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Do Pigeons have feelings? Some facts

Mackenzie Gary



Pigeons are living creatures. They eat, drink, and care for their pups and their partners. But do pigeons have feelings?

Do pigeons have feelings?

Pigeons have feelings. They feel happy, they do romance, and show anger. Sometimes they grieve more often. Pigeons can develop emotional attachments to humans. They can remember their faces and are among the smartest birds that even recognize their own face in the mirror.

What are the occasions when pigeons show anger? How do you know they are happy? Why do they grieve? What are the reasons behind their behavior sticking to the article to find out the facts?

How do pigeons show love?

I have a loft at home. To get a sense of their behavior, I stare at them for minutes daily. One day when I visited them I saw how they show love?

Pigeons show love by kissing each other. This is a sign of mating pigeons. The male dove inflates his chest like a bodybuilder. Try to impress the female. Offer him to mate. When the female accepts his offer, she places her beak into his.

This is the kiss. I sometimes see her putting food in his mouth as a sign of love. After that they mate. Mating is only for a few seconds. Then they both search for the nest to lay eggs.

Did you know Pigeons mate for life

PIGEONS are loyal to their partner. After choosing a partner. They show love to each other until death do them part. Also they develop strong feelings for each other. They mourn the death of their partner. You can make them happy by giving them toys.

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Occasions when pigeons show sadness

The bathroom is smart. Don’t forget the faces. They always remember their loved ones. But over time, just like humans, they learn to move on.

Separation from the partner

Pigeons are very loyal to their partners. They have very strong feelings for each other. And they both take care of each other. They both take care of their children. When they grow up, they leave them and raise new children. But they are inseparable from each other.

From here you can appreciate the strong bond between them. As we know that death is eternal. When death approaches, their bond is broken by Pigeon’s grief for several days. He may not eat anything. May appear aggressive to other pigeons. The widow pigeon is likely to abandon its eggs or sparrows.

Death of their children

This is true when the pigeon grows to adulthood, the parents leave it. But this does not mean that they do not like them. Pigeons take great care of their children. They even fight other birds.

Pigeon protecting his babies from crows

Here you can see how a pigeon is protecting eggs from the crows. She is stopping them from attacking by his feathers. This is a sign of affection. They often attack humans if They touch their eggs.

Pigeons grieve if their babies disappear. This is a very sad moment for any parent in the world watching their beloved dying. She can’t do anything except throwing his baby out of the nest. She does so for other squabs so they don’t get any disease. As there are chances of growth of bacteria and parasites in the nest.

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When they are alone?

Pigeons are the birds that make families. They don’t like to live alone. If you keep only one pigeon and just put him in a cage. He will surely be sad. They can be kept as pets but if you just put him in jail, covered his cage often by clothes. Then you should not expect any kind of happiness from him.

How to know your bird is sad?

Some symptoms shows pigeons are sad. You should keep an eye on these facts to know. The symptoms include:

  • They will eat nothing
  • Show laziness
  • Stay away from other pigeons
  • Head down
A sad pigeon

These signs show that your pigeon is sad but it can be a serious threat. There are chances that he may be ill. To know some useful tips about pigeon diseases. Read our post on pigeon diseases.

How can you tell when a pigeon is Happy?

Pigeon shows happiness by moving and cooing in circles. They will flap their wings in pleasure. They will fly in the air for a long time. Like humans, they also feel love. They also show happiness.

When they are happy?

  • Pigeons are happy when they find a new partner. When male purpose the female and she accepts it. Both show their pleasure by kissing each other.
  • When you feed them good food, they will coo and move in circles
  • When you have close affection with your pigeon, and you cuddle in his purr they feel very comfortable. They show their happiness at that time too.
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There are different natures of pigeons. Mostly pigeons are calm. At the same time, some are arrogant. Some signs of happy pigeon are given below

Signs of a happy pigeon

  • Move-in circles
  • Flap their wings
  • Coo
  • Come to you – if they are in love with you
  • Kiss their mate

Do pigeons show aggression?

Pigeons are a sign of peace. They are mostly famous for their calm nature. But there are times when they show aggression.

They show aggression when you tease them. If someone attacks their nest, they will show instant reaction and attack on him. These birds show aggression by biting and flapping their feathers.

You can see here in this video how much this bird is in rage! If you tease the pigeon he will surely attack you.

Angry pigeon


Pigeons are very intelligent birds. They can feel anything that is in the environment. They can be angry, sometimes sad, and many times happy. If you love them, they will love you back. They can recognize human faces and have the ability to know who gave them food yesterday and who was angry with them before.

What do you think? How your pigeon show affection to you? Tell us in the comments