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Pied cockatiel – Helpful guide with pictures

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Cockatiels are loving birds and they are present in almost every bird lover’s home. They require less maintenance and are easy to handle. There are many variations in them. All variations of this bird are the result of mutations. The pied cocktail is the most common variety; It first originated in 1951, Dr. D. Putman from the United States established the mutation in colors.

When the first bird of this type was born, people began experimenting to create more birds for cocktails. Lutino Cocktails was at number two and then a series of operations started after that.

The appearance of pied cockatiel

It has brown wings and yellow body. There is an orange spot under the eyes on the sides of the mouth. It has brown iris and black pupils.

Pied cockatiels result from mutations in the original gray cockatiel, there are two types of mutation, the heavy pied cockatiel and the mild pied cockatiel. Heavy brindle cockatiels should contain 75% ripe color while light white cockatiels should have less than 10% color. There is also another type referred to as a clear pied. If there are no dark features it would be named as a pied cocktail.

Pied cockatiel size 

The bird can get bigger up to 12 inches and an average weight may be from 3 to 4 Ounces 

Pied cockatiel lifespan

This is a simple kettle whose color is completely different from other birds. Pied cockatiels live for 15 – 25 years. The average life span is 15 years, but if the bird is properly cared for and free of disease or genetic defects, the lifespan can extend to 25 or more.

They are long term friends. If you want someone to stay with you for a long time, Cocktail should be your first choice.

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Temperament of pied cockatiel

Cockatiels are loving and caring birds. They are usually not aggressive. Most of the time they would love to play with you. If you have a strong bond with them, they will miss you when you are not there. In some cases, they’ll make noises when you leave the room.

Domestication is easy but it takes time. Some birds may show aggressive behavior if you mistreat them. The overall environment has a great influence on them. Birds may start to intimidate you if you show aggressive behavior towards them. Do not scold your bird to improve its behavior. There are various techniques you can adopt to train them peacefully.

These birds share their feelings easily. They are intelligent birds and can easily learn tricks. Remember, just like humans, a pied cockatiel shares a variety of behaviors. You cannot judge an entire species from just one bird. In short, Pied Cockatiels are peaceful. Some can be loud and some can be calm.

Pied cockatiels Care

Pied cockatiels do not require any special care. In fact, it’s easier to take care of them if you don’t always need them to be there. Keeping two cockatiels in a cage can help them enjoy it. You can provide toys to them by visiting your office or workplace. They are less prone to diseases.

If you want to build a strong relationship with your bird, don’t buy a companion. Once he builds a strong bond with you, he will love spending time with you. You always have to be there for him. If you are a busy person then you should help him by providing him another bird.

When you have two birds in a cage, they can be difficult to tame because they will prefer to spend time with each other. Firstly, you can separate them and then form different bonds with them. Once trust is developed, you can bring them back together. After this they will come to you and sit on your shoulders and head.

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One more thing they defecate a lot. You have to clean that mess properly. If they are in a cage you can put a sheet on the bottom of the cage, this will make it easier for you to clean that stuff. On an average, they defecate after every 10 to 20 minutes.

They produce dust to keep their feathers clean. To reduce this, you will need to bathe them frequently. Bathing no more than three times per week is recommended.

Providing them with toys can keep them busy. He would love to play with them. It is good for his training. Also it helps them to get rid of their boredom.

A bigger cage is always better. Its length should be more. At least its height should be 2 feet. The spacing between cages should be less than ¾ inch to prevent them from escaping.

Can they speak?

 One more important feature they share is that they have the ability to talk. They cannot speak much but you can tell them some words like hello, what are you doing, I am home, I love to be here, thanks for coming. you can teach them anything that is small in length 

Diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition are the same as are eaten by other cockatiels. seed should not be more than 30% of their diet. Although you can feed them pellets that are available in the market. pellets are enough to fulfill their reach and requirements. fruits can also be given to them. Oranges, melon, grapefruit, papaya, kiwi, mangoes, and seasonal fruits like apple grapes, bananas, and berries are loved to be eaten by them. 

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They can also feed on vegetables like carrot, beet greens, dried tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and turnip greens 


 The price of pied Cockatiel ranges from 110 to 170 dollars. The price depends upon the behavior, age, and temperament of the bird.

Are pied cockatiels friendly?

Pied cockatiels are friendly. You can train them to sit on your hands and shoulders with little effort. Building trust with pied is easy. You can make them your long-lasting friend with proper care. If you disturb them or fail to do their proper training they can be aggressive.

Are pied cockatiels rare?

Pied cockatiels are not rare. They are the fastest-growing variation of the cockatoo family. The majority of the bird owners have this species. You can get them easily from the nearer pet stores.

What does pied mean in cockatiels?

In grammar pied means multicolored. It is the first variation in the species of this bird. As it has 2-3 colors so it was named a pied cockatiel. (My thoughts. There is no authentic information related to this, I found)

 Are pied cockatiels female?

There are both male and female genders present in this mutation. This is a proper family and has the ability to lay eggs in which both males and females are present.

How can you tell if a cockatiel is pied? 

The pied cockatiel is multicolored. It has an orange spot on the cheeks below the eyes. Grayish feathers, dark pupils, and brown iris. Pied cockatiels can be visually sexed


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