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Best Toys For Lovebirds Cage And Outdoor : Buying Guide

Mackenzie Gary



Do pet birds enhance their intelligence with toys? Giving cute birds things to play with obviously helps them maintain physical fitness. But it does matter what kind of toys the lovebirds need and where to fix them. Certainly, lovebirds are active and they feel more bored than other birds.

So, how do you know which materials, sizes, and colors attract love birds? In this article, you will learn about healthy toys for birds, their benefits and their health effects. To help lovebirds get rid of depression and exercise, we come up with a solution. The guidelines cover a wide range, especially for the protection of toxin-loving birds.

Certain materials chewed during the breeding season are harmful for depleting calcium and protein levels. So, get in touch to find the perfect product for your beloved bird’s cage and outdoors.

List of best toys for Lovebirds

Factly, attractive, large, and colorful toys are a wonderful addition to their happiness. Yet, we are here to help you with toys selection. 

  1. Hideaways lovebirds toy
  2. Rainbow bridges
  3. Trapeze lovebirds toy
  4. Crinkle star toy for lovebirds
  5. Ring swings for lovebirds
  6. Bowling toy
  7. Foraging food feeder toy
  8. Knot and block lovebird toy
  9. Table Top with colored ring lovebird toys
  10. Warmer huts toy ( For winters)

Hideaway Toys 

Hideaway toys for lovebirds come in varieties. However, most lovebirds’ hideaways objects are made with natural wood. Particularly, the coconut shells and strong wood stems are helpful to make this toy. Different kinds of coconut huts are designed in manners to hang on anywhere, in a cage with strong support. 

Reason to select hideaway toys

A ladder between two coconut huts is most delightful for two lovebirds. Moreover, it will allow instant interaction between colleagues. Similarly, something made of wood not only gives a natural feel but also protects love birds from toxicity. Even the scent of wood branches and coconut shells calms the birds. In addition, with the smell of natural wood, living inspiration has increased.

Birds may have more opportunities to stay in the cage with these types of toys. Still, a variety of attractively colored shacks make them healthy. Hiding paths with different designs can be adjusted anywhere instead of the cage. You can provide a safe outdoor area for the birds to enjoy.

Lovebirds are protected from arthritis and osteomyelitis due to their natural environment. Not only this, but also maintains the overall physical health of the beloved birds. Also, the ropes for hanging this toy are another means of play. The movement of this toy during bird walks is a good feature of this item as birds love moving objects.


  • The wooden material of hideaways
  • Durable toy
  • Offer various activities
  • Encourage to retain the lovebirds healthily
  • Entertaining and quick interaction source


  • Not for small cages
  • Maximum two lovebirds can get the benefit

Here is how you can entertain your lovebirds.

Rainbow Bridges

Rainbow bridges feel like swings for lovebirds. It relies upon lovebirds’ cages to fix the various sizes of bridges. Just one small bridge is good for the small cage. Various shades in rainbow bridges attract various birds.  Lovebirds also want colorful items around them according to their colorful physic.  

Reason to choose rainbow bridges

Also, the small size of the bridge can cause it to break due to the pressure of the weight. Otherwise, remains with good quality. Still, this toy is useful for all birds but with the perfect size and correct placement.

Wooden bridges are safe for lovebirds and provide chewing opportunities. However, natural wood bridges are durable and easy to repair. Importantly, long chains hang down near the center to avoid a bridge for tilting. Therefore, it can help to shape the bridge properly to take advantage of the swing.

Birds can maintain their health with rainbow bridges. Additionally, the circulatory system is maintained by vigorous exercise. Make sure that fixing this toy between two open cages can definitely help for a stronger bond between the birds. Thus, positive vibes can maintain the bird’s living environment.

Various balls are mostly fixed on this toy for maximum enjoyment. Soon, the birds feel excited to play with the balls. Also, it is difficult to clean because of the balls, branches and chains.


  • Provide activeness
  • Beak friendly
  • Maintain heartbeat
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  • Not easy to modifiable
  • Smaller sizes are not useful for larger birds

Trapeze Birds Toy

Trapeze toys work as a perch which is enough for satisfying birds in cages. This toy is for smaller to medium birds. Even cocktails and packets can also get a benefit from this toy. 

