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  • How to keep birds out of the carport? (9 methods)

    Birds create a lot of mess in the carport. They made their nests there and were always there to tease you. Droppings are the major problem. They actually made a new design on the vehicle by their pooping. If they will make their nests there, it would be a serious threat to you. It is […]

  • Do pinwheels scare birds? How to make them work?

    Birds sometimes show very toxic behavior. They irritate a lot. There are a lot of devices that scare away birds. Pinwheels are one of them. People are using them a lot. They place them at the border of the garden just to keep them away from the feeders, garden, or house. But do pinwheels scare […]

  • How to get rid of starlings from the roof? (8 tips)

    Starlings, like the other birds, are present everywhere. You can find them in the garden, on buildings, roofs, etc. The presence of starlings on the roofs is a major problem. They not only make roofs noisy, but their nestlings and droppings on the roof can be a reason for spreading diseases. So, it is compulsory […]

  • How to get rid of starlings from feeders? (5 tips)

    Starlings, having soft, pointed, and slender beaks, are among the noisiest birds. These beautiful large birds are not only noisy but also show aggressiveness toward other birds. Starlings mostly compete with other birds for food. They cannot only attack other birds but can also harm and even kill them. So, it is necessary to keep […]

  • How to keep sparrows out of wren houses?

    Wren houses are basically the birdhouses that are specifically built for brown birds named House Wrens. Sparrows can attack and destroy the wren houses. They can also kill House Wrens. Thus, it is necessary to protect the wren houses from sparrows. The following are the precautionary measures that should be taken to keep sparrows out […]

  • How to keep birds off my porch light? (5 valid steps)

    Birds create a lot of mess on the porch. Their droppings and noise are much disturbing to the habitants living in the house. Sometimes they even make nests on the porch, considering it safer for their future generation. Their presence is annoying and very irritating. How to keep birds off the porch light? You can […]

  • How to get rid of sparrows nesting in awning?

    Birds are well-known for their nesting behavior because they form nests, in which they live. They can form nests in bushes, trees, roofs, porch, awnings, etc. The presence of the nests in awning is not a good thing because of the presence of different disease-causing agents including ticks etc. Moreover, the bird’s droppings can not […]

  • How to stop birds from pooping on my window?

    Birds are widespread beautiful creatures, but they can be harmful due to their destructive nature. They not only damage the buildings and gardens with their nesting behavior, but their pooping can also badly affect different places. In particular, their pooping on the windows gives an unattractive appearance or may damage the windows due to scratches […]

  • How to get rid of crows in tall trees? (5 practical tips)

    Crows create a lot of mess in every area where they are found. They usually nest in large trees, usually in groups. One crow is enough to boost your anger, but when they are in groups, how toxic their behavior would be. So how to get rid of crows in large trees? You can get […]

  • How to get rid of sparrows on the porch? 6 ways

    Sparrows being widespread birds can also cause damage because of their destructive nature. You can find these destructive birds everywhere even in the buildings, houses, trees, and on the porch. The sparrows can not only make a porch dirty but can also make it unattractive. So, it is necessary to get rid of sparrows on […]