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  • How to get rid of sparrows in the barn? 11 ways

    Sparrows are among the most beautiful birds that are widespread throughout the world. Sparrows like the other birds live in the nests. Because of abundance, sparrows make nests in almost all areas. You can find their nests in homes, garages, fields, and in almost all buildings. Sparrows also make nests in barns. You may get […]

  • How to get rid of sparrows on the roof? 10 ways

    Sparrows, just like other birds, are well known for their nesting behavior. They make nests on various sites, such as trees, buildings, and maybe on the top of your roof. But the presence of sparrows on your roof can be harmful. The droppings of the sparrows may contain pathogens that can cause various diseases. Similarly, […]

  • How to keep crows away – 17 tips that work

    Crows are the most disturbing birds. They need to get rid of you. You need proper management to deal with these birds. They make a lot of noise and create a lot of mess for you in your garden. These blackbirds not only disturb you but also other birds in your garden that you are […]

  • How to Get Rid Of Grackles and Starlings? 25 ways that works

    If you are a bird enthusiast, nothing can be more frustrating than seeing a group of “bully birds” such as grackles and starlings taking over your feeders and scaring away other songbirds with their aggressive behavior. Getting rid of these birds is a common concern among bird watchers. Grackles and starlings often form large flocks […]

  • How to get rid of pigeons under solar panels?

    How to get rid of pigeons under solar panels?

    Pigeons are flying pests. Everyone wants to get rid of them. You may see them in cities before but when they nest under your solar panels. They are creating a great mess for you. Disturbing you more than before. Now they are living with you. Not only their noises are unbearable, but the poops they […]

  • How to keep birds away from the balcony?

    Birds are the most beautiful and pleasant creatures. They are liked by almost everyone. Their voice is charming to hear. But sometimes these small creatures can cause a great mess for us. Birds like sparrows, pigeons, robins, and others can be a source of inconvenience for you and also your precious stuff on the balcony […]

  • Homemade crow repellents that keeps them away

    Crows are very disturbing. They create a lot of mess around. If you have a birdfeeder they will come there and disturb other small birds. They are always on your roof to disturb you. All these crows must need to be deterred. When you go into the market, there are solutions available that may cost […]

  • 11 ways to keep crows off your roof

    Crows are very noisy. They create a lot of mess. Sitting on the roofs, they search for food sources all around. Sometimes these mini creatures may dig your roof. It is so frustrating. You are sitting in your room. Watching TV or reading books. Crow will come and just mess with the peace of your […]

  • How to get rid of pigeons on roof?

    How to get rid of pigeons on roof?

    Pigeon, by nature, is a very humble bird, but sometimes its presence can be nasty. All that we have on our roof gets covered with pigeon poop. Pigeons produce debris on your property. They scatter feathers and nesting materials which becomes a nuisance for you. HOw ot get rid of pigeons on roof? You can […]

  • How to keep crows away from bird feeder

    The bird feeder is used to supply food to birds in the yard or garden. People use them to attract songbirds and capture their moments. But many times, unwanted larger birds and animals also find out this food source and create constant disturbance for everyone around. Among them, crows and pigeons are the most irritating […]