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8 Best toys for pigeons that entertains them

Mackenzie Gary



Pigeons are social birds. They mostly live in communities and spend their time with partners. If you keep a pigeon as a pet, you may not be able to entertain it all the time. So, you need toys to enrich it.

Pigeons get bored if they are alone and have nothing to do. In the forest they are busy searching for food all day. As pets, food is readily available in their cage, so they need toys to relieve isolation.

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Best toys for pigeons

There are not so many toys for pigeons in the market. You can provide him with dog toys or other things but he cannot play with them. There are certain toys that you need to know about to keep your birds entertained.

Before moving on, I wanted to make it clear that every pigeon has a different temperament. Some may ignore toys but most will like to keep themselves busy with these things.

Teddy bear

You may be wondering. What ! a teddy bear? Yes, a teddy bear is one of the best ways to provide company to your bird. Not in one case, I know many cases where a pigeon keeps himself entertained with the bear.

He pecks him and loves to enjoy his company. You can place it in the cage by hanging it down from the roof.

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This toy is available at homes easily. If you don’t have you can check it out here.

Toys with Bells

A good way to keep the pigeon busy is to provide him toys with the bells. They like to listen to the sound of the bell.

A hanging bell in the cage is preferable. When the bird hit the bell with his beak. Music comes out. He likes to discover from where it comes from. As pigeons are intelligent birds they love to discover things.

In early time he may be scared but as time passes his fear will go away.

Check here

Foraging toys

These are the toys that enable the birds to search for food. These are the favorite toys for the pigeons which keep them busy and entertained.

There are many ball toys in which you can stuff seeds inside. Pigeon will try to feed on seeds and enjoys at the same time. There are certain balls designed for cats. You can use them too if available at home.

Checkout here

Pigeon sized plush toy bird

This is the best toy to get away from the loneliness of pigeons. Any bird mostly the fake pigeon keeps your pet entertained. Pigeons as pets pros and cons, Read here.

Here in the below video, you can see how pigeon is enjoying the company of fake birds. He is waging his tale that is the sign of happiness. If you touch them they will peck you to save their friends.

You can check it here

Hanging ladder and perches

Hanging ladders are safe for the birds. They will climb on them and see the cage from different perspectives. By having ladders and perches they stay active. It provides them a wild environment which they definitely love.

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I recommend using natural-looking perches. You can also place rocks in the cage for a natural-looking environment.

See on amazon here

Swinging toys

Pigeons, like parrots, also love to sit on the swing. Some may ignore it but most will enjoy sitting on it.

Sometimes if pigeons don’t find anything they will also play with an elastic band laying on the floor

Here you check


Pigeons are some of the most intelligent birds. They can recognize their face in the mirrors. Only this bird can do this.

If your bird is alone, you can place a mirror on the wall of the cage or buy a toy mirror. This will keep him busy and even provide him the company

Fake eggs

Both male and female birds love to sit on eggs. After mating, they make nests where they can lay eggs.

If you put a fake egg, your pet bird will start making a nest and sit on it. This is a good way of pigeon enrichment.

Do pigeons need toys?

Pigeons are not like parrots. They don’t chew and don’t need a lot of toys. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t like them.

If you have a single one, you can first buy him a partner. So he can spend his time with her. This will keep him busy and active. As the pair forms, they will remain together for life.

If you have a lone pigeon and obviously you cannot spend your whole day with him. You need some toys for him. Not so much like parrots. Even some of the pigeons don’t like the things you brought in. But the above-mentioned toys are loved by most pigeons.

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Cage setup

Here is the video of how to set a pigeon cage with toys

You can check 8 pack bird toys here

Recommended Cage for pigeons

Related questions

What kind of toys do pigeons like? They like fake bird toys, teddy bears, fake pigeons, open weave balls in which seeds are stuffed, swings, ladders, perches, and bells

Do pigeons get bored? They can be bored if they only stay in the cage the whole time without any partner. Giving them toys and freedom to fly in the house is the best way to entertain them.

Do pigeons like bird toys? They like this kind of toy as it provides them a wild environment. If you buggies, you can place the pigeon in the same room but with different cages. This will makes the community wild.

How do you know my pigeon is happy? He will wag his tail and move in circles as a sign of happiness. Flapping his wings also shows his excitement