Can lovebirds eat tomatoes?

Providing your lovebirds with different types of food can be proved much beneficial but before it is important to know the pros and cons of the food. Tomato is good or bad? It is one of the hot topics among owners of lovebirds. Lovebirds can EAT tomatoes and they like it very much but it should be given in a certain manner and quantity. Tomatoes can be a good source of energy for your lovebirds and a great food material for the routine ones.

This article will provide you the beneficial information about tomatoes for your lovebirds, how you can use them and what benefits tomatoes can provide as a portion of food to your lovebird.

Keep in mind while feeding your lovebirds tomatoes that they should be given in small quantities. Tomato is full of acid. As you know excess of everything is bad. Large quantities can cause stomach and ulcer problems for the lovebird.
Before moving further, we discuss the health benefits that your lovebird can get from tomatoes.

Health benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of nutrients that provide great health safety. They have multiple vitamins like vitamins K, A, and C. These vitamins are good for lovebirds’ skin, bones, heart, and immunity.

Vitamin K in tomatoes helps in the quick healing of wounds. It stops blood from coming out of the wound. It makes sure that during injury to your lovebird bleeding stops as soon as possible to avoid serious trouble for your little pet.

Antioxidants in the tomatoes help to develop the immune system of the lovebirds that provides security against viral infections.
Other vitamins like B, C, and A helps in the proper functioning of the cells, strengthening the tissues of the birds and being good for the feathers of the lovebirds.

Heart problems are one of the major diseases of parrots nowadays. Potassium helps to retain blood flow and maintain blood pressure that reduces the rate of heart problems in the lovebirds. Lycopene in tomatoes provides a strong barrier against cancer-causing agents.

Negatives of tomatoes for lovebirds

Besides it has good effects on the lovebirds, here are some things that should be in your mind. Tomatoes are from the nightshade plant family. Nightshade plants have vines, leaves, and shrubs. These leaves are extremely bad for the birds if they eat them. Don’t serve tomatoes with the leaves.

Solanine can make your bird sick. It is present in greenish tomatoes. Even a small dose of the solanine can cost you the fee of a veterinary. So avoid the use of green tomatoes.

How much they can eat?

As a lovebird owner, it is the important thing that should be in your mind. The acidic nature of tomatoes makes them harmful to the birds. So it should be given only a quarter of a slice for better results. Add the tomatoes with the daily food you give to your birds. You can’t give it daily but on the weekly basis or after 15 days. As a daily feed, it harms the stomach.

Tomatoes should be fresh, preferably those that have a green color as they have less acid in them as compared to red ones.

How to serve them?

We can make this thing easy for you. You can make a percentage of tomatoes with the lovebirds’ diet. You can serve them in little pieces without their seeds so that birds eat them completely and avoid wasting tomatoes.
Avoid cooked tomatoes. Sometimes in our homes, we have been tomatoes that cooked in oils. This type of tomato can be dangerous for your lovebirds. Never give this.

When to give them?

In winter for hydration
Tomatoes are about 90% water. It can serve your lovebird as a great source of hydration. Especially in the winter season when your lovebirds don’t drink too much water, you can use this as a source of food plus water.

During hatching
It can also be wonderful for female lovebirds. It consists of calcium that requires in the hatching of eggs. You can use it for the female lovebird before you are going for the hatching process and can get better results.

Can we give lovebirds all kinds of tomatoes?

If this is your question, then the answer is NO. Some tomatoes can be dangerous for your pet. But don’t worry here is a brief detail about the types of tomatoes which you can use or not.

Organic tomatoes
Organic tomatoes can be served as a food source. They are free from pesticides and fertilizer effects. You can use them by just cleaning their upper layer.

Stored tomatoes
You can also use them but wash them gently before use. Stored tomatoes have powder on them for ripening purposes. This powder can be dangerous if go into the tummy of your lovebird. After washing them properly, you can use them as food for the birds.

Canned tomatoes
Many owners of the lovebirds take canned tomatoes from the market in a bulk quantity for their pets but it damages their lovebirds’ health. Canned tomatoes are not fresh and they have an acidic layer on the upper side. It can cause harm instead of benefit. That’s why it is not recommended.

Ripened tomatoes
Ripened tomatoes are full of acids. The red color tomatoes have more acid than fresh tomatoes. They are also harmful to your bird. They are not suggested to use.

You can use tomato ketchup as well

Tomato ketchup can also be used. It is easy to serve to the lovebirds. But it can be served moderately. It has a higher level of sugar than tomatoes which can be bad for birds. In tomato ketchup, acid is less than tomatoes usually have. If you want to use ketchup, then it should be of a well-recognized brand.

Final words

Tomatoes can be a beneficial diet for your lovebirds if serve them properly. Too much percentage can cause health issues. You can use them in many ways. This article provided you with in-depth information. For getting more positive results consulting with an expert can also prove beneficial. Thank you.






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