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How To Stop lovebirds From Biting? Reasons

Mackenzie Gary



Having lovebirds in the home adds to the sense of activity. However, lovebirds can refresh your mind and provide comfort with their activities. But lovebird bites are always scary for humans. So, preventing them would be a great step to protect yourself. They feel anxious for some concrete reasons including fear, danger and environmental conditions.

In this article we will discuss the habits, persuasion methods and physical signs of birds. Advanced and unique tips will build a strong bond with your lovebirds. For sure, you will know how dangerous love bite bites are and the effects of biting their beaks.

Of course, the love birds’ bites depend on their happy and sad moods. Without wasting your time, let’s read on to build a strong relationship.

Do lovebirds have serious bites for humans?

Before going into the causes, it is very important to know about bird bite pain. Think deeply about it! Of course, you may have thoughts that yes, birds’ beaks are dangerous for humans. In fact, lovebirds have sharp, pointed and curved bills. Birds use their beaks for screaming and aggression.

Thus, their bite not only hurts, but their sharp beak also injures your skin, fingers, lips and ears. Depending on whether your beloved birds are babies or adults, the biting nature will not be excluded until they have their needs met.

Large birds have strong beaks and are very harmful to humans. On the other hand, small birds have short but sharp beaks.

Sure, some of you have clipped beaks to protect your skin from lovebird bites. Then you have to imagine that your birds are not easy to eat. However, nib trimming is not good for birds, even for their health. Now you are thinking about growing a bird’s beak. If you cut the nibs, then it is difficult to grow back. Because the beak is strong because of the bone.

However, if the bone is damaged, it will never grow back except for the keratin layer on the bill. This way, you will repair the beak without waiting for it to grow back.

Reasons why lovebirds bite

You are always sure about the reasons for bird bites. When you find your “why” you will easily manage your birds. Otherwise, you and your birds feel uncomfortable in a sophisticated and uncomfortable environment. Let’s read about the causes and behavior of lovebirds.

Lack of confidence

First and foremost, when a bird owner feels uncomfortable in front of their birds, they feel fearful and averse to being in danger. Perhaps, this is crucial to building trust between you and your bird. When you extend your hand to the cage, and you push your finger back for fear of being bitten.

Also, if your hands are shaking when you approach the Lovebirds, they will definitely feel aggressive. This will discourage them, and the Lovebirds bite your hands in anger. Of course, this behavior is never liked by lovers. However, they feel intimidated by your lack of confidence.

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There is no doubt that birds check food, cages and perches with their beaks. Thus they also use their beaks to examine humans. So don’t panic, and be confident in front of your beloved birds. If lovebirds is scared, you can know the reasons.

Shooing behavior

The shooting behavior of humans discourages birds after they have been bitten. Still, a friendly environment can help protect birds from hostility. As people feel anger when their hands are injured. But hitting and hurting your birds is not a good way to train them. Of course, birds want to escape from their cage by throwing objects at the birds.

Wagging at the little creatures is not conducive to their health and peace of mind. Be sure to treat them with courtesy. And the lovebirds will adjust themselves to your hands too.

Interference with their territories

As the living space is always luxurious for every bird. Still, the birds get angry when someone approaches the bird’s territory. However, they fear losing their lives. Mostly during their breeding season, Lovebirds want extra protection. Therefore, with a strong bond it will be easier to access their cages.

Otherwise, while cleaning the wall, adding food, and fixing the water bottle, you may get hurt by lovebird bites. Although they do not like interference from other species of birds. So this condition increases their fear, and they become more fearful and insecure. Perhaps, this is another reason why love birds bite.

Insecure cages

Insecure cages are uncovered, smaller, and congested. However, birds prefer open spaces to fly freely. It will be cruel for birds to provide smaller cages for numbers of lovebirds.  Additionally, if you place your lovebirds in wild parrot cages, then it will be another face for insecure territory. 

However, predators can be surely harmful to them in ground cages. When lovebirds feel fear from predators, they show their anger on humans. This is a common reason and most of you ignore it. 


With some sanctuaries, the number of lovebirds matters. Space in cages cannot entertain a couple of love birds. Moreover, they feel uncomfortable and show you their body marks. From a pleasant environment, when a bird is confined in a deserted cage it bites its owner. Of course, they feel lonely and lose their hope to live.

It would be unfair to their health. So, try to keep lovebirds in open cages with the same number of species. This will help keep them active and keep them engaged in sports.

Lack of playing access

As love birds are lively and lively. However, they spend their happiest moments with their toys. Lovebirds feel anxious if they can’t find toys in their cage. Additionally, they want decorative cages with toys and ropes of beads. As a result, it will make your birds happy.

Also, lovebirds tend to bite your fingers due to their lack of playfulness. Then, you will take a step to avoid giving them access to open spaces. Otherwise, the chances of survival of these birds are high.

Ways to stop lovebirds from biting

After completely observing your birds, now it turns towards a solution to make them happy. It is a priority task to stop your lovebird from injuring your fingers. Although, they require some attention from their owner. Indeed, you can care about their needs with the below guides. 

Provide them toys

Birds want to follow the toy because playing with the gadget keeps them active. For the peace of mind of the birds, they want various resources. In cages, some birds have limited space to move around.

