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Pigeons as Pets – Pros and Cons

Mackenzie Gary



Pigeons are very peaceful and intelligent birds. They are easily available in cities. In some areas they are considered flying rats but in reality they are very innocent and a symbol of peace. Pigeons are a very pleasant experience as pets. They have some pros and cons but the pros outweigh their cons.

In this article, I will share what circumstances you have to face while keeping pigeons as pets. Owning a pigeon have pros and cons that are explained below

  • Pros: They are Less noisy
  • Pros: Return back to home if they escaped
  • Pros: Can’t hurt you
  • Pros: They don’t chew furniture
  • Pros: Food easily available and cheap
  • Pros: Easy to tame
  • Cons: Pigeons poop a lot
  • Cons: Shorter life span
  • Cons: May carry diseases
Pigeon as pet bird


Pigeons are very friendly. Keeping them as pets is delightful. You will surely enjoy their company. Here are some pros below that are helpful for you.

1. Less Noisy

The main problem that pet owners face is the noise of their pets. Pigeons are very peaceful birds. They have a very low accent. Parrots and cockatiels, on the other hand, are loud and loud enough to set off your alarm clock. Pigeons make small cooing and cooing sounds. These are soft sounds.

If you are sleeping in one room and the pigeons are sleeping in the other, you cannot hear the sounds, even when they see a predator they cannot scream. Instead, they make a short grunting sound.

Pigeons only make noise when they are in groups. All the pigeons together make loud noises that are enough to disturb people. Some people find it charming but for others it is enough to annoy them.

2. Return back to home

Pigeons have a very natural homing instinct. This is why they are used as messengers in the past. They were used in wars to send useful messages that saved many soldiers’ lives.

Homing pigeons can find their way even 1100 miles away. They know the location using star patterns and the Earth’s magnetic field through the sun’s position during the day. These birds have a natural compass.

When you keep these birds as pets, feed them, and interact well with them, they will definitely come back to you. Do not always keep them in a cage or indoors. Show them your real home from the outside. So they always know where to go back to.

3. Can’t hurt you

Pigeons are very gentle birds. They are not that aggressive. If you don’t give them attention, they will easily handle it. Whereas parrots often bite. Their bite is painful and sometimes serious. This may cause injury.

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When a pet pigeon bites, it will not harm you. This is because their beaks are not sharp and curved which will not hurt you. Even if you have children who own the house, you can freely leave it at home.

4. Don’t chew furniture

Pigeons are a great choice if you want a pet bird that is safe for your home furniture. Unlike parrots, they don’t attack and chew your expensive furniture. They are very calm. Even when they are aggressive, they do not destroy household appliances.

5. Food is cheap

Different pets require specific and expensive food for their survival. One of the main advantages of keeping pigeons as pets is that their food is readily available and cheap.

They are seed lovers. Any type of seed such as wheat, corn, sunflower, barley, millet and peas can be eaten by them. These seeds are easily available in the market. Some other foods include peanuts, oats, rice, grains, worms, lettuce, spinach, apples, and any birdseed.

All these can give them nutrients that make them healthy. There are also some other food mixes available such as Kaytee formula. Although you can make a mixture of foods at home.

Along with these foods, make sure plenty of water is available at all times.

6. Easy to tame

Pigeons are very easy to be tamed. It is easy to make them friends and develop a bond of trust. It takes time but it works.

You can easily be friends with pigeons by feeding them food. It takes almost a month to tame a wild pigeon. At first feed the grains on the floor. After few days offer him food in your hand. Make sure your hand is still. It will come and eat from it. When he trusts you he will fly and sits on your hand,

As time passes your bond with pet pigeons becomes stronger. He will start sitting on your shoulder as he trusts you. He wants you to love him. You need to cuddle him as he loved it. The pigeon may peck you but it will not harm you. Now he is your friend and he can show you his love by different means.

7. Can easily live in cage

Keeping a pigeon as a pet requires only a cage. You don’t need a lot of space. The cage must be enough so he can flap his wings freely. Place food and water in the cage. don’t keep him always there, make him freely move in the house also. This bird can freely move in the home causing no harm to your home appliances.

8. Inexpensive

Pigeons are easily available in the cities but they are wild. Wild pigeons can also be easily tamed. YOu can also buy from Pet stores. A good quality pigeon costs you around from a minimum of 50 dollars to 400 dollars on average. There are a lot of different breeds available which costs you more depending on the beauty and breed.

