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Where to buy Pigeons – 17 Trusted places

Mackenzie Gary



Pigeons are very cute and innocent birds. There are different types of them but they are difficult to find. They are not easily available in stores so pigeons had to be adopted as pets.

In this online era, it is not that difficult to get pigeons because of the reliable e-commerce websites. Here in this article, I will explain you the best reliable websites to buy pigeons as pets.

All you have to do is just choose the pigeon, pay the amount online and they will ship your loyal bird to your destination. You can also catch pigeons buy yourself.

Where to buy pigeons?

Best places to buy pigeons

Here are the list and details of these places

1. Strombergs chickens (USA)

Strombergs Chickens are a trusted and good source to buy pigeons out there. One of the things I liked about them is that they deliver free shipping on sales of more than 100 dollars. Racing pigeons are also available.

They claimed of having 3-18 months old pigeons. That is a good thing, It is because you can easily train the younger ones. You can also order the eggs. Other caring equipment is also available

What if the bird dies?

IF the bird you received is dead, you can immediately contact them. They will refund you your money.

You can also cancel the order or change the order but it will cost you around 10 dollars.

Only available in America. Don’t take responsibility if the egg is not hatched


Email :

Phone number : (800) 720- 1134


2. White pigeons sales (USA)

WHite pigeon sales is also an American-based company. They ship only within the USA. If you order two pigeons then there is the probability that you get one male and one female.

One thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t give surety of sexes. You have to pay extra money for DNA testing to get the right gender. 40 dollars are charged for each test.

Although they give some extra services such as vaccination that costs you10 dollars, insurance, and AU banding costs you more charges.

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Number:  1-888-803-6837


3. The Finch farm (USA):

The finch farm is serving his services for years. They have the best pigeons but the price is a little expensive. Although they don’t compromise on quality

If the bird dies on arrival. YOu can contact them back. they will return your purchase money. If there is the sex of the pigeon is explained you have to pay for a DNA test for buying particular sex.

There are great varieties of pigeons available. All you have to do is to click on the buy button and they will ship it to you. Other pet birds and pet care products are also available.


The Finch Farm, Co. – Savvy Pets
5305 NE 121st Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682
United States of America

Email :

Their number : 1-833-365-0404

4. Poultry show central (USA)

Poultry show central is a site where local people like you and me sell their pigeons. There are chances that you can get cheap pigeons. You can also sell your pigeons.

There are listings of pigeons available where people post their pigeons. You have to choose the pigeon and contact the particular seller.

One possibility is that buying pigeons from this website is that you may not get healthy pigeons. But a good thing is that you can check the pigeon before buying. Always make sure to carefully look at the pigeon. Try to take an expert with you before buying from locals.

5. Birds now (USA)

Birds now is a platform for buying birds. Here advertizes put their ads and buyers buy through their platform. It is only for the customers of the USA. You can check the price. Here you can get cheap pigeons of good quality.

The main thing is that you can browse and contact the seller of a particular state in America. Details of birds are given in describe option where they also are told if it is vaccinated or not. You have to pay charges fee separately

6. Craiglist (USA)

Craiglist is a local customers website where people sell their products. Some people caught the Pigeons or some may doing business are selling them. There is no guarantee that you get quality pigeons. Chances of fraud are there. But before buying you can see the pigeon and then choose it.

7. Gumtree (UK)

Gumtree is a UK-based e-commerce website. It is based on ads. Here people place their ads. You can contact the seller. Before paying money I will recommend you to check the pigeon. If he is ill or has any defects then don’t buy it. Although they are selling cheap pigeons that is a good thing to consider.

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8. Birdtrader (UK)

Birdtrader is for UK residents who are interested in buying pigeons, parrots, and other pet birds. Here the seller gives his pigeon’s info at the site. Buyers can easily buy pigeons at cheap rates

9. Pet 4 homes (UK)

It is a UK-based website where you can buy pigeons along with other pets. If you have pets you can sell them too.

Different sellers advertise their pets. There are no chances of scams here. You can pay money via pet4homes. Money will remain in their bank account until the seller and buyer are both satisfied. After your satisfaction, a further process will take place.

10. Preloved (UK)

It is the same website where people advertise. You can get pigeons here too. Ads are free to place. Chances of fraud are more. But If you have a good day you can get quality pigeons too.

Where to buy Racing Pigeons ?

Racing pigeons are trained for longer and higher flights. A lot of hard work is done on them. There are a lot of species of pigeons. NOt all of them have the same ability. Racings pigeons are special and especially choose for training.

These birds are trained by practice to return home. This is a tough and time-consuming task. These are more expensive birds that are not available everywhere. SO here below are the places where you can get racing pigeons and can fully trust these platforms.


CBS pigeon is one of the best websites that is selling pigeons. If you are not satisfied with your bought pigeon. You can contact them back in 7 days. If the racing bird is dead on arrival, still you can contact.

One thing I like about them is that they also told you aboout the pigeon sex ,for birds older than 1 year old.

You can contact them at . They also have a number 4056911313. This is available in the USA.


This is specially designed for racing pigeons. They have a variety of pigeons. If they don’t have pigeons available. For convinience, they already wrote on the picture, “SOLD OUT”.


3. Strombergs chickens

I already told you about the strombergs chickens. They have a variety of pigeons. Out of pet birds they also have pigeons for racing. They have 20 varieties of Pedigreed racing pigeons.

One of the main things is that you can trust this site. They have a reputable name out there. Check out their website here.


4. Pigeon Performance (UK)

Pigeon performance is available in the UK. Here they have best-racing pigeons, their history, their breeding nature, and what prizes they have won.

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They are a little bit expensive but in return provide you the pure racing pigeon. No need to worry about fraud. Pigeons have descriptions such as their detail about length, muscles, back, and also the position of ventbone.

IF you are truly looking for racing pigeons that help you to win prizes or want to breed then you can also look after this website.

5. Eijerkamp

This website is run by a father and son. They are in this field since the 1950s. They are experts in breeding and now well about racing pigeons. You can also visit their online platform and choose the required pigeon.


Pipa is a platform that is known for auctions. All work is done online. You have to wait for the auctions to be held. It costs you more. If you are a beginner, first you should learn how to train and keep the racing pigeon and after that when you are an expert, go for buying upper-end birds.

7. Gold Star lofts

They are in this field for many years. YOu can also consider this platform. The blog is no so good looking but the quality is!

8. Ganus family LOft

Ganus family loft is also selling racing pigeons. They also have a record of pigeons and they have explained was their position in past races.

How much pigeons cost ?

Homing pigeons can cost you around 50-300 dollars while racing pigeon costs you around 200-1000+ dollars. It depends upon the species and training practice done on them. The most expensive pigeon was worth 2.6 million named New Kim.

Homers can cost about 150 to 250 dollars.

Can I buy pigeons online? You can buy pigeon online. There are many trusted websites available on the internet that are giving their services for many years. There is no chance of fraud if you buy pigeons from a trusted source. Beware from the local online websites where local people advertise and sell.

Do you need permissions to keep pigeons? You don’t need any permission for keeping pigeon at home. IF you are planning for a big loft then there are some states in US that have rules . Make sure your neighbors are not disturbed. Otherwise there are not any specific rules for keeping them as pets. It is legal to own a pigeon as pet.