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However, sitting in a certain position can hurt their feet. This will cause lumps on the feet which are painful for the love birds. But toys are a great way to keep them busy. The following are toys that are responsible for bird bites:

  1. Perches are crucial according to the weather. Some perches are made for winter comfort and others for summer. Small houses like love birds’ perches attract them in cages for comfort. They save their eggs without any fear of predators and care for their babies in warm, hangable perches.
  2. Basically, hanging ropes work as swings for birds. Lovebirds bite and chew the ropes as a natural habit. The back and forth motion makes the birds happy and satisfied.
  3. Birds love to fly around various trees. Perhaps, shelled nests are another way of their enjoyment. These nests not only protect them from harsh environments but also fulfill their chewing requirement. Additionally, coconut shells are preferred due to their sweet smell. 
  4. Small balls are likable by lovebirds. Hanging it in a cage will be a wonderful toy for birds. They hold the ball in their feet and play by kicking this toy. This is helpful to improve blood circulation and improve heartbeat. 
  5. Bead ropes are another source of birds’ happiness. The noises of beads boost up the energy level of birds, and they chew it like food. But avoid placing larger beads rope for smaller lovebirds. 
  6. Mirrors are rarely suitable for birds. But whenever they see their reflection, they feel curious and happy. This method is suitable for single birds to get rid of their boredom.  However, over curiosity will be harmful to birds’ mental health. 
  7. The last and most favorite for lovebirds are wood branches. The feeling of natural resources keeps them energetic and gives them a spirit of living. Maximum branches in cages are not only helpful for muscle activities but for chewing also. 

Establish Positive relationship

The development of trust between birds and humans is difficult but possible. Birds can be trained within 1-2 weeks with some tricks and efforts. Hence, birds will be your good friend with your behavior. Below are some tips to establish a positive relationship and maintain a bond. Surely these tips prevent lovebirds from biting

  1. Always make sure to provide healthy and favorite food to your lovebirds. They feel bored with a single kind of food daily. Yet, fruits, nuts, and vegetables will be suited for them.
  2. Provide them with a safe space of living. You should keep your cats away from love birds’ cages and clean their territory on a daily basis.
  3. Spend some time around the cage and keep trying to convince birds. In this way, they will know about you, and the relationship will develop soon. Moreover, lovebirds will avoid biting you.
  4. Make sure to avoid speaking loudly. Your birds will feel afraid and you may fail to develop trust. 
  5. Feed them with your hands. Starting days will be dangerous for your skin, but within some days you will win a lovebird’s heart with empathy. 

Don’t force your bird

Forcing the birds is just like imposing orders on them. But birds want kindness, empathy, and politeness. Therefore, forcing them to eat food is not preferable. They dislike such people instead of loving them.

Just try to give them food, if they eat it, then well. Besides, if they don’t want extra food, then make sure to avoid it. In other words, don’t force love birds to play while eating and to eat while playing. 

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Treat them politely

Treat lovebirds politely, even if they bite you. It will be satisfying for them that they are in secure hands. Perhaps, after playing, give them rewards. You can provide them with food, another playing toy, or a wooden branch. Your politeness will maintain their health and relax their mind. 

Observe behavior

When someone forces their birds to perform activities without caring about the bird’s interest. Then lovebirds bites and body signs show their behavior. It is necessary to know birds’ positivity and negativity reasons with their behavior hints. After that, keep trying to make your lovebirds happier to stop biting.

Body language sign of birds

Body language signs can help you identify lovebirds’ requirements. Hence, ignoring these readings can be harmful to your birds as well as you. Let’s take a glance at signs and treat your birds accordingly to avoid biting. 

Lovebirds happiness sign

Lovebirds’ happiness satisfied other species and owners. But how to notice that birds are satisfied, and you are safe from biting?  However, when love birds feel happy, then they show their happiness with their fluffy body signs. A velvety body with tail movement is the major hint of their satisfaction.

Besides, lovebirds click their tongue and grind their beak repeatedly. Shortly, if lovebirds shake their body quickly, however, it means they are easy and happy with their environment. Not just this, but also bead’s ropes, shelled houses, and warmer perches help them to stay polite with owners. 

Sign of fear

During fear, lovebirds may be attentive and want to escape from the cage. They behave like they are frozen and stare at one place. Furthermore, birds try to fly in the cage when someone comes close to them. So, these signs show their fear of someone. Also, they continuously flash and pin their eyes in fear. 

Sick birds sign

A fluffy body with a down head and closed eyes show lovebirds’ sickness. In this way, birds remain fluffy for a long time and shake their tail frequently. Undoubtedly, they show this sign when they feel lonely. Malnutrition, smaller cage, and limited accessories can also sick the lovebirds. 

Aggressive sign

Signs of aggressiveness shown by birds are easy to read from body behave. Most females become more arrogant than males. During the breeding season, interference with the territory and shooing behave shows the bellicosity of male and female lovebirds. However, when they continuously bite you, it concludes that your birds are angry. 

Last words

Summing up, lovebirds bite forcibly during aggressiveness but nipping to show satisfaction. Their body movement signs show their anger, fear, sickness, and happiness. However, sharp bills are dangerous for owners’ skin before training. Although, trust development is the main key to attracting them toward your personality. They feel happy to take rewards.

According to their names, they are loving with their companions and caretakers. Lastly, keep trying to fulfill all the requirements of your lovebirds.