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Spending crazy moments with pets, never ever let you bore. To secure lovebirds during your busy routine, it is better to give them a new partner. But how to introduce lovebirds to each other? You can introduce two lovebirds to each other by placing them in two different cages. Put them close to each other. When they try to feed each other or try to kiss. Put one lovebird into another’s cage. But if you have only one cage, introduce a lovebird directly. If they fight it would be better to buy a new cage.

But what If you can’t afford the new cage? Read the article to know the details

By knowing techniques of bonding, you can make a powerful connection between them. Besides, do you feel that it is difficult to train them? Definitely, it is, but not impossible. Just 2-3 hours per day, you can familiarize your birds.

Otherwise, putting new and old birds in the same cage can upset the whole environment. To avoid fighting and make friendship bonding, you should read the important tips below. Assuredly by enforcing daily on these tips, your birds will show a strong companionship. Without wasting time, let’s start reading with us.

Tips for introducing new lovebirds with each other

Lovebirds like humans’ interaction, but need proper observation of secure hands. When someone takes birds to their home, then they try to entertain and train them with various techniques. Furthermore, the question is do love birds either like their opposites? Surely, when humans don’t give their time to pet species, they feel bored and look for someone to play with. 

In this instance, their opposites can help them to spend good moments. For that, you need to use techniques for to introduce lovebirds to each other. Below are some amazing tips for your bird’s strong bond. 

Place new lovebird in separate cage

Whenever you realize you want to take new birds to your home. Then the behavior of existing love birds quickly comes into your mind. Think about it, do your older lovebirds accept a new one? Lovebirds are very curious about their territory, and they never want interference from anyone. 

Hence, when you take a bird, then make sure to place them separately from the previous one. Might be possible that your new love birds are sick with internal disease. Furthermore, this can help to protect both species from fighting and attack of serious disorders. Make certain to provide a friendly cage same as older birds. 

Fix cages in same room

There are more chances of bonding with fixing cages in the same room. This will help lovebirds to observe each other. On the first day, you should make a distance between cages. This will make your existing birds curious. However, on the second day, keep the cage a little bit close to the older lovebird’s cage. 

You can apply this technique for 3-4 days and finally fix it near an older cage. Now both lovebirds can closely observe each other as well as behavior. However, this technique boosts lovebirds’ bonding. From their behavior, you can analyze when it would be the best time to place them in the same cage.

If they start feeding each other or try to kiss each other. They have start making bond. If you will put them in the same cage , they will surely mate.(If have opposite sexes)

Allow them to move closer to each other

After placing cages, now it’s time to allow movement in lovebirds. Sometimes, you should release a new lovebird from the cage and put it near older birds. Don’t try to release them at the same time. Older birds assuredly will come close to new birds for deep analysis. After that, put it in a cage and release the older one. This is another technique, and you will also observe their interaction.

Reinforce positive interaction

Lovebirds love playing activities. Yet, playing with them in the same space can also assist them to develop bonding. Firstly, use the activities on sticks. Fix up two playing sticks at some distance and gradually close sticks every day. However, this type of reinforcement assures positive interaction between them. Otherwise, lovebirds feel jealous to share their playing partner with others.

Feed them their favorite food in separate food trays

When you will place them in the same cage, there will be many occasions when they will try to fight with each other. If you feed them, they will try to snatch the food from each other.

Eating from the same food source can make love birds aggressive. YOu should use two different food trays for 2 lovebirds. Perhaps, use this technique after using the above tips for 4-5 days. However, yummy treats can be the best fit for birds. When birds see their favorite food, then they never care to show their anger. However, make sure to give access to food on separate plates. Gradually, they feel satisfied with one source of food. 

The best way that can reduce their temper is the food. You can feed them bananas, apples, grapes and watermelons as a source of treat

Place many toys in their cages

Toys like beads, perches, artificial flowers, and ropes make the lovebirds happier. They don’t share their toys with others. In this regard, give them access to various playing materials. Put the birds at the same place with some distance. Place maximum toys in front of the new bird, and give just one item to the living one. 

After some time the existing bird will want to close excessive toys. However, a neutral area, calming environment, and various toys force them to have great interaction. 

How long does it take lovebirds to bond?

Lovebirds interact with each other instantly as you place them in the cage. But some may start fighting with each other as it was the territory of the older bird. They never like if someone enters their territory.

If the lovebird is single , he will interact with the female partner fast and makes stronger bond with her. But if they share same gender, they might show aggressiveness and may take longer time to make bond

As lovebirds are affectionate with their companions and humans. Undoubtedly, they had never been in interaction with humans before training. The same case happens with new lovebirds. Yet, if you want to interact between different species, then make sure there are very low chances. Lovebirds can bond with the same species and the opposite sex. 

It depends upon lovebirds’ nature, their environment, and training sections for interaction. Roughly, some birds take more than a year to bond. But with guidance and training, they can interact within 2-3 weeks. Actually, if you have just one bird, then it is easy to make a bond between them. Otherwise, in a flock, a new bird will never be worthy of an older one.

Can you put baby lovebirds with an older one?

It is not recommended to put baby lovebird with the older one. The older lovebird will try to peck at him or may try to kill the baby bird. Remember lovebirds never share their territory. When you will place the innocent one, he will failed to survive with him.

But if it is his baby , you should never separate them from each other. Keep mother and baby close to each other.

Some people place the nestling for hatching to another lovebird’s house. It is a fact that lovebirds never accept eggs from other pairs. However, they get eggs away from their houses. Talking about putting baby lovebirds with older ones is useless and foolish behavior. No doubt, mothers can accept their babies, but older birds can kill them immediately. 

However, for the first time of breeding, love birds never know how to care about their babies. In this way, due to malnutrition babies died. Another reason is to lose interest in larger babies and see them as an independent. So keep babies away from older and aggressive love birds and separate them from parents.

Can you put two lovebirds together?

Putting two lovebirds together is not a big problem. But knowing their nature matters a lot. Love Birds who spend maximum time in a cage can make a strong relationship. For breeding and increasing bird flocks, their bonding must be required. It is not a big matter if you place a pair from one cage to another. 

You can put two lovebirds together in a same cage. If they have opposite sexes they will interact with each other politely. Having same genders can urge aggressive behavior in them. They may fight with each other.

Yet, older and new lovebirds need attraction before putting a single cage. Without interaction, they will hurt each other and show their aggressiveness. This will produce an unhappy and stressful environment in a cage. Moreover, before breeding season, you can interact with lovebirds more quickly than on normal days.

What should we do if they don’t interact?

You should implement all the strategies that I have mentioned earlier in order to make a strong bond between. Bit if they failed to interact, you should check their gender. Having same gender can urge aggressive behavior in them. They may fight for the rule in the territory. Try to place them in separate cages ,if the war continuous.

After implementing the above tips, you will never feel the conflict in lovebirds. Furthermore, if you feel that your lovebirds feel insecure and shy. Then try to use these techniques again and give maximum time to your lovebirds.

End words

Before interaction birds don’t want to see a picture of another lovebird. Although, as you know, how to introduce lovebirds to each other. Your lovebirds rupture the picture before training, but after that, they love with their opposite. Even the same gender cannot tolerate each other. 

Moreover, with the passage of time, yummy treats, positive reinforcement, and neutral areas become the reason for bonding. A little bit of ignorance could take your maximum time, and you feel tired of that.






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