How to take care for a baby pigeon? Life-saving tips

Taking care of a baby pigeon without a mother is a tough task. Without the proper knowledge, it is almost impossible to save his life. If you have his parents then you don’t need to care for or him. His parents will manage but if you fan abandoned one squab then you need to learn some tactics to help him to grow healthy.

Baby pigeons drink crop milk. This milk is so nutritious that it grows the baby into an adult bird in just 4-6 weeks. It is so necessary that if pigeon doesn’t get it they may die. But there is a certain mixture of food recipes that are almost equal in nutrition to pigeon milk. These foods are the best alternatives that can help baby pigeons to survive and grow well.

How to take care for a baby pigeon?

Care for squab

For proper care of baby pigeon, you need to provide him an optimum temperature. Proper nutritious food is required to fulfill his digestive requirement. Prevention from diseases and treating them at the proper time are needed to save his life. You have to save him from predators.

Here are some steps you need to follow:

1.Provide them warm temperature

Temperature is very necessary for the early days of birth. If temperature maintenance is failed, there are dominant chances the baby will. die. You may have seen that both parents sit on their squabs to provide the heat.

So, What should be the temperature? The temperature should be between 26-32C (75-90F) in the first 2 weeks of winter. IF you have hot weather outside, you should not use any heating lamps to heat them. Just put them in a box, cover them with a cloth. The box should have ventilations. There should be not so much suffocation in it also.

If you have to raise them in winter, You need to be concerned about them. For providing them heat, You can use heating pads or a 40 W heating lamp, a thermometer, and a box.

Put the squab in the box. If you have a heating pad turn it ON at low. You can also cover your pigeon with cotton or a towel if you don’t have any accessories. Remember the mouth should not be covered. You should keep an eye on their temperature by using a thermometer.

Don’t provide your squab heat, in DIRECT SUNLIGHT or don’t put them near FIREPLACE. It can be dangerous for his survival.

Heat is necessary for their proper digestion. Moreover, in the early days, the baby pigeon is very sensitive and can’t tolerate the excess ups and downs of temperature. As the new wings grow, you should don’t worry about maintaining the temperature.

2. Feed them nutritional food in liquid form

Food is the most important thing for the survival of Pigeons. After birth, they sleep for almost 12 hours. Until that time you don’t need to worry about their feed.


Kaytee formula is one of the best birds food out there. It is nutritious and life-saving for the squab. TO prepare this add 2 tablespoons in a hot water. The water should be not be warm in the oven. It is recommended to heat it on the fire.

Cooldown the mixture for 1 minute. The ideal temperature required is 102-110 F. Stir it vigorously.

This mixture should be dense like honey. Then put it in the syringe and feed him few drops in the early days. Remember to put back the formula container in the fridge. After 2 weeks, you can add boil eggs to this feed. So they can get more nutrition and start eating in solid form. Put some seeds and grains in their cage.

Benefits of kaytee formula

  • It helps the babies to grow faster
  • Birds who fed this formula show better growth
  • Wean earlier
  • Fulfill nutrients value


  • Do not reuse the formula. It can be life-threatening.
  • For squab smaller than 2 days, it should be made in small quantity.
  • Do not warm the water in the microwave. It can burn the crop, (not safe way of heating as heated by microwaves) .
  • Stir before feeding

Home remedies for baby pigeon

1st recipe: This recipe works best for babies. This is given to many pigeons and it saves their lives. You need

  1. Chickpea flour
  2. Corn flour or wheat flour
  3. Soya bean
  4. Water

Mix all the flours and add water to them. Make it a dense mixture just like honey. Don’t forget to add soya bean because it is essential for complete digestion. Try not to add Milk to this recipe because it can cause diarrhea and ultimately death.

2nd recipe: For 1st day you can feed him egg yolk. First, boil the egg until the egg white boils but the yolk should remain in liquid form. Feed it until 2 days. From the third day, you can add wheat middlings, boot peas, egg yolk, milk, water. Add all these things. Heat the mixture until it is dense like honey.