Reason to choose

The different parts of the trapeze make it strong and reliable to last. For hanging, the hardware is safe to hold. Well, a strong grip keeps the birds safe. However, accessories like balls make this type of toy unique from others. Birds spend their time sitting on this toy and playing with the accessories.

Moreover, toy chains are made of plastic so that they are light in weight. Basically, the metal chain may not be the best claim due to its heavy weight. Therefore, all chains are connected to one point with hardware. There is no doubt that plastic is not friendly to the beloved birds, but it is not harmful either. Moreover, the colors of the chains make the trapeze toy stand out.

The mat plays an important role in this toy. Therefore, the sea grass mat is very friendly, non-toxic, smooth and durable. If the mat has been damaged by lovebirds chewing, you can easily replace it. In fact, its markers allow the birds to chew the mat. Clearly, accessories keep birds happier on their journey through life. This plaything is also valuable for physical exercise of the beloved birds.


  • Seagrass mat
  • Colorful attractive chain
  • Work as perch and swing


  • Less space for birds sitting

Crinkle Star Toy

Crinkle star toys are made with crinkle-shaped colorful shreds. This toy is not just usable for lovebirds, but other pets take advantage of it. Aside from that, a beautiful design, confined shape, variety of materials, and hanging hook make this type of toy attractive.

Why can you select a crinkle star toy for your lovebird? 

For cute birds or immature children, these toys can protect beaks from damage. Due to the soft natural vine and various colors in the pieces, it soothes the minds of the birds. 2 to 3 pairs of lovebirds can get a permit for this one toy. Undoubtedly, this toy will coexist in your beloved bird’s cage due to its beautiful design and durable material.

Do lovebirds needs to be in pairs?

This toy features a variety of objects such as beads and balls for the adorable birds to access and relax their minds.

Natural materials make this toy non-toxic. Also, normal sized birds cannot swallow crinkle paper. Although a small rounded natural vine cover is helpful in hiding food. This can help boost the mental health of cute birds struggling to find food.

All materials are eco-friendly as well as bird beak friendly. There is no penalty with this toy, even for cute baby birds. Lovebirds relieve their boredom with these interesting toys. Finally, in some rattle toys, a small bell makes a noise, but the birds love it.


  • Colorful toy
  • Variety of items in a single toy
  • Wood vines
  • Beak friendly


  • Harmful for large birds

Ring swings

Ring-shaped toys attract lovebirds. These playthings have a range of combinations. It depends on your need for rings for single or multiple birds. Although, some rings emerge and are shaped in a frame. But a single ring toy is larger and easy to fix in a small cage. 

Reason to select

Ring toys are made from a strong but flexible wire. It can be molded into any other shape but it is best to keep it circular. On the other hand, this toy is beneficial not only for cute birds but also for wild green parrots. Basically, the wire is covered with rope which is another reason for lovebird happiness.

Moreover, this toy fulfills the need for swings. A beautiful, manageable, and circular swing provides more fun to birds than other toys. The strong grip of the rings cannot hurt the feet of the beloved bird. This means that the ring swing is also suitable for children’s love birds.

Birds can chew the rope to satisfy their habit and have the most enjoyable time sitting anywhere on the ring. Although the colors on the rope are another addition to the lovebird activity. Soon, be relaxed about toxic effects because the wire is covered with a rope that is not toxic. Talking about its adjustment, then relax as it is easy to adjust inside or outside the cage.


  • Moldable in any shape
  • Easy to adjust
  • Non-toxic and chewable
  • Durable


  • Steel wire

Bowling toy

Importantly, a wooden bowling toy with pins and balls is a unique game for lovebirds. Even this is a fantastic plaything for consuming a happy time to play with. Additionally, just fix these game parts and allow lovebirds to play to get rid of lovebirds’ boredom. No matter if your lovebirds are pet or wild, this playing game is helpful for both. 

Why did you select this bowling game? 

This game comes with ten pins and one ball. All the items are small and made to fit the size of the lovebird. The overall base of the bowling toy is made of wood. This means it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly as well. Birds get a double benefit from this game. Play and chew.

