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Best toys for cockatiels that entertains them

Mackenzie Gary



Whether your cockatiel is single or in a pair, toys are essential to keep them entertained and engaged. So, do you have a cocktail? Surely if you have, then you are curious to know about the best toys for cockatiels. Before investing, you should know what types of toys are suitable for small birds and mature birds.

However, giving mature bird toys to babies can be harmful to their beaks and feet. Sure, toys add fun to downing your cockatiel, but do all play items work the same? Below is a list of toys to keep your cockatiel active, curious, stress-free, and entertained. Actually, affordability also matters along with quality.

Therefore, those toys that contain toxic chew substances are not suitable for chewing. In this regard, the best products are those that are durable as well as non-toxic. So, if you are looking for toys that have multiple benefits at a low price, then stay tuned with this article.

13 Best Cocktail Toys With Multiple Benefits

Even the toys are bait eaters, shredders, chewable and playful, the concern is to choose according to quality. There are many toys that can help maintain the health of cockatiels and are safe for their bodies. Below are some guides for buying toys for training your cockatiel. Let’s read one by one.

Colored wooden blocks

Colored wooden blocks toys are useful for multi-purposes. This toy has a specialty that comes in various colors. Green, blue, red, and yellow provide a soothing effect to a cockatiel.

Also, wooden blocks are the best option for those who are looking for a single large toy. Not just this, but also designed to provide a chewable offer without any toxic effects. 

Purpose to select this toy

The wood is soft and harmless to the cockatiel beak as well as the delicate tongue. Access to exercise is another advantage of this toy. Of course, due to its large size it requires space to settle.

Cockatiels love to jump on it, however, and spend most of their time playing with it. Ingredients are important and constant for more than one pairing of cocktails.

It can’t be denied that pet birds like to have curved objects to look at. So, wooden blocks help to sharpen the mind with physical as well as mental exercise. In addition, it is the best choice for meeting the habits of cockatiel hunting because of the blocks and woven threads. With this natural toy, cockatiels will show their hyperactivity and lose their temper.

However, use this toy to trim cockatiel beaks.


  • Larger size for a big cage
  • Highly durable softwood
  • Non-toxic and natural dye
  • Good for exercise


  • Not for smaller cages

Shredder ball

Shredder balls are designed to make the cockatiel more exciting and healthy. As cockatiel has a preening habit, they use their beak to examine and defend themselves. 

Purpose to select

However, looking for toys preserves the cockatiel’s beak and feet. Paper and jute materials are not harmful to cockatiel beaks, but they do enjoy tearing play items to pieces. Plus, your cockatiel takes advantage of the opportunity for muscle exercise with a foraging ball. Indeed, during a rampage, the Shredder Ball redirects Cocktail’s concentration towards the game.

This way they are protected even before they get stressed. Therefore, it has a direct effect on improving the mental health of cockatiels and they become more sociable. Of course, this toy won’t stay in its perfect shape for much longer. But Cockatiel likes this toy even after it is broken. When your cockatiel ball is busy cutting, selecting and assembling ingredients, their stress level will automatically decrease.

Sure enough, the happy and energetic hormones will boost the cocktail’s digestive system. So, this toy cockatiel has many direct or indirect benefits on health. Because rope made of jute is safe and non-toxic to the beak of birds.

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  • Recyclable material
  • Jute made rope
  • Non-toxic material
  • Very soft for shredding


  • Artificial shades
  • Quickly shredded

Lollipop Colorful paper sticks

Cockatiel feels easement with rupturing, chewing, and shredding items. And all these requirements can be attained with lollipop paper sticks. 

Purpose to pick

This item is wonderful due to its size, shape, design, and color. Your cockatiel will assuredly show its love for this toy due to its natural material. It doesn’t just give multiple benefits but is also safe for babies’ cockatiel. Paper sticks are firmly condensed to make the cockatiel interested in wonderful exercise. 

