How to help a dying cockatiel?

 Cockatiels are very loving and caring Birds You have spent a lot of time with them. a strong bond has developed between both of you. he loves to play with you and you both spend time with each other and enjoy the moments.

Seeing your bird dying in front of you is a very sad and heartbreaking moment. If you want your bird to die in comfort here are some tips that will have you comfort your dying Cockatiel.

  • Give your cockatiel a warm environment
  • Don’t hold your bird with uncovered hands
  • Off all the bright lights
  • keep the risky pets away
  • Separate him from other fellows
  • Feed him soft food
  • Create a stress-free environment
  • Do Not Yell at him for his negative behavior
  • Give cockatiel water to avoid dehydration
  • Don’t make noise around your cockatiel

Can you save your bird from dying or is he just ill? you have to implement all these steps carefully. if anything has been done wrongly you can hurt your bird unintentionally. let’s dive into the details.

How to help a dying Cockatiel at home?

Being a cheap pet some people ignore their sickness and let them, Dye. Those Harsh people left them in a hard time. actually, those people buy just for the sake of decoration. you are here because you love your cockatiel and not leave him in his death time.

At this time first, you have to keep yourself strong and have to help your bird with proper care.

 Provide Cockatiel a warm environment 

Too much warm temperature can discomfort your bird. it should be not so cold or hot. you have to maintain an optimum temperature of 21 to 28 C. although the recommended temperature is 24 C

 If you are using a heater keep it away from your bird. A better option is to provide a heating lamp for a pad. also do not place your bird close to the Fire.

 You can analyze the optimum temperature by looking at his body if the bird is fluffed up it means he needs a warm temperature. By fluffing up he is trying to trap the air to keep his body warm. Moreover, you can use the thermometer to know his body temperature.

 We are doing this Cuz at this moment he needs to preserve his energy. The more energy he would save the more it is used for other activities of the body. when he gets the normal temperature he gets comfortable.

Off All the unusual lights

Birds in the wild always look for dark places to hide from predators. he considers himself safe in that environment. So keep the lights dim the bird will feel safe and it will help him to reduce his stress levels/

  also, try to place the cage away from the window. you can place curtains in front of the Windows to avoid direct sunlight. the room should not be totally dark. there should be enough light that you can see your bird.

 Do not grab your bird with bare hands 

The bird is a week now he cannot move by himself. you have to Grab him in order to feed him or in order to give him medicine. there are some diseases that can spread from birds to humans like Psittacosis. At this time you have to Grab him with the blanket.

 The blanket is soft and will comfort your bird more. at this time we don’t have to discomfort him. We have to look at even the minor detail

Keep other pets away

 Dogs and cats are natural predators of cockatiels. if you are a bird and don’t have good relations with these pets it is better to keep them away .If the bird is ill and he failed to hide in the wild he always got attacked by the Predators.

 So every bird in the world tries to read himself or keep his presence away from the natural predators. these predators naturally boost their stress levels as they get discomfort in their company. your pets might not kill you but it may increase their stress levels which is a source of the disturbance.

 But if your cat and dog have strong bonding relations with each other their process will not hurt your cockatiel instead it will be comfortable for him. if dogs and cats are disturbing him it is better to keep your cockatiel in another day.

Separate him from other fellows.

 You might have a family of birds that are living in the same cage in the same room. if you don’t know what is the cause of the dying Cockatiel you should keep your other Birds away from him there are chances that other Birds may get the sickness.  

 Other fellows will also disturb the dying Bird. Cockatiels are always disturbing as they are very naughty. At this stage, it is better for the dying Bird to stay alone.

 Try to make a peaceful environment

Everyone needs peace in this world. He didn’t want to be disturbed. A noisy environment can boost their stress levels they need a calm and soothing environment. if the cage is close to the Window where he is getting the no you should move his cage to another room to close the window.

 keep your children away from the small kids open and make a huge noise. if your bird has a strong attachment with the kid. let him talk with the bird.

After spending a lot of years you both gain the trust of each other. both of you love to spend time with each other. your presence will comfort him go and talk with your bird. he may not give you any response but your presence may comfort him.

 if you are noticing that he is getting the discomfort by having your presence it is better to go away.

 Feed dying cockatiel soft food

 The first thing that gets upset is the stomach when the bird is ill. at this time he will not eat anything. you have to feed him by yourself. if he would remain hungry he will get weaker Try to give him a soft food that is easily digestible.

 Cockatiels are fruit lovers you can give him the mashed banana which is a lot more nutritious than other foods crushed pellets with the mixture of fruit juice boiled egg and pellet seeds are easily digestible. 

You can give him a Pedialyte if we avoid eating. this would stimulate his hunger and will urge him to eat food. first giving him a spoon if he is not eating a strange would be a better option 

You have to hand feed him slowly if you never hand feed your bird you can talk with the vet or to the bird owners who have experience with tube feeding.

Give him water to avoid dehydration 

When the bird is sick, he avoids drinking water. it leads to dehydration. appetite loss is the symptom of dehydration. water is essential for proper metabolism to work. If they will not get enough water their digestion will get disturbed they become lazy and lose the energy to do daily activities.

 Too many watery poops can also lead to a deficiency of water. You should feed them water by yourself. if they are too sick you can use a syringe the to fulfill Water requirements

 Make a stress-free environment 

Cockatiel having stress issues can be sicker. You have to adjust the environment according to their peace. If your bird seems disturbed by the noise, remove it.

If he scares by the other pets or other aggressive birds keep them away. Try to keep all your activities and movements in the rooms slow. Do any work very carefully as it should not disturb his sleep. There should be proper ventilation if it’s summer. Direct sunlight and heat must be avoided. Placing in front of a fire may increase their stress levels.

Don’t yell at him. Talk to him softly Keep the surroundings quiet.

Don’t scream loud at dying cockatiel

At this time your cockatiel is just counting his last days. He may get more moody. When you try to grab him he may peck at you. His behavior may become aggressive. Biting may be common for him. You should avoid all his negative behavior because his sickness makes him do so.

His mood might change. Do not yell at him for this behavior or don’t try to punish him. Everything done to him should be careful.

Symptoms of dying cockatiel

Sometimes your bird is just sick and you are interpreting it wrong. These little creatures can live up to 25 years if properly cared or they didn’t get a disease attack. They can live up to 15-16 years on average. Cockatiels hide their sickness. You have to look at the symptoms closely.

Here are the symptoms of the dying cockatiel:

  • Dying cockatiel may remain quite
  • Try to hide themselves
  • May stay at the bottom of the cage
  • Heavy breathing
  • Avoid sitting on the perch
  • Cockatiels don’t play
  • Don’t eat anything
  • Their poops changes
  • .Their feathers look unhealthy

How do cockatiels usually die?

Cockatiels usually die of old age. Pulmonary sarcocystosis is a common disease among cockatoos families. Sudden death in cockatiels can be due to toxins, virus spells, or problems with the organ.

Their eyes remain open when they die.

Can you save a dying cockatiel?

When you feel your bird is dying, immediately take him to the vet. He will analyze the cause of their illness. If he can spot the main cause, proper medication can save his life.

If death would be written in his fate he has to die even without his illness.

Do cockatiels die easily? It depends upon the disease. Sometimes they die very suddenly without any difficulty but sometimes illness makes them stay for days which may hurt them. Although you can help a dying cockatiel by providing him with a comfortable environment.

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