Why do pigeons kill their babies

Why do pigeons kill their babies? Here’s what to do?

Pigeons killing their babies is an rare case .They are loving creatures and a sign of harmony. Mostly , they care about their babies and often fight for them with other pigeons. So why do pigeons kill their babies?

Why do pigeons kill their babies?

Pigeons kill their babies if they find any disease in them .They might think that it will not survive and feeding him is waste of time. Sometimes baby pigeon fall out of the nest so to prevent the Predators attack pigeon kill his own baby.

Killing your baby is one of the hardest things in the world. It is not a usual case that pigeons peck their baby and harm them. There are some other reasons too that you need to know to find the best possible solutions.

6 Reasons why Pigeons attack their babies?

Here the list of possible reasons that are forcing your pigeon to attack his own baby.

1. Pigeons with Birth defects are killed by the parents

Pigeons are very intelligent birds. They can perceive the danger .When the new baby came out of the egg ,if they find something unusual and perceive any kind of disease in the baby pigeon. Then they can take three possible actions:

  • They will kill the baby.
  • They can abandon him
  • Throw the squab out of the nest

Why pigeon take these actions? pigeon has to do so because he knows that baby will not survive and feeding him is the wastage of time. As we know this bird Lays 2 eggs with one breed. So in order to prevent the spread of the disease to other pigeons .They have to take these actions

So, after abandon that pigeon they can fully focus on other squab and feed him well.

2. Parents wants to breed again

Pigeon lays egg in 8 to 12 days after mating with the partner. It takes about 18 to 21 days for eggs to hatch and takes 4 to 6 weeks for squabs to take their first flight. Until then they don’t leave their nest

If the pigeons mate in between those days they have to lay eggs in the nest. If they don’t have an other nest , they will force the squab to leave the nest. If the baby pigeon resist then there are chances that pigeon will peck or attack the baby pigeon. In this frustration young pigeon may be harmed or a little chance that he will be killed accidentally.

3. Inexperienced parents may accidentally kill the squabs

When pigeons mate for the first time and lay eggs. It is slightly difficult for them as they have no experience. Giving them food and taking care of their squabs is a tough task. One parent must have to stay with the newly born for their protection and providing them proper heat. That is essential for their survival.

Sometimes they accidentally show foot pressure on the squab that ultimately cause the death of the pigeon. This is a very rare case.

Pigeon naturally knows how to take care of their baby but still they lack experience and experience is the top of all priorities.

4. Baby fall out of the nest can invite predators

Pigeons living in wild areas always have a risk of predators all around. Even in cities they have predators but not so much which is the main cause of their instant growth.

Pigeons try to make their nests at a certain height above the ground. They also make nests on trees like other birds. If unfortunately the baby pigeon falls from the nest, the parents kill him for some reasons

It invites the predators. Pigeons wants to keep the other squab and themselves safe. They don’t want the predators to know their location. That may be the reason they attack the baby.

5. Other pigeons may kill the baby

If baby pigeon enters into neighboring nest then there are chances that other pigeons peck him. They don’t like any other to enter their nest. May be they think that it is harmful for them or he will occupy their space. That’s why they attack that pigeon or rare chance they may kill him accidentally.

So always try to make nest that squab can’t easily pass the border. Try to make nest a little further from each other.

But if you have already have nests that are very close to each other. Don’t shift the nests if eggs have been laid by the adults. Just put a temporary wall between. So nobody can see each other and baby pigeons can’t move to the neighborhood. It will be good for both sides of parents.

6.New mate may kill the existing baby pigeon

Pigeons usually mate for life. But sometimes death approach one partner . After that pigeon search for another mate.

There are chances that new partner may not like the existing babies and attack on them. This is also an unusual case.

What to do?

If you see a baby pigeon that is attacked by the parents. You have to take some instant measurements in order to save HIM.

Separate the squab: Pigeon will not stop .He will attack him again and again. Separate the baby pigeon from loft

Look for injuries: Pigeon may be injured as he was attacked by the beak. So sanitize the area with antiseptic alcohol pad .Than smear little zinc oxide ointment or triple antibiotic ointment (having zinc in it). Do this until the injury start being cured.

Hand feed the baby: Parents may abondend them. They will not feed him. The best way to save squab’s life is to feed him by yourself.

Related questions

Do pigeons abondend or kill their babies if touced by humans?

Some people think that touching the baby pigeon will lead to him abandoned by his parents. It is not true. You can touch the baby pigeon without any fear. Pigeons will not attack or kill the baby pigeon. It is just a myth






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