Feeder

Metal mesh bird feeders are more durable and easy to fill. Therefore, the mesh is strong and birds can comfortably pick up the grains. There is no chance to waste food grains from this circular bird feeder. Perhaps, it is designed to hang on the roof or fix it on land. 

Besides, the various colors attract the birds to find out the food easily. Let’s take a glance at features for knowing the Best Birds Feeders For North Carolina.

Metal mesh

This bird feeder has a metal mesh that is likable for birds. Moreover, the birds easily cling to the mesh and grasp it firmly. It is helpful to prevent the making of clumps in the bird’s feet. Importantly, the seed grain cannot be wasted due to smaller holes in the mesh. 

Sunflower seed and grain easily pour out in a limited amount. Also, the seed capacity is between 2-2.5lb in a mesh bird feeder. This mesh feeder cannot harm the bird’s feet due to zinc plated coating. 

Roof and base 

Basically, the roof and base of this bird feeder are also made up of metal. Actually, the metal roof covered up the seed from rain and snowfall. On the other side, the base has holes to expel extra moisture and retain the seed dry. 

Also, the roof has a large lid to easily fill up the feeder. A large and durable hang ensures a strong grip on the branches of the tree. 

Attractive colors

Several shades are preferred for your birds. Most birds are attracted to red or yellow colors. However, the red color not only enhances your yard’s beauty but also makes your birds happy and satisfied.


  • Rust resistance
  • Highly durable
  • Large space
  • Easily hangable


  • Overall metal

Damp Proof Window Bird Feeder 

A damp-proof bird feeder is more exciting for nature lovers. The whole material is acrylic with four cups of trays. Therefore, the best thing about this feeder is to hang it on windows with suction cups. It’s easy to fill up the tray cups with a variety of seeds. Besides, these feeders are very light weighted to stick on windows for a long time. 

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Let’s connect to read its wonderful features:

Suction cups

Damp-proof bird feeders are complete with suction cups. Thus, these are only stuck on glass windows. These are helpful to hold the bird’s feeder firmly without letting it down. Moreover, if the windows are warmer, then it’s easy to install the feeder with suction cups. It is comfortable to press the suction cups again after cleaning the area of the windows. 

Acrylic material

All material of damp-proof bird feeders is plastic. However, it is shiny and transparent to see the birds and spend some joyful moments with children. It doesn’t soften in sunlight due to quality material. However, the plastic acrylic bird feeders are highly durable and glossy. In other words, it is dust resistant and easy to clean. 

Tray with holes

This one is the Best Birds Feeders For North Carolina because of a tray with holes. A tray has 4 cups to fill up various seeds. Tray holes drain off extra water from the bird feeder. The holes are not large enough to fall off the grains. Also, the tray is easily removable and adjustable to wash it. Trays are also transparent and safe to clean. 


  • Easy to fill
  • Lightweight
  • Transparent
  • Squirrel resistance


  • Temporary suction cups
  • Made for windows

Multiple bird feeders(Station)

To make your birds happier, the multiple bird feeder is a unique option. About 4-5 items are adjusted in one bird feeder station. Talking about durability, then it is staying for a long time at a fixed point. The overall material is iron which is strong enough. Although, the pole is long to prevent squirrels. Mainly, tray, mesh, and wire feeders are included in this station. So, let’s see about features in detail. 

Iron material

Importantly, the best thing about this feeder strand is the iron material. That’s why the strand is very strong which is stable in harsh and stormy weather. The top of the strand is well designed with tough material to give the birds extra space for sitting. 

Variety in feeders

Furthermore, the variety in feeders makes this item more attractive for birds and humans. In addition, the tray is made for easy access to grains and seeds for birds. Some squirrels also get benefits from the tray feeders. Besides, mesh feeders are for hummingbirds with small beaks. 

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A wire feeder with a proper hang is useful for placing the suet. Each and every feeder is adjustable and removable anytime. Yet, for filling the seeds, it needs to be taken off the feeder and again fixed in the same place. 

Weighted items

Due to more than one product, the weight of this feeder station is about 9 pounds. However, this weight is very suitable to stay firm in heavy wind. Although, the feeders help to balance the whole strand. Shortly, the weight of feeders helps to hold on to their position. 


  • Variety in items
  • Durable
  • Stronger pole
  • Adjustable in ground


  • Difficult to adjust
  • Extra-long

Bottle bird feeder

Bottle bird feeders are best to use for filling up water. Well, the material of the bottle is glass which is reliable and attractive. Additionally, it is very easy to fill up water in the green bottle. Both base and hanger are made up of metal to make it sturdy and long-lasting. Still, that feeder is available in lightweight to hangable anywhere. 


However, the bottle is made up of glass and the base with metal. Both make the product stronger, durable, and unique. 

Feeding port and base

There are four feeding ports to drink water. Water is filled in the base and birds enter their beak in port to drink easily. The four birds can drink water at the same time. There is no risk of damaging the port with the weight of birds. 


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable anywhere
  • Durable


  • Less capacity
  • Glass material

Final thoughts

Summing up, you get lots of information about the best bird feeders for North Carolina. Now you can pick according to your taste and area. But I would love to prefer multiple bird feeders stations for your backyard. All the products are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. 

Also, there is no risk of falling off grains from the feeders. Mesh feeder is best for hummingbirds because of the high capacity of filling up grains. Although the bottle feeder is for filling up water for birds’ ease. You can easily buy the metal one because there is no chance of rust. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy this article!