Yet, this toy never allows your birds for hard practice. Ultimately, it plays a role in sharpening the mind of birds also. A wooden block plays a role as perch, and its surface is very smooth. Yet, the cockatiel foot will be safe from cramps. The main concern of this toy is to boost up the physical exercise of the cockatiel. Hence, it will be a fun game to peel the papers as well as meet chewing desires for birds


  • Easy to specify in the cage
  • Pinewood perch
  • High-quality paper sticks
  • Colorful toy


  • Paper sticks dyes with artificial color
  • Less durable

Natural wooden playpens 

Wooden playpen gives a variety of toys to fix in a single frame. All items are designed to make the birds happier. It is difficult to fix this toy but not impossible. You will attain wooden sticks of different sizes that can help as a perch. 

Need to choose

A cockatiel can smoothly grasp the wooden sticks, which helps to save its feet. Moreover, a vertical and inclined manner of ladders gives a variety of play to birds. Although ladder accessibility can encourage step up and step down training. Bird feathers muscles will be relaxed with the training practices. 

Mainly, a swing is assuredly beneficial for all muscle relaxations, relief birds’ foot pain, and boosts metabolism. It is a good item for the motivation of your cockatiel, and they will love it. Acrylic toys and copper ropes are other additions for preening and playing. Therefore, an acrylic toy is a good chewable item that is not harmful to birds’ digestive systems. 

Yet, the copper bell motivates the cockatiel and improves mental health due to its sweet voice. Moreover, cotton rope is soft for the cockatiel tongue.


  • Multiple toys in a single item
  • Variety in size
  • Helpful for different exercise
  • Useful for a pair of cockatiel


  • Fragile wood
  • Difficult to fix

Ladder bridge

The ladder bridge is made in a unique way to offer different toy designs to a cockatiel. Without walking, birds’ body muscles may be weaker. There are more chances that the finger bones of birds may freeze by sitting at a certain point. This plaything is only beneficial if you select the proper size.

Need to select this plaything 

Anyways, a simple bridge has many advantages for birds. This toy is effortless to install in indoor as well as outdoor areas. Furthermore, the bridge is not harmful to cockatiel foot toes, nails, and beak. Moreover, the circular wood slices are specially designed to grasp with feet for easy practice. However, the inflexible sticks of toys are firmly overlapped, giving a sturdy look. 

Yet, birds feel easy to move forward and backward for fun. Similarly, the material of the bridge shows the durability of the toy to give access to continuous training. Also, by using this ladder bridge, cockatiel easily flaps their wings without caring about a restricted area. Cockatiel wants this sort of object to get swings benefits also. Undoubtedly, the rigid ladder is best for exercise and sustaining body role.


  • Enduring and stable
  • Wood material 
  • Safe for cockatiel
  • Comfortable to hang anywhere


  • Unsafe loops for cockatiel beak

Small rattan balls

Pet birds want small rattan balls to play with their feet. They feel bored with the same design and color. Perhaps, it is a satisfactory option to buy a diverse type. 

Purpose of selecting

Small rattan balls are not only natural but are colorful. However, rattan is a purely natural material and stays cockatiel beak strong. Cockatiel completes their playing and preening requirements. Physical exercise is performed with these balls. It keeps the muscles more powerful and maintains the cockatiel healthy.  

During training, these colorful balls attract the cockatiel to seek learning. One more specialty of rattan balls is to be easily hangable anywhere. You can improve the walk of the cockatiel to throw this ball. Ultimately, when a cockatiel picks the ball with a beak, then the neck and body blood circulation improves.

This toy is designed for beak and foot activities. A cockatiel can chew these balls without any fear of toxicity. The beak will not damage because of soft fiber. Perhaps, a cockatiel can kick these balls with a little pressure due to a lighter-weight item.

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  • Adjustable anywhere
  • Easily hangable with thread
  • Natural rattan
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Artificial color
  • Not for baby birds

Hanging plastic bell balls

Another option of toys for playing is hanging plastic bell balls. These balls are not just sturdy but make a beautiful noise. A small plastic ball is fixed in the inner side of a larger one that makes a sound. Various shades are used in plastic material to get the engagement of cockatiel. 

