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Why do pigeons kill their babies? Here’s what to do?

Mackenzie Gary



Pigeons killing their babies is an unusual phenomenon. They are loving creatures and symbols of harmony. Mostly, they take care of their young and often fight for them with other pigeons. So why do pigeons kill their babies?

Pigeons killing their babies, Reasons?

Pigeons kill their young if they find any disease in them, and they may think that they will not survive and feeding them is a waste of time. Sometimes young pigeons fall out of the nest to prevent predators from attacking the pigeon by killing its baby.

Killing your own child is one of the hardest things in the world. It is not usual for a pigeon to peck and harm a child. Do pigeons really have feelings? There are some other reasons that you need to know in order to find the best possible solutions.

Here are the 6 reasons why pigeons attack their young?

1. Parents kill pigeons with birth defects

Pigeons are very smart birds. They can recognize the danger when the new baby emerges from the egg, if they find something unusual and notice any kind of disease in the little pigeons. Then they can take three possible actions:

  • They will kill the child.
  • They can give it up
  • Throw the swarm out of the nest

Why do pigeons take these actions?The pigeon has to do this because it knows that the baby will not survive and that feeding it is a waste of time. As we know, this bird lays two eggs of one breed. Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of the disease to other pigeons, they must take these measures

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Therefore, after letting go of this pigeon they can fully focus on another flock and feed it well.

2. Parents want to reproduce again so pigeons might kill their babies

Pigeons lay eggs within 8 to 12 days after mating with a partner. It takes approximately 18 to 21 days for the eggs to hatch and 4 to 6 weeks for the fledglings to take their first flight. Until then they do not leave their nest

If the pigeons mate between those days, they must lay the eggs in the nest. Also If they do not have another nest, they will force the swarm to leave the nest. If the young pigeon resists, there are chances that the young pigeon will peck or attack it. In this frustration, the young pigeon may get hurt or there is little chance of being accidentally killed.

3. Inexperienced pigeons may accidentally kill youngster

When the pigeon mates for the first time and lays eggs. It’s a little difficult for them because they don’t have experience. Giving them food and taking care of their kids is a difficult task. One of the parents should stay with the newborn to protect it and provide it with proper heat. This is essential for their survival.

Sometimes they accidentally show foot pressure on the flock which eventually leads to the death of the pigeon. This is a very rare case.

Pigeon naturally knows how to take care of her baby but she is still inexperienced and experience is top priority of all.

If they are not taking care of their eggs, you can incubate by yourself too.

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4. A baby falling out of the nest could invite predators

Pigeons living in wild areas are always at risk from predators everywhere. Even in cities it has predators but not much and that is the main reason for its instant growth.

Pigeons try to build their nests at a certain height above the ground. They also make nests on trees like other birds. If the young pigeon unfortunately falls out of the nest, the parents kill it for some reasons

Calls predators. The pigeons want to keep the other flock and themselves safe. They do not want predators to know their location. This may be the reason why they attack the child.

5. Other bathrooms can kill a baby

If the young pigeon enters the adjacent nest, there are chances that other pigeons will peck it. They do not like anyone else to enter their nest. They may think it is harmful to them or will occupy their space. That’s why they attack that pigeon or the rare chance they might accidentally kill it.

So always try to make the nest so that the swarm cannot easily cross the boundary. Try to make the nest farther away from each other.

But if you already have nests very close to each other. Do not move nests if adults are laying eggs. Just put a temporary wall in between. So no one can see each other and the young pigeons can’t move into the neighborhood. It will be beneficial for both parents.

6. A new mate may kill an existing baby pigeon

Pigeons usually mate for life. But sometimes death approaches one partner. After that, the pigeon is looking for another mate.

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There is a possibility that the new partner will not like the existing children and attack them. This is also an unusual case.

If you keep the baby pigeon away from their parent, you can provide parents’ toys too.

What should be done?

If you see a baby bath attacked by the parents. You have to take some spot measurements in order to save it.

Unplug the sillykisa: the shower won’t stop. He will attack him again and again. Separate the small bathroom from the loft

Look for injuriesPigeons may be injured when attacked by their beak. So sterilize the area with an antiseptic alcohol pad, then apply a little zinc oxide ointment or triple antibiotic ointment (which contains zinc). Do this until the injury begins to heal.

Hand feeding the baby: Parents may refrain from them. They won’t feed him. The best way to save a Squab’s life is to feed it yourself.

Do pigeons overlook their babies or kill them if they are harmed by humans?؟

Some believe that touching a young pigeon will cause it to be abandoned by its parents. this is not true. You can touch the small bathroom without any fear. It will not attack pigeons or kill young pigeons. It’s just a myth