Additionally, the game is useless without an orbit as it allows the ball to be thrown in any direction. Adjust the ball in orbit and try to train the birds to play. Once they play for the first time, they will demand it daily. Of course, the basic quality of this toy is easy to fix. You can install this game outdoors and in cages. Then isolate the section and save the game to play another time. Still, the game is durable and quality-friendly.

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Lovebirds benefit from exercise to sharpen the mind. Improvement in physical health is possible only through these types of sports. Therefore, a strong bond between humans and birds will be formed soon after bowling practice.

  • Highly durable
  • Best for interaction
  • Wooden base
  • Non-toxic
  • Quality friendly
  • No adjustable in a small cage

Foraging food feeders toy 

Foraging toys come in the category of hanging playthings. It varies in size and shape. Thus, different compartments give access to food variety. You can place seeds, peanuts, and pellets in different boxes. Some types of foraging toys are in pineapple shape and others are acrylic boxes. There is no need to combine it because a chain holds its tension. 

Reason to choose

Your pet birds are attracted to food. However, acrylic boxes allow birds to feed as needed. You can observe your bird’s favorite foods, and this can help maintain the relationship. Sometimes, your bird doesn’t like acrylic, so get it out of the cage as soon as possible. Lovebirds will get some use out of foraging toys: to play with and get food.

Perhaps, a three-box is not the best fit for a small single bird cage. A metal chair is not destructive to pet birds because of its central position. The boxes are fixed firmly in the center and have a hook for hanging the feed feeder. It is suitable not only for large cages but also for hanging outside. Additionally, this type of toy keeps the lovebird entertained.


  • Useful for multiple birds
  • For food variety


  • Plastic made
  • Holding pins are open due to pressure

Knot and block toys 

Knot and block toys are the best fit for lovebirds cages. Knots of rope and blocks of wood are a good combination. As lovebirds want variety, this toy is for single as well as multiple birds. However, fabric and wood both are safe for birds’ beak, tongue, and stomach. 

Reason to pick knot and block toy

Certainly these types of toys are handmade and also serve as perches. Due to its size, birds can take advantage of it. The wood used for the blocks is soft but not brittle when cut. You can hold this toy in your hand to interact with the birds. Of course, a knot and a block toy are perfect for lovebirds’ relationship.

As its natural material is stable and lasts longer in cages. But a single wash may lighten the color. If this happens, the birds lose interest in the object. However, wood blocks are healthy, but artificial color is not. While chewing on the blocks and knots, the birds ingest colors into their bodies that can damage their kidneys.

Some types of food coloring are not harmful to the health of pet birds. Like other toys, it has a hang loop for permanent and temporary fixing. During times of anger, stress and depression, this toy can make love birds angry. To distract and distract the birds from fighting, nothing is more suitable than this toy.


  • Washable
  • Adjustable
  • Durable


Artificial colored blocks

Tabletop with colored ringed toys

Tabletop toys are smaller with colorful rings. Its benefit is to improve lovebirds’ sharpness. Such items that are easy to install are not just beneficial for lovebirds but also for humans to fix anywhere. 

Why select a tabletop top toy for lovebirds?

First and foremost, the toy materials are wood and plastic. Basically, the base is made with wood and the rings are plastic. The main objective of this toy is to maintain the balance of eco-friendly materials. As wood is always helpful for pet birds due to various aspects. But rings made of plastic are light in weight so that they are easy to carry.

Although, the whole toy is light and easy to install. A medium-sized wooden stick and a base with a hole provide for fixing the game. After installation, you can play the game in front of your birds then train them. This toy provides great exercise for lovebirds. Lovebirds have a whole body of work to do with this game.

This toy acts as a perch and is not harmful to birds’ beaks and feet. You can fix it on the floor because there is no chance to hang it in the cage. As a result, this toy is beneficial for keeping birds active, helping with isolation, improving physical health and learning.


  • Tabletop toys are easy to install 
  • Work as a perch
  • Safe for lovebirds feet
  • Intellective toy


  • Not work as hanging perch

Warmer huts toys for winter

Warmer huts are only suitable for winter. Huts can help assuredly If you want to protect your lovebirds in cold weather and give them a playing item. Moreover, warmer huts have a number of advantages for lovebirds. Always make sure to select in winter and avoid in summer. 

