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5 Healthy and must have best Pellets for Cockatiels

Mackenzie Gary

Birding, Cockatiel


Do you have a cockatiel at home and trying to find the best pills for you? If yes, then you should know what mistakes most people make. Mostly, people try different pellets and choose the one that their parrot likes best.

Even though it sounds right, it’s not! To put it more simply, let’s say you love eating pizza, but what if you start having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Will it be healthy? Obviously, the answer is no! This is what happens when you buy pellets. Make sure you give your cockatiel nutritional supplements, not just flavor enhancers.

Here are the 5 Best Pellets for Cockatiels:

  • Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Food
  • Harrison’s Bird Foods Adult Lifetime
  • ZuPreem Natural Pellets Bird Food for Medium Birds
  • Kaytee Exact Rainbow Premium Daily Nutrition 
  • LAFEBER’S Classic Avi-Cakes Pet Bird Food

And in the market, where every brand claims to have the best pellets for cockatiels, it can be difficult to find the best one for your cockatiels. Thus, we are going to help you with our reviews. After a lot of research, we have compiled this list of some of the best pellets that you can find in different budgets and categories.

No one likes to choose a pill for their cocktail and change it because they didn’t like it. That is why we are reviewing the top 5 pellets with the best reviews you can find.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Food:

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health takes the number 1 spot on this list. Because Kaytee is manufacturing pallets for cockatiels for more than 150 years, bird owners have trust in it, and it has an enormous number of loyal customers. In fact, it is not just popular because of the manufacturer’s history but due to its high quality. 

It’s made with fresh and healthy ingredients including sunflower, millet, canary grass seeds and more. This mix of ingredients brings a variety of textures, flavors and colors to your bird feeder. This way, your bird will get to taste a variety of tasty palettes in the feeder or cup.

Because it also contains omega-3s, pre- and probiotics, it will keep your bird’s brain and heart healthy, as well as improve its digestion.

In other words, it will keep your little cockatiel healthy, and you will also see a noticeable difference in your bird’s growth.

It will also make your bird’s skin and feathers look healthier than before. Your bird’s plumage will look much more vibrant and bright, and its antioxidants will take care of its general health and keep its immune system functioning to its full potential.

If you too have made up your mind to have them, you should know that 1/4 cup of Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health should be enough for a day. Giving your pet more than this will make them gain extra weight.

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Thus, since the cockatiel is prone to obesity, this would not be the best idea. However, keeping track of the amount they are eating will prevent this from happening.


  • The recipe includes Omega 3s, pre and probiotics to keep your bird healthy.
  • Offering a variety of texture, taste, and color to a single feeder.
  • Made up of fresh foods


  • Slight overeating may lead to obesity, especially for cockatiels. 

Harrison’s Bird Foods Adult Lifetime

Harrison’s is a well known company and trusted company for producing best pellets for cockatiels for the top higher end birds in the market. Since they are targeting the upper class of bird owners, they always assure that you get the best of the best pellets you can get in the market consequently. It also has higher prices as compared to its competitors or substitutes in the market.

But still, Harrison’s pellets are believed to be worth the extra money you will be paying to get them as they are one of the best pellets for cockatiels available in 2021.

These pellets are specially designed for cockatiels, your little bird will surely love them. In addition to taste, this also covers the important aspect of maintaining your bird’s health over time.

With the use of high quality and organic ingredients, it becomes the perfect daily food for birds. Moreover, the manufacturers do not use any sweeteners or artificial colors to make these pellets attractive to the customer. Instead, they focus on keeping it natural for best results.

Since it is not using any artificial preservatives, you will see a noticeable difference in the health of your cockatiel and its features will also become more vibrant and beautiful.

Additionally, the US government has also certified it as NOP. That way, you don’t have to worry about quality and with a few extra bucks, you’ll give your cockatiel what he likes the most.

  • Pros:
  • Improves your bird’s feather vibrancy.
  • No artificial color or taste.
  • Most cockatiels love its taste. 

ZuPreem Natural Pellets Bird Food for Medium Birds:

It is another one of the high in-demand pellets that are likely to stir your little buddy’s interest. ZUPREEM Natural Pellets is not just liked for taste, but it also has 5% crude fibre, 14% crude protein, and 4% fat, and these ingredients are enough to make your bird excited.

Moreover, it also comes with 10% of moisture to keep your little Cockatiels hydrated all day long. Most customers also gave positive reviews and praised that it has only 4% fat. 

If you’ve decided to get them, you should know that manufacturers recommend storing them in a cool, dry place. Also, make sure it is out of reach of any bugs or insects and reseal the package to keep the pellets safe.

Additionally, never leave these pellets in your bird feeder or cup for more than 2 hours as these pellets can dry out and will not be suitable for cockatiels to eat.

Unlike most pellets, they won’t make much of a mess. This being so, you won’t have to spend much time cleaning the cage. Thus, it will also make your life much easier.