Purpose of picking

With this toy, cockatiel can boost their activities. Although to fall your cockatiel in fun and give your bird a safe playing, this toy is worth it. However, it can entertain birds for a long time due to toy durability. Bell balls are unique for mental sharpness, body exercise, and improved curiosity of cockatiel. 

Besides, this toy is not safe for baby birds. Maybe the bird’s beak will break due to plastic material. For young and mature cockatiel, you can pick this toy. Otherwise, single species can feel furious with too much noise. A firm chain holds this ball and carries the weight of a cockatiel. This toy works as a swing also for making the toy more entertaining.


  • Durable
  • Easy to hang
  • Sturdy material


  • Noisy 
  • Plastic material

Playground Play stand with a tray feeder

Another toy is a playground play stand, which is made with plastic, wood, and stainless steel. 

Aim to select 

All material is environmentally friendly and safe for the cockatiel’s physical health. Birds get chewable and happy approaches with a play stand. A ladder, swing, bell,  feeding tray, and cups are attached to the stand. The ladder is fixed for the overall activation of body function. Besides, swings improve heartbeat and blood circulation. The feeding tray gives a wonderful opportunity to a weak, depressed, and shy cockatiel. 

A small bell that is hung with a firm chain allows keeping cockatiel fresh with its light tune. Overall strands provide space for sitting as well as walking. Your birds will love to eat healthy food with curiosity. In this regard, you can buy this product to get wonderful benefits. Also, birds can chew the natural wood to keep the beak clean. 


  • Long-lasting material
  • Non-toxic wood
  • Adjustable anywhere
  • Allow various exercise


  • Just for lightweight birds

Natural wood and sand perches

Natural wood and sand perches give a safe offer to stand because cage wires are not suitable for birds to stand smoothly. Uneven surfaces make the feet weak, block veins, and make cramps. However, birds need a smooth place to sit. Ultimately, longitudinal and horizontal stands are applicable to fix at various points. However, the upper surfaces of the perches are coated with colorful sand.

Aim to pick this item

Yet, wood and sand make this item 100% natural. Even birds can chew this non-toxic material. Colors are not harmful to birds’ tongues and digestive tracts. Numbers of perches in a single cage offer maximum movement for cockatiels. They remain active with flying from one point to another. 

To avoid tilting and save the cockatiel from harm, metal screws are helpful to adjust perches firmly. These toys lower the stress and pressure of birds. Even though cockatiel can trim their beak on the sand surface. Grips of these wooden perches save the feet of birds from rashes. Wood and sand perches are easy to remove for a quick wash.


  • Easy to install
  • Natural wood and sand material
  • Enduring product
  • Easy to clean


  • For lightweight birds

Cozy fabric nest

All playing things are worthy, but birds need cozy fabric nest toys for extreme cold. However, for a weak cockatiel, a cozy fabric nest provides warmness. The cardboard is fixed in soft cotton fabric to make this toy firm. Yet, this bedding stays long even for two cockatiels. 

Need to choose this product

If your cockatiel nature is to live lonely, then this is the best pick for isolation. Because this is not only best for cockatiel rest but also cockatiel hide themselves during fear. Perhaps, the fabric nest has 3 opening sides that allow maximum oxygen to birds. Also, cockatiel enjoys the cotton fabric for preening. They nibble the hut to get relief from anger. 

Soft fleece fabric assures to supply extra comfort. Fabric hut is durable because its quality is retained after washing. Moreover, energetic colors and a firm hook make this item more functional for cockatiels. However, hooks can stay the fabric nest stronger to carry the cockatiel weight. This toy is not bad for cockatiel health, and birds love to sleep in huts.  


  • Extra cozy
  • Fleece fabric
  • Adjustable in cage
  • Useful for mature and baby cockatiel


  • Cardboard base
  • Useless for larger birds

Mirror with rope perch 

The mirror toy is wonderful for a single cockatiel. It depends on the size according to the cocktail height. But talking about benefits, then this toy has a rope perch. Ultimately, this single toy has many advantages for the cockatiel body.