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If you don’t want to spend money then you can catch a wild pigeon from the town. Feed him for few days. Develop trust with him and enjoy. Remember eye captivating birds cost you more.

9. Easy to Train

These birds are easy to train. They can be instructed to return home. YOu can easily teach them to send messages to faraway places. There are races in Asia where the pigeon with the most flying time wins the trophy. They are trained to do so.

10. Can Live with other Pets

You may be wondering that do pigeons kept along with dogs and cats? If these animals don’t hurt him then pigeons can live with them. They can live with other pets too if they start trusting them and they are sure that they are not get injured by them.


Along with pros, there are some cons such as

  • Can carry diseases
  • Poops
  • Shorter life span

1. Carry diseases

Pigeons carry mites, lice, and some diseases that can be spread from them. It is not a big deal. Every pet in the world carries diseases. With proper care and treatment, you can save yourself and your pigeon from the diseases.

2. Poop

Do pet pigeons poop everywhere? The biggest flaw of pigeons is pooping. They don’t care you feed them, maybe you are good buddies but they don’t care. Their tiny digestive system is helpless in front of the Power of poops. These tiny creatures poop everywhere on your clothes, on the furniture, and the floor.

You cannot stop your pet pigeon from this. This is their natural phenomenon. You can do just one thing that is clean that area. One pigeon spends almost 20% of time pooping ( according to hopes and fears ).

Why do pigeons poop so much? You can read some facts here

3. Shorter Life span

Wild pigeons have a shorter lifespan of 5 years on average than pet ones. With proper care, the life span of these birds can be increased up to 15 years. I know a case where pigeons died at the age of 23.

Death is eternal. So I think that is not a big problem.

Things to know before keeping pigeons as pets

There are some more things you need to expect after you adopt a pet pigeon.

Where to keep them Indoor or Outdoor?

Pigeons are wild birds. They generally prefer to stay outdoors. But you can keep them inside your home. If you have rescued a pigeon that is already living outside, it is recommended to keep it in a coop outside your home. Through this they will be able to live easily. Provide them with a shaded and airy coop. Bring your pets indoors in winter.

Can you keep pigeons as indoor pets? You can also keep them inside your home. Make sure the cage should be big. The main problem you deal with with this bird is pooping. You can use pigeon pants to protect your floor. Pigeons will show you good affection and have proven to be good indoor pets.

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Which breed can be kept as pet?

There are a lot of pigeons species out there. But Some proved to be good pets.

The best breeds for pigeons as pets are Roller, Fantail, nuns, tumblers, Kings, Homers. These species are friendly and attractive. They can be easily tamed. You can also look for other pigeons. These birds will love to be held.

Where can I Get a pet pigeon?

You can buy pigeons from any pet store. There are also different online stores available out there. Some websites are

  • Birds now
  • Stromberg’s chicken
  • the finch farm
  • Foys pet supplies
  • Gumtree
  • Pigeon farms
  • Roys farm
  • pets4homes for UK
  • Preloved For UK

I already wrote a very helpful post for buying pigeon from trustful sources online. Here you go.

Some helpful posts you may need while keeping these birds as pets

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Some useful Questions

Can you legally own a pigeon? It is legal to keep pigeons as pets. Make sure your neighbors are not disturbed. If you are planning to build a team of pigeons then try to ask your local authorities. Different states have different rules. In some states, you have to tell how many pigeons you want to keep and have to sign a contract with your neighbors.

Do pigeons make good pets? Pigeons are very charming and look good to see. They are very cooperative and lovable. As pet birds, they are easily tamed and handled. They don’t need a lot of attention. Like parrots, they don’t go for extreme in love.

Do pigeons bond with humans? If you feed them food they can easily make a bond with you. They will remain loyal to you and prove good companions. Pigeons are intelligent birds and can recognize humans. As a bond of trust develops they will start sitting on your shoulders and hands without any fear.

Pigeons are innocent birds. They don’t harm anyone. If you keep them as pets, they will not bite and chew your furniture. It is safe to keep them as pets.

Do pigeons like to cuddle? Pigeons love to be cuddled. They will sit on your hand and ask you to cuddle and love them. This is a sign of affection and trust. You can tan them easily by cuddling

Do pigeons bite? Pigeons bite when you tease them. Although their biting can’t harm you because of beak shape. They sometimes need food that’s why they may ask you for food by biting you. But in their biting love is hidden. They don’t bite the way parrots do. It is safe .