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Most bird owners like to add a few peanuts and tree nuts to the pellet food. But, ZUPREEM Cockatiel Pellets come with both these nuts. In other words, they are perfect and complete food for your little cocktail at home.

However, a few buyers also mentioned that these pellets are a bit tougher than other options in the market. Thus, you may need to ground your birds before putting them in the feeder.

  • Pros:
  • These pellets are full of taste and healthy ingredients.
  • Will not make much mess in the cage.
  • Comes with less fat content.
  • Cons:
  • Slightly harder than most other options.
  • Keeping it in a bird’s feeder for more than 2 hours can make it dry.

Kaytee Exact Rainbow Premium Daily Nutrition 

If you are looking for a pellet to enhance your little bird’s feather and skin, the Kaytee Exact Rainbow is made just for you. It is made with premium ingredients to increase your Cockatiel’s skin and feathers.

Additionally, it also contains all the important nutrients that a cockatiel will need in its feeder to stay healthy. The presence of probiotics and prebiotics in this pill formula supports your pet’s digestive system.

In addition, the omega-3 content in the recipe will help the heart and brain function in a healthy manner. In other words, it is a complete food with all the nutrition you will need for your cute little bird.

Just like any other bird food, you only need to feed your cockatiel 1/4 cup of Kaytee Exact Rainbow a day. Since Kaytee Store is a well-known brand, people have trusted it, and most of their customers are loyal.

Because they see a noticeable difference in the health and plumage of their birds. Therefore, all their customers will recommend these pellets for your bird as well.

As its name suggests, Kaytee Exact Rainbow comes with rainbow colored pellets. Although they all taste the same, picky birds are likely to choose one or two specific colored pellets and ignore all others in the feeder.

Moreover, since its shape is different, many birds do not go near them. So, you can buy it in small quantity to check if your cockatiel likes it or not.


  • Enhances bird’s feather and skin.
  • Well sealed product packaging.
  • Good for digestive, brain and heart’s health.


  • Birds who do not like its colour will not go near it. 
  • Pickier birds may eat only one or two specific coloured pallets and ignore others.

LAFEBER’S Classic Avi-Cakes Pet Bird Food

Even though we ranked it at the bottom, it does not make it any less of the previous pellets we discussed. In contrast to all other pellets on the list, it is a blend of 50/50. It includes Lafeber’s classic includes both nutritionally balanced pellets and premium seeds to tick all the requirements a regular cockatiel would ever need. 

Most pet birds spend most of their time sitting in a cage. Although, they are caged, their nature of foraging from the ground does not change. Hence, these pellets come in a unique square shape. Lafebvre’s Classic will ensure that your little cockatiel gets a little exercise while lifting it off the ground.

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Because your bird’s health is their priority, it contains no artificial colors or flavors to attract buyers. These pallets are completely non-GMO and contain human grade ingredients to give you complete satisfaction.

In its formula, the presence of Omega 3 and 6 with antioxidants will take care of your cockatiel’s digestive and immune system. In other words, these pellets are the best pellets for cockatiels to keep your little cockatiel healthy and active inside the cage.

However, birds are also likely to make a lot of mess in the cage when these small squares break off and spread throughout the cage from the feeder.


  • Complete Nutritions
  • Square shaped (ideal for foraging)
  • prevents boredom in the cage


  • Birds may make a mess of these when broken up. 

Some information:

Choosing the perfect palette for cocktails can be difficult for most people, especially for those who have recently picked up a new cocktail. Thus, we decided to make your life easier and do the legwork for you. With our comprehensive buyer’s guide, you’ll know all the important aspects to look for when buying a palette for your cocktail.

Bird weight:

According to most cockatiel experts, you should keep a close eye on your bird’s weight. If he is constantly gaining weight, this is a red flag and you should change the pellets because if not, there is a risk of a major medical illness as a result of these pellets.

To keep a better eye, you can also feed them in a specific feeder to gauge how many pellets they are consuming on a daily basis.

Pellets or seeds for cockatiels:

Most cockatiels eat seeds at small intervals throughout the day. And since, most seeds are high in fat and low in vitamins, depending on your bird’s seeds, this may not be a good idea.

So, to create some balance, especially for small birds like cockatiels, pellets are great because they contain vitamins, protein along with healthy fats. Still, the ideal food for a cockatiel would be pellets with some seeds to keep their diet stable.

Are knives good for cockatiels? Cockatiels are good food for cockatiels. They add more nutrition to the bird’s diet. The change in the bird’s taste helps it to eat good and healthy food with better taste. You can use it as a specialty when taming a cocktail.


Choosing the best pill for cockatiels is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, you may need to try different pellets for cockatiels because they each have different tastes, and their bodies need different vitamins.

This also means that if your friend’s bird eats and likes a certain pellet, it doesn’t mean your cockatiel is going to like it either. Additionally, keep a close eye on your pet’s weight as rapid weight gain will make him medically ill and try to mix his food with a variety of seeds for best results.