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Aim to pick this toy

A rope that is attached to the mirror is made with natural jute material. It helps the cockatiel to nibble it. Yet, a mirror removes the boredom of birds. Cockatiel’s curiosity to see the mirror increases their keenness. Although, with this toy, they will attract quickly. The mirror is not for chewing except for rope. 

Bright colors in the rope are good for cockatiel confidence to conserve their seat. The plastic mirror is durable but not designed for larger birds. Even though this product is long-lasting. Besides reflection, this plaything is a good companion during the absence of a mate. The cockatiel loves to see its reflection to sit on a rope perch.


  • Firmly fixable 
  • Rope perch
  • Colorful cord
  • Good quality


  • Delicate plastic mirror
  • Useful for a single bird

Cupcake foraging toy

Cupcakes foraging toys are ever favorites for cockatiel. Mainly, these toys help with serving food to birds. Eventually, in curiosity, they take healthy food and play with it. No doubt, it is right that you can hang it in a cage. 

Reason to select

For nibbling and chewing, cockatiel wants a soft item. Although, this toy fulfills birds’ need to bite it. This is not harmful because of its natural and delicate texture. However, cockatiel feels mental happiness and satisfaction with cupcake toys and playing with bells. You can place a foraging ball in cups to give the cockatiel double happiness and comfort. For the mental peace of birds, try to fix it in a cage.


  • Natural material
  • Hanging capability at any place


  • Less durable

Ring and bell toy

Ring and bell toys are lengthy and long which gives an excessive space for climbing. Bright red, yellow, and blue shades make this item more preferable for cockatiel

Reason to select 

Due to plastic rings and copper bells, the product is long-lasting. However, cockatiel feels mental peace with the charming voice of bells. Yet, four rings are connected with rings connectors that make it tight. Also, the rings and bell toys are good products to make the birds busy.


  • Sturdy item
  • Colorful plastic rings


  • Not recommended for baby birds

Things to notice before buying Cockatiel toys

Sometimes, the appearance of an item is incredible and that imposes a person to buy. But just appearance and beauty make a product masterpiece. So following instructions are must notice before buying a cockatiel toy.

Hangable product

According to the cage, you should take the toy. If you have a playground toy, then never waste your budget to buy it again. Now it’s your turn to buy a hangable item. Ultimately, cockatiel birds love hanging toys more if they are not familiar with tough playing. For shy, inactive, and lonely birds, hanging items are perfectly suitable.

Foraging item

Undoubtedly, foraging toys fall in hangable ones. Cockatiel loves it because after shredding they feel satisfaction. So, the choice of foraging items for birds will never end to entertain them.

Chewable toy

Pet cockatiel or birds use their beak for nibbling and biting habits. That’s why cockatiels never feel satisfaction until they don’t get access to the biting product. You should be attentive about whether your selected product gives a permit for chewing. If yes, then nothing is better than this.  

Enduring product

Some products are not enduring but are a favorite of your birds. So, first of all, try to find a durable and beautiful one. However, the durable products show the quality of the product. But when you birds feel bored, then skip those items from the cage. So for your active, healthy, and playing birds, try to pick enduring products.

Quality and maintenance

Perhaps, the material should be natural and washable. Before taking a toy, analyze whether it is toxic-free. Besides, toxic items and artificial coloring destroy the cockatiel’s health badly. Although, wooden and high-quality plastic products are safe for cockatiels. 


Hopefully, you are successful in differentiating between the above items.  Undoubtedly, all the items are worthy because of their different specialties. According to quality, the best product is a colored wooden block toy that is connected with rope. Yet, plastic, wood, and jute rope are easy to wash. As you can fix the toy again in the cage after proper drying. 

Otherwise, the fungus may attack toys which are a serious danger for the bird’s throat. So, for foraging, the shredder ball is more recommended. For single birds, the mirror and perch toys are more accurate. Always make certain that the product should be chewable, durable, and quality-based.