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Reasons Not to Get a Cockatiel

Mackenzie Gary



There is a wealth of excellent parrot information available these days, and although much of it applies to cockatiels, every cockatiel owner will tell you that their bird is unique. This approach may seem biased, yet it is true. Cockatiels require several special concerns that new owners should be aware of so that they can provide the best care.

Cockatiels require a lot of attention.

There are a lot of things to do if you only get one Cockatiel. They are sociable creatures that cannot survive on their own. If they don’t have a bird friend, you have to be their friend. You can only do this if you have a full-time job.

Having a spacious cage and many toys is not enough. Keeping a Cockatiel requires at least an hour of your time every day.

I believe they deserve a lot of excellent care and outdoor exposure. Outside the cage, these birds have spent more time than inside it. They are sure to be in the cell when the sun sets, that’s the only time they will be in the cell.

Cockatiels are social birds that need a lot of time to spend with their owners in a group setting. If they don’t, they run the risk of becoming sad and even resorting to self-injurious behaviors like plucking their wings.

When we pointed out that cockatiels wanted attention, we were only drawing attention to the seriousness of the problem. Birds are recognized for their ability to communicate deeply with their owners.

If the bird is not given enough attention, it may suffer from depression. To be fair to this species, this is exactly the love and care it needs.

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Cockatiels require more attention than other birds, so keep that in mind before getting one. I can vouch for the value of a cockatiel as a pet, especially if you are willing to dedicate the time and effort necessary to care for one.

Seeing these exciting birds will make the whole family swoon at once.

Cockatiels are very messy.

Cockatiels are vile creatures. No matter how often you clean or vacuum, seeds and debris will always accumulate around their cage. As a wonderful bird keeper, you will definitely let your birds fly around the house if they can.

When this happens, there is always the possibility of debris falling onto your property. Cockatiels require more grooming than cats and dogs. Cockatiels and their cockatoo family cousins create more dust than other birds.

This is due to the way their feathers are grown and maintained. If you have a cockatiel in your home, you will need to dust more often.

Feathered species typically molt in warm weather like their hairy counterparts. Even if your bird isn’t shedding, it will groom, which is the task of polishing each feather with the beak until they are spotless.

What’s left is a material called Cockatiel dust that spreads over the area. This dust can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Understanding bird behavior is critical to closely observing a bird such as an eagle or an African bird. Cockatiels seem to have a fast metabolism, which contributes to their short stature.

As a result, the cage will become soiled with urine and feces more often than any other bird. Worse, the smell can permeate your entire home, spoil your appetite and put off your visitors.

Cockatiels are expensive.

Compared to parrots, cockatiels have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, while birds typically live only 3 to 8 years. Having a long-term companion is great, but it also means that you will need more money and time to care for a younger bird than if you had one.

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If you want to keep a bird for your hobby, you will need to budget for the bird’s growth over time. You should be prepared for it.

A bird is usually the cheapest factor in owning a bird. Also, an expensive but high-quality fly cage and perches made of natural materials such as rope or minerals, you will need to spend a significant amount of money.

Toys, eating utensils and cuttlebones fall into this category. To prepare kaat, you will need fresh vegetables and high-quality seeds. Finding an avian vet in your area can be difficult, and vet fees can be expensive.

Cockatiels are loud.

Cockatiels, especially males, are known for their wild nature. It is common to hear their calls early in the morning, especially in remote areas. As a morning person, this can be an unnerving experience.

In general, female birds are more subdued, but no two birds are the same, so don’t base your decision solely on the assumption that a female bird will calm you down.

Even a well-behaved cockatiel will scream from time to time, although it won’t be as loud as the 135 dB scream of the Malukuan cockatoo. You may hear the whistling sound of an angry thunderclap. When I lived in an apartment with my bird, no one ever complained, but their crying was rather constant, and some people couldn’t stand it at all.

No matter how many words a parrot says, the bird can make your ears ring with its high-pitched screams when it is upset or angry. The long and loud scream is impossible to silence.

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To avoid this, your cockatiel must be constantly happy. Additionally, if it is agitated, the scream can last for a long time. Don’t bother messing with your Cockatiel if you don’t know what to expect.

Cockatiels are laying a lot of eggs.

Inevitably, a female cockatiel will produce eggs at some point if you have one. Regardless of whether a cockatiel has a lover or not, she can still make her own eggs.

If they lay too many eggs or are not provided with adequate food, there is the potential for significant problems, including egg binding and bloat for cockatiels, so monitor the health of the birds and treat them appropriately.

Feeding is very important. These problems can be fatal, so your pet needs immediate medical attention.

If your cockatiel’s cage receives 12 hours or more of direct sunlight per day, it can produce eggs. The best way to keep his cage out of direct sunlight for more than half of the day is to move it to another part of the house.


Now you’ve learned everything you need to know about why people don’t want to own cockatiels from this post. A bird lover will surely fall in love with cockatiels. While cockatiels have their pros and cons, there are some drawbacks that you will have to put up with. So that was all about reasons not to buy a Cockatiel.