Reason to select huts

Huts play a role to provide a safe space for lovebirds. Even for their breeding season and protection of eggs in different weather. However, various kinds of huts for summer and winter play roles as toys. Warmer huts are made with wool fabric which delivers maximum warmth to birds. 

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These warmer huts give access to chew also. Undoubtedly, it is easy to hang even in a small enclosure. 


  • Provide warmness
  • Give chewing access
  • Safe for lovebirds
  • Easy to wash


  • Its shape is maintained with wires

Things to notice before buying a lovebirds toy(Buying guide)

A number of things are to be noticed before buying lovebirds toys. You should know which toys are best for various kinds of weather. Also, think about your bird’s maximum number of birds needing just a single perch. So below are some factors that should assuredly help you before buying a toy.  


Firstly wood materials are best for all types of birds. Softwood toys are weaker and are not durable as hardwood. Both kinds of wood are best for chewing but depend upon love birds’ beaks. Hardwood can hurt love birds’ beaks and attain from below plants. 

  • Acacia
  • Bamboo 
  • Ash
  • Oak 
  • Cherry

Secondly, plastic material is not suitable because it attracts lots of bacteria and germs that can cause serious problems in lovebirds. If you want to buy this material then make sure to clean toys frequently. Besides, hard and poor material can damage love birds’ beaks.

Metal material is friendly for lovebirds but not for their beak. As lovebirds hold the items with their beak. In this instance, they try to chew metal wires. With some pressure during hold and chew, the beak will weaken.

Wool and cotton fabric for ropes are preferable for lovebirds to chew. Even though jute, sisal, fleece, and linen are not harmful to them.


Durability is just possible with good texture. Three things made the product durable.

  • Quality
  • Product value
  • Material

If you meet these all factors, your product choice is good. Basically, with the product’s physical appearance, it’s a specification, and review, you can know the quality

However, product value is directly proportional to its prices. The higher prices make you confirm product durability. 

As the material is discussed above; wood, high-quality plastic, and rust free metal fall in the durability of the product. 


Depend on the product because some lightweight items can give better benefits than heavyweight. Actually, toys that you want to hang in cages should be lighter. However, the plaything that you want to place on the ground should be heavier. Heavy hangable toys can break the cage wires and birds will escape. Besides, lighter-weight ground-level toys are not entertaining for lovebirds. 


Sizes of toys depend upon space. Commonly, you should select smaller toys for single birds and larger playthings for multiple birds. If your cages are already filled with toys and you want to install a new one. Then make enough space to remove some existing toys. 


The same style and shape bore the birds. Try different shapes of toys according to cage corners. Foraging toys are the finest due to their diverse shapes. Thus, ring perches, hunts, and bridges make the birds happier. 


Colors affect lovebirds’ mental health. Lighter and dull colors make the lovebirds bored. Yet, brighter colors make them active and curious. However, giving them access to one color is not fair for them. So, buy colorful balls, rings, and wooden blocks. 

How do I get lovebirds to play with toys?

Factly, before giving toys to lovebirds they are not aware of playing. You can attract them with some techniques. When your lovebirds will fully attach to toys, then you can save your time also. 

  1. First of all, select a wonderful product that is not scary for lovebirds. Cat sketches, shiny objects, and mirrors fall your lovebirds in scare.
  2. Avoid filling up cages with maximum toys because lovebirds feel suffocated in less space. For a single lovebird, just one hanging toy will be accurate. By removing extra toys you can attract your lovebirds toward a single product.
  3. Another way is to play in front of your lovebird. It became your lovebirds curious for playing. Rotate the colorful toys to get attention
  4. Asides, don’t put smelly objects because lovebirds feel irritation and cannot interact with those toys. 
  5. You can place food in toys(crinkle star toy and food feeders) that can assuredly interact lovebirds toward food and they feel easy.

Final thoughts

In short, it is now easier to choose toys for your beloved bird to eat, play and sit on. Certainly, guidance on the products, their pros, cons and placement will be beneficial to you. After finding out the product one by one, now your decision will be correct. In my opinion, choose a wood product that is durable and quality for the beloved birds.

Then the swings are excellent, affordable, durable, easy to fix and helpful for bird enjoyment. Now it is up to you whether you like ring swings or trapezes for single birds. If your beloved birds are not interacting with toys, the above useful techniques will surely help you. Hope, you will like this article and find your solution.