How to Make a Cockatiel Happy?

Cockatiels are highly sociable birds who form a good bond with their owners provided they are happy and satisfied. Cockatiels just like other animals want to feel good about themselves and their environment. However, new owners might find it difficult to understand their cockatiels’ behavior and they struggle a lot to keep their birds happy..

You can make your cockatiel happy by offering him toys, perches, and a partner. Giving him a bath a few times a week can also be a source of entertainment. A comfortable and peaceful environment will keep your cockatiel calm and anxiety free.

Cockatiels’ happiness can be achieved by focusing on a five-freedom approach and caring for them adequately. This article will discuss the five-freedom approach and some essential tips to make your cockatiel happy and cheerful. So, let’s begin.

1. Follow five freedom concept rules to keep cockatiels happy

The five-freedom approach is valued as a gold standard in bringing about an animal’s welfare and happiness. It encompasses both physical and mental wellbeing of animals and focuses on the following 5 domains:

  • Free from thirst and hunger.
  • Free of pain and suffering.
  • Free from stress and fear.
  • Free to express.
  • Free of discomfort.

Cockatiels feel happy when they are treated well. The environmental enrichment offered by the five-freedom approach elevates cockatiel’s happiness and life satisfaction. If you provide him nutritious food on time; the cockatiel’s health will be ensured. If he gets ill and you care for him properly; his immune system will get better and he will return to health after a few days. Cockatiels feel happy in the presence of a healthy environment.

Therefore, make sure your bird doesn’t get fearful, especially at night, and has peace of mind. Cockatiels also like to express themselves; therefore, as an owner, you must provide him opportunities to express themselves. For instance, via playful activities, dancing, or otherwise. You must ensure that your cockatiel is comfortable in his place with no fear and stress. If you focus on this five-freedom approach; your bird will definitely feel happy and satisfied. You can also incorporate the following tips into your daily routine to make your bird happy.

2. Never overlook his physical or mental health.

Physical and mental health are requirements for ensuring the bird’s satisfaction. If your bird is suffering from a disease; make an effort to visit the nearest vet. Also, monitor your bird’s health and if there are any serious symptoms like lack of sleep, sudden weight loss, self-mutilation, or others; care for your bird properly.

Always feed your bird a healthy and nutritious diet so that it doesn’t fall ill. If the bird is given a healthy diet, his immune system will get stronger and it will easily combat infections and germs coming in the bird’s way. Ensure your bird’s health so that he has no feeling of discomfort. Remember, a healthy bird is a happy bird; therefore, make an effort to protect your bird’s health.

3. Play with your cockatiel

Cockatiels like to get entertained. Let your cockatiel stretch his wings when he comes out of the cage. Engage him in playful activities so that he can enjoy his day. Give him plenty of toys, like manipulative toys, puzzle games, destructible toys, etc. Play interactive games with your cockatiel. Introduce him to new foods in new ways and train your bird to learn new things.

Best toys for cockatiels- Guide

These healthy activities foster creativity and fun in the bird’s life and they find their daily experience quite interesting as well as challenging.

4. Feed quality seeds and rations to keep a cockatiel entertained

Quality seeds and rations are dominant sources of treats for cockatiels. They also help in preventing malnutrition, which can otherwise result in serious problems for them. Choose seeds and rations that ensure freshness and have mixed proportions. You can consider choosing canary seeds, oats, wheat, rice, Niger seeds, linseeds, cereals, grasses, etc. Whatever you may choose; make sure that your cockatiel eats a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Best pellets that cockatiel loves

5. Treat your bird with affection

Cockatiels feel happy when they are treated with kindness and affection. Treat your cockatiel with kindness and make him feel special. Socialize with your bird and be patient while the bird adjusts to the new environment. Always approach him slowly and keep your voice tone low during the interaction. Offer him his favorite treat to maintain his interest.

Hold and pet your cockatiel slowly and gradually. The cockatiel is a wonderful pet and likes to be in a good mood, provided he is well-cared for.  

6. Give him a comfortable environment.

Cockatiels are easy-going birds provided they are given a comfortable environment. Give your cockatiel an environment that is quiet and has no sources of stress in it. Always place a night light in your cockatiel’s place to prevent him from night frights. A comfortable environment helps cockatiels to relax, feel motivated, and be in a good mood.  

Get the right-sized cage for your cockatiel where your bird can easily spread its wings. Give him a spacious cage to elevate his sense of satisfaction. Give him a comfortable environment that can assure his self-growth. Also, make him enjoy a spot of sunbathing whenever you get the chance. Natural sunlight is important for cockatiels’ health and general wellbeing. During winters daylight lamps can be used to provide them with an adequate source of sunlight.

Sleep Guide for cockatiels

Sufficient sleep is highly important for cockatiels’ good functioning. Cockatiels like to sleep in a quiet and dark place. Make sure that you give enough sleep to your cockatiel to keep him happy and healthy. Cockatiels require 10-12 hours of a good night’s sleep along with daytime naps. Keep your cockatiel’s cage in an area away from noisy places so that he can rest properly and feel energetic after waking up.

7. Install some perches in the cage.

Install some perches in the cage so that your cockatiel can jump or walk around the cage. Also, if possible, consider choosing a rectangular cage over the circular one.  In doing so; it would be easy to install more perches and the cockatiel will be able to fly in between the perches, too. Here are some good tips in this regard:

  • Avoid concrete perches to protect your bird. The perches shouldn’t be hard on the bird’s feet. Instead, they should facilitate the bird’s leg problems or enhance their power of mobility.  
  • Position the perches appropriately so that your cockatiel can freely walk or jump around the cage.
  • Avoid perches made of oak trees. They are not safe for cockatiels and might harm them.

8. Provide bathing options to make your cockatiel happy.

Bathing provides both mental and physical stimulation. Cockatiels like to bathe; therefore, you must provide some bathing options to your cockatiel to maintain his interest. Your cockatiels must be allowed to bathe as often as he likes to. Make him bathe in a cockatiel bathtub made of sturdy plastic material. Your cockatiel might also like to bathe under flowing water, like in case of a shower or otherwise. Give him different bathing options so that he enjoys every bit of it.   

Cockatiel bathe guide

9. Consider choosing another cockatiel for his company:

Cockatiels are sociable birds who like to feel enchanted in others’ presence. If you have a busy work schedule and find it hard to interact with your bird quite often; then, consider choosing another cockatiel. Place his cage separate from the other cockatiel so that any traces of his illness can be gauged. Do this for at least 90 days and place both cockatiels in separate cages far apart from each other. After this time; you can move the birds’ cages close to one another. With frequent interactions between both cockatiels, you will see your cockatiel will easily bond with the new one.  

Final Thoughts:

Cockatiels, just like other social beings, want to feel happy. The scientific evidence suggests that happiness is directly linked to better health, reduced stress, and lowered pain, and suffering. Never lose an opportunity to make your bird feel happy. Care for his mental and physical wellbeing to add more to his life. We hope that you have benefitted from the given information and they will prove favorable to your bird.







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