How to stop cockatiel from biting?

Keeping pet birds at home and making a stronger bond with them is a popular determination. Yet, a cockatiel is beautiful and entertains its owners with their funny activities. However, aggressiveness, anger, and the act of biting are not deniable in cockatiel. Therefore, safety measures are important to save fingers, ears, and hands from biting.  … Read more

Lovebirds VS Cockatiel – Difference – Which should you prefer?

Having small birds at home is normal but differentiating them is hard enough. So, what about those parrots who look the same? Definitely, there are lots of distinctions in color and size. It matters which one is suitable for better companionship, peaceful for home, and less aggressive.  In this article, we will cover all aspects … Read more

10 things to put in a cockatiel cage

So, you are all geared up to bring home your new pet. Excitement is through the roof. You are dreaming of creating a bond with your birdy friend. But hold it! Buying a pet is not just about fun and play. You need to look after them with care too. They are entering a new … Read more