3. Hand feed baby pigeon with syringe

The best substitute for pigeon’s milk is Kaytee FORMULA. It should be given in the liquid form. To feed them, we need a syringe.You have to replace the needle with a soft rubber tube. After that, put the tube into the baby’s mouth. It is done by gently opening the beak and inserting a tube into the crop. Make sure to lubricate the tube. Do not push the food until the tube is into the crop. For newly born, it is recommended to feed him 3-4 times a day. There is no need for feeding him in the night time.

How to do it?

It is really hard to hand feed for one person. For the first time, I recommend there must be two persons. One man holds the pigeon and the other presses the plunger.

In the first step, place the pigeon on the flat surface so it will be easy to handle. Now one person should grab the pigeon from the back with his right hand. The thumb should be at the back of the pigeon’s head. This is done so that squab will not move his head freely. Now with the left hand hold the lower beak part.

The other person should hold the upper beak of the pigeon with his left hand. This will open the beak without any difficulty. As his mouth is open it’s time to put food in his crop.

For this, you have to put the tube into the crop. Slowly insert the tube into the mouth over the tongue and then directly into the throat. If you feel any difficulty put the tube out of the mouth and then try again. When you ensure that the tube reaches its target, push the plunger. Place the food there until the crop fulfills. Put the syringe out. Congratulations work is done.

Tube feeding is life-saving it provides the nutrients, which he needs for his survival.

Tips for hand feeding

  • The feeding tube must be soft
  • Always lubricate the tube
  • Warm the feeding formula before giving it. It should be not so hot, not too cold because it can cause irritation and can disturb digestion.
  • Always clean the feeding tube and syringe

What if the food comes out? Sometimes it happens that food comes out from the mouth as you are feeding. It may be due to the tube, which hasn’t reach the crop. Put it out again. Relax and try once again. Remember to make his head up and neck straight.

I know how difficult it is for the first time. But you have to do it for saving his life. You are not going to harm him. This thing should be in your mind. Just do it. Keep yourself calm.

How much to feed?

For 2-5 day old pigeons you can feed them food in a 1cc syringe. It is enough for their crop. You can also check the capacity by pressing gently in their crop. The crop is in the front, on the chest. You don’t need to fill it to its full capacity. Always leave some hunger.

Remember pigeon chick will ask you for more. Don’t feed him more because it can be harmful for him.

For 5-21 days old pigeon you can feed him in a 6cc syringe

For pigeon older than 21 days, you can feed him in a 60cc syringe.

Remember some chicks have smaller crops, some have more capacity to eat. Always check the crop for hunger.

How many times a day? For 1-2 weeks you have to feed your pigeon 4 times a day. After that, you can reduce the quantity to 3 times a day. For adult pigeon, it is recommended to feed him 2 times a day. Although you can feed anytime a day. AT night time you don’t need to worry.

How to tell how old a baby pigeon is?

Baby pigeons show instant growth. If they feed on crop milk they grow healthier.

  • 1-day old pigeon has very few hairs on his body. You can see his skin color. His eyes remain closed for 5 days. Hair color is yellow mostly
  • 5 days old pigeon has more hairs. He opens his eyes also at that time.
  • 8 days old pigeon start growing feathers. You can see blackish-white hairs.
  • 12 days old pigeon start doing some walk. Feather’s color is now more prominent.
  • 14 days old pigeon starts changing his feather colors, denser.
  • 19 days old pigeon getting bigger has more colors but his face is still yellow.
  • 22 days old has full colors on its body including the face also.
  • 30 days old is now ready but can’t fly.
  • 45 days old now become fully adult. He can fly

Baby pigeon feeding schedule

1-3 days oldKay tee formula / egg’s yolk4 times a day
3-14 days oldKay tee formula / Seeds mixture
(Split peas, lentils, wheat, popcorn,
sorghum etc. ) Should be wet in water
3-4 times a day
Alternative (3-14)Wheat middlings + boot peas+
egg yolk+ milk + water
3-14 times a day
14-21 days oldkay tee formula / Seed mixture3 times a day
21 – onwards Seed Mixture2 times a day
Baby pigeon feeding schedule chart

Pigeons can start eating seeds at the age of 3-14 days. So, always put seeds in their bowl. You can also feed them with your hand.

Can baby pigeons drink water? Baby pigeons need water. Always place a small cup of water in their cage. To know their thirst, you need to check two things. Their crop will be hard and blinking eyes.

