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Can lovebirds eat watermelon? Is it harmful?

Mackenzie Gary



Watermelon is one of the sweetest and most nutritious fruits out there. It is juicy and a great blessing of summer. Not only for humans but if eaten by animals it has also great benefits for them too. Lovebirds are very cute pets. But can they enjoy the same taste of this fruit as we do? Can lovebirds eat watermelon­čŹë?

Lovebirds can eat watermelon. Their bodies will receive nutritional benefits such as stronger bones, better blood circulation, better digestion, and a stronger immune system. Parrots love to eat this sweet fruit. You can also feed them watermelon seeds. Try to keep them away from the peel.

I know how difficult it is to choose which food is better for your parrot and which is not. Feeding him this fruit will not cause any harm if given under such circumstances that I will discuss here. In this article, I will cover

  • Benefits
  • How to serve
  • How much to feed
  • DOs and DONTs

Lets discuss

Nutritional benefits

Watermelon keeps the bird healthy. In summer feeding this to your lovebird is extremely recommended because of the 90% water content in it. This excessive water content keeps the bird hydrated. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals that keep it stronger.

Improves Digestion:

A higher amount of water keeps the digestive system inflow while fiber content encourages bowel movements. If your lovebird has a constipation problem, feeding him this fruit can treat this illness.

Muscle development:

It helps in treating sores and aches. Prevents them from happening and develops muscles. It is due to the presence of Amino Acid L-citrulline which relaxes the arteries and improves blood flow. Their stress levels also reduce.

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Boost Immunity :

It has vitamin C in it which helps the body’s immunity to be improved. Being a powerful antioxidant, it strengthens the natural defense system and keeps the bird’s blood pressure in maintenance

Develops healthy feathers:

It has vitamin A that boosts the growth of healthy feathers of lovebirds. Remember to provide proper sunlight for better and good-quality feathers. You should also turn the lights off at night.

Improves Coordination:

There is choline present in the watermelon which helps communication between neurons. Neurons are involved in transferring messages from one body part to another. If these cells are healthy, your bird will have better communication. It also forms the cell membranes and keeps the body in coordination,

Triggers Oxygen levels:

Iron is an important component of hemoglobin which helps in improving oxygen levels in the body.

Fulfill their water needs:

Watermelon is one of the juiciest fruits which is almost composed of 90% water. It is not only delicious but also a good source of water which is enough to fulfill your bird’s requirements. It is necessary to remove toxic material from the body.

Maybe your parrot is not drinking enough water. You can boost his water consumption by feeding him this pinkish fruit. Through this, you can improve his blood quality and also leads to better poopings.

Nutrient FunctionQuantity
Vitamin CBoosts immunity13%
IronHelps improve oxygen levels1%
FiberHelps in digestion1%
PotassiumHelps regulate fluids5%
MagnesiumMaintains blood and bone’s strength4%
Vitamin ADevelops and maintain parrot’s feathers18%
CholineImproves coordination3%
L-citrulline Maintains muscle health3.9-28.5 mg
Watermelon Nutrients table for birds

What about Seeds?

Watermelon has seeds in it. Should you put the seeds out or can Lovebirds eat seeds?

Lovebirds can eat watermelon seeds. It will not go to harm them. They are rich in nutrients that improve metabolism, feathers development, and bone growth. Parrots may eat seeds first and then the rest of the watermelon.

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The Health benefits of seeds for parrots include better bone growth. They are high in calories which is a good energy source for them. It provides them better digestion and is not going to grow inside your bird’s stomach. Feathers grow better and the heart remains healthy

How to feed the seeds? You can give them seeds separately and also with the watermelon. To make the seeds soft you can dip them overnight before the feeding day. It helps the lovebirds to absorb and digest easily.

The undigested seed will be pooped out. No need to worry. If they eat the seeds with the watermelon, it is not going to stuck in their body. Both ways are good

Is Watermelon’s Rind harmful?

The rind is the outer layer of watermelon that protects the inner juicy part. Birds can eat this too.

Lovebirds can eat watermelon’s rind. There is no harm in feeding them. The only danger is the pesticides. Try not to feed them if you buy watermelon from the market. Always shave off the outer layer and wash the rind completely to avoid any pesticides intake.

Rinds should be only fed to your parrot if a watermelon is grown organically without the involvement of pesticides in your backyard. It is done to ensure the complete safety of the pet bird. Although there is no harm. It is beneficial.

Two things you always need to do before serving :

  • Wash the rind completely
  • Shred the outer layer

Can Lovebirds eat watermelon juice?

Juice is one of the best options to provide nutrients to lovebirds, fast and effectively. They love to drink it.

All you have to do is to cut the watermelon into smaller pieces. Blend it in a juicer blender and place the juice in place of water in the cage. It is easy to feed and a better way giving them maximum nutrients in less quantity.

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How to serve?

Watermelon is very nutritious and tasty. Lovebirds will not keep themselves away from eating this. What is the best way of serving them

Chop into pieces:

Bigger pieces are more enjoyable than smaller ones. Cut the watermelon into big pieces. You can cut this into two half pieces. If you do so they can enjoy it completely but will waste it more. D-Shaped piece is the good and best way to serve them.

Having bigger pieces provides entertainment to the lovebird and also he can dip his beak properly which is a natural way of their feeding behavior.

After that clean the area. If lovebirds didn’t eat it after 2 hours. Take it away as there are chances of developing bacteria.

How much to feed?

Watermelon is a good source of nutrition but it should not replace the proper diet. Parrots diet should consist of 15-30% vegetables and fruits. You can feed lovebirds once a day. It should be 1 slice of watermelon or depends on how much he loves to eat.

There is no specific weightage. Feeding it will not cause any harm. It is beneficial for them. Remember to add another diet too along with watermelon. Giving all the time the same food is not good. According to Animals HQ, if feeding all the time watermelon, it can cause diabetes in parrots

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DOs and DONT’s

  • Always wash the watermelon before serving.
  • Clean the area instantly (If you don’t clean, insects and bacteria will surely come and it becomes more difficult to clean the area).
  • Don’t force them to eat
  • Don’t feed them watermelon all day. It should not replace their diet.

How your’s parrot give you response on feeding watermelon? Share with us