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Reasons why Cockatiel is not sitting on eggs? Solution

Mackenzie Gary



Cockatiel lay eggs for around a year. Sometimes they give so many eggs that people just want to stop them as their population grows tremendously and managing the whole family of these pet birds is difficult for the owner. In opposite the cockatiel sometimes doesn’t sit on the eggs which delays or sometimes fully stops the hatching process. Why cockatiel is not sitting on the eggs?

A cockatiel is not sitting on her eggs-if the eggs are infertile. Too young birds who have the first experience dealing with the eggs also avoid sitting. The harsh temperature and rotten eggs can be another reason.

There are some other reasons also which make her do so. By knowing the reason you can reach the particular solution which will help your cockatiel to hatch offspring.

The eggs are infertile

Cockatiels can lay eggs without the male. These eggs are infertile because for fertility the reproductive cell of both genres must combine. This happens only of both male and female do sex.

If you have both male and female in the same cage and the problem is still there it means the male hasn’t reached puberty. Females should breed at 2 years while males at 18 months.

If they are breeding it doesn’t mean they are mature. They usually do it at the age of 9-12 months. Sexually mature age is 15 minimum.

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You can check the fertility of the eggs by candle light method. The whole process is simple and you can do it at home

The cockatiel is too young

It is natural that every animal except human knows how to deal with the situation. Human has to learn from their culture. Cockatiel also knows how to hatch and lay eggs naturally. If you have a single bird who has never met its mate in its lifetime he knows what to do with the laid egg.

There are fewer cases when cockatiel finds it difficult and doesn’t know how to hatch it properly. In that case, she will sit on the egg for some time and then start moving here and there. It takes time for the young one to learn. For the first eggs, she might find it difficult but with the time she knows what to do with the egg.

The minimum age starts from 15-34 months. When the pet bird will reach its maturity age she will manage

Your bird is stressful

Another common reason that your cockatiel might be not sitting on her eggs is the stress. When the bird is under stress he loses focus. Sometimes the eggs laid are infertile due to stress.

This leads them to not take proper diet. Lack of diet means a lack of nutrients which produces the disabled eggs. So much noise, loneliness, and a dark environment all the time can put your bird under stress.

She may have to lay more eggs

Cockatiels sometimes have to lay more eggs. After she laid the first egg wait for the complete clutch to be laid. When all the eggs are in the nest, she will automatically start incubating them.

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Don’t force your bird to take steps. She will do it by herself.

Temperature is unbearable

The other possibility is that the temperature is too high for her. When the hen sits on the eggs she has to provide the heat to the eggs which also increases her body temperature.

At this time it is better to keep the temperature optimal. If the cage is close to the kitchen or window that gets the direct sunlight in summer, keep the cage away from these spots.

Your cockatiel lacks calcium

When your bird is laying eggs she needs calcium. Calcium helps her to lay better eggs and the eggs that can hatch properly. Also, it is good for your birds’ health too.

When your cockatiel stops sitting on the eggs give him calcium, moderate darkness, normal temperature, and a stress-free environment. It will help her to hatch the eggs easily. You can give her pellets too for vitamins deficiencies.


Do cockatiels always sit on their eggs?

Cockatiels usually always sit on their eggs. If they don’t sit it means the egg is infertile or they lack calcium in their body.

Cockatiels not sitting on eggs at night?

If only one parent is guarding the egg he may not sit on the eggs at night because he needs. Usually, males incubate in the daytime and female at night time. The male guards the nest box at night.

How long can a cockatiel egg go without being sat on?

The cockatiel and other birds’ eggs survived for 10 days at room temperature if the fertilization didn’t start. As soon as the fertilization started leaving the egg unattended would not hatch the eggs.