If they are too young to feed by themselves you can give them water through the syringe and massage the crop for mixing.

Once they start eating by themselves, they can drink on their own. For the first time, place the water in their cage in the same place and put their beak in the water. So they can understand. Please don’t force them. Pigeons need water just like humans. There must be the availability of water all the time especially in hot water.

4. Place baby pigeon under an other pigeon

This is one of the reliable and life-saving actions you can do. If you have several pigeons at home, it is easy for you to place the baby pigeon under another pigeon. For this purpose, you need to look for the parents who have only one squab under them.

The job is not finished yet. You have to look after the parent pigeons as if they feed their new adopted baby. They will feed him. If they peck him you need to place him under another bird. If you don’t have an option you can hand feed him as told

When can baby pigeons feed themselves? Baby pigeons can feed themselves at the age of 20-25 days. The new feathers are coming at this age. Their immune system getting stronger. Their body develops itself for digesting hard grains. Hormones activate which boost the digestion process. Fledging pigeons now can drink water. Always ensure the availability of water and a bowl of food in their cage so they can eat themselves when hunger urges.


How long baby pigeon survives without a mother? pigeons leave their young squabs. Sometimes they are attacked by the predator. If their mate dies they may abandon them. Baby Pigeons can live up to 3 days without his mother. If after the 3 days she does not come back he will surely die of hunger.

Whenever you find a baby pigeon, wait for his mother to come. If you are sure she is not coming. Check out his crop. If the crop is empty, feed him instant food. Now you have to take care. If you can’t, you can call the wildlife. You can also take help from them or can take over the squab to them.

can baby pigeons eat bananas? Some species of Columbidae prefer to eat fruits. They can eat bananas but pigeons that are found in cities may not like to eat bananas. They will always prefer seeds. It is not a good idea to feed your baby pigeon a banana. I recommend you feed them a mixture of high-quality seeds and egg yolk in the early days

Can baby pigeons eat rice? Baby pigeons can eat boiled rice. You can also feed them rice saline if they have digestion problems. When your pigeon reaches the age of 14 days, you can feed him rice. It will not explode in his stomach. Remember it must not replace his other essential food.

Can you touch a baby pigeon? You can touch the baby pigeon. Mother will not abandon him. When you are going to hand feed a squab, you will surely need to grab him by your hand. There is no harm in touching him until you hold him gently

5.Treat his injuries if any

Nestling pigeons that fall from the trees can get injuries. It is also possible that he may survive the predator’s attack. Sometimes parents also peck the squab. These all things can injure him. So, How to take care of injured baby pigeons?

First, you have to look at the affected area. Clean it with water and with cotton swabs and then with any disinfectant.

After that, place him in a cool or warm place depending upon the environmental temperature. Place the birds inside a box with proper ventilation. Give him some food and water to eat. If he refuses, don’t force him to eat. Our main purpose is to low down his stress levels.

You can add some salt to the water. If after few hours, he is still not eating. Use the syringe to give him water or juice. The environment around him should be quiet.

How do I know if my baby pigeon is dying?

There are some symptoms you have to look at if a baby pigeon is dying. Look for these

  • Laziness
  • Not eating or drinking anything
  • Unfocused eyes
  • Fluffed
  • Fluffed feathers
  • Body-color may change
  • Facing difficulties in breathing
  • Wet
  • Wet droppings
  • Sitting still
  • Head
  • Head on one side

How do you save a baby bird from dying?

As soon as you see these symptoms in the baby pigeon. You should instantly call the veg or any wildlife rehabilitation center. You can also take him to the clinic in case of an emergency.

Why do baby pigeons die? Baby pigeons die if they don’t get crop milk. Sometimes they die accidentally by the foot pressure. There are chances that sqaub falls in the neighboring nest and may pecked by other pigeons.

During handfeeding, if you force the pigeon and mistakenly put food in its respiratory tract, chances are he will die. This is a rare case but possibility is always there. Pigeon chick may die of mosquitoes bite. Save him from mosquitoes.To cure use potassium per oxide on the bite.

What do you feed a 20 day old pigeon? You can feed him mixture of seeds which includes pop corn, wheat, maize, chick peas, boot peas etc. Always place water in his cage to quench his thirst. Place him in sunlight so he can get vitamins from sunlight.

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