Are Cockatiels Good Pets For Beginners?

Curiosity for taking a cockatiel is genuine, but some issues to be recognized. So, is a cockatiel a good pet for beginners? Every cockatiel expert caretaker was a beginner. But what should be the exact facts to know before bringing a cockatiel? Hobbies or interests to spend lonely moments with pets can’t make you bored. 

Therefore, congested places and limited access make a cockatiel discomfiting. Yet, cages are essential before taking a pet, but not enough for their nourishment. Allocation, surrounding area, and budget are other affairs. However, mutual understanding between cockatiel and humans is beneficial for both.

Hence, lots of aspects will be debated below that are valuable for every pet lover. Let’s see to know if you have all the accessories.

Recognize matters for beginners before bringing a cockatiel 

Nevertheless, a cockatiel is a pleasing option because of their social behavior. Certainly, cockatiel doesn’t want your extra time but needs some concentration. Make sure about your cockatiel life span and your free time, before carrying cockatiels at your home. 

Allocation for Cage adjustment

For newbies pet caretakers, the allocation for cage adjustment is on precedence. Without a suitable or excessive place, cockatiel cannot live cheerfully. However, open and unrestricted areas would be a plus point for taking a cockatiel. According to the parrot bird, you should decide on an appropriate corner of your home. 

Moreover, cages are for security from predators and work as a peaceful home for birds. A single cockatiel requires a small cage, which can be adjustable in an indoor area. Likewise, a pair needs a large enclosure that is fixable at safe outdoor sight. You should;

  • Avoid keeping the cage near television or radio. Hence, cockatiel loves to hear music for a limited time. It can annoy your bird to place its cage in a noisy area. 
  • Fix cockatiel cage in an uncongested room for their free movement. At a limited place, they cannot meet fresh air and are unable to perform the exercise. A separate room provides them with outdoor activities to seek training.
  • Distance between cages and windows is a must to avoid direct sunlight. However, it can help maximum passage of air and expel heat. 

Take a look at your busy routine

Leaving a cockatiel alone is not an appreciated act. Perhaps, it will be difficult for you to save some time for your cockatiel. In this instance, you should analyze your working and free hours. If you are doing a busy job, you should not play with a cockatiel. No doubt, they want your time to play. 

Also, birds look for sympathy for a hygienic environment and getting fresh food daily. But for alone and less busy persons, birds can help to provide mental leisure. You should give;

  • Maximum time in a day
  • Provide fresh food daily after saving your time from your busy routine
  • Change water from the water bath
  • Give them time to observe their owner for prompt relations

Hence, if you commit to handling the above points, then cockatiels are a good pet for you. 

Surrounded area

Surrounded areas of the cage counted for starter cockatiel lovers. Perhaps, the cockatiel doesn’t like overcrowded and polluted areas. You are obliged to keep cockatiel as a beginner if you have fumes and dust-free space. However, you can select the dining table areas to interact with a cockatiel. 

Yet, birds need maximum oxygen due to their fast metabolism. In this regard, choose the place near open doors and windows. A calm, secure, and stress-free environment makes you a good caretaker for a cockatiel. 

  • Retain your area calm and cool because it is safe for cockatiel’s mental health.
  • Find out the place where cockatiel will interact with people.
  • Due to feathers, cockatiels need cool air to retain freshness in summer. However, ceiling fans help to keep them dry from sweat. Try to turn off fans during cockatiel outdoor access.

Your budget for taking pets

Budget is another trouble with all other factors. Factly, you need enough yearly amounts to nourish a single cockatiel. However, a pair requires double care. If you are a student and not doing any job, it will be a very difficult task to raise a cockatiel. So, before thinking about cockatiel nourishment, you should:

  • Keep your budget high to buy quality food and toys. Because it will maintain their health and keep them active. 
  • You should spend your expenses on the convenient, large, and roomy cage. Ultimately cages allow them comfort and security.
  • Buy toys according to cockatiel age and sensitive beak. Otherwise, less expensive and poor-quality toys will be toxic for cockatiel.

Cockatiel essentials

Assuredly, cockatiel wants variety to live healthily and merrily. Just a variety of food cannot entertain a cockatiel. You can be happily ready if cockatiel meet all essentials like; 

  • A hygienic cage to get rid of bacterias
  • Toys for keeping enthusiastic and smart
  • Bathing tubs to retain shiny and nourishing
  • Food feeders to lure cockatiel towards food
  • Perches to meet chewing habit
  • Clean environment to grow them fast and extend their lifespan
  • A well-spaced area to roam and fly freely 

Weaned cockatiel 

Factly, without a mother, baby birds don’t eat healthily and feel the stress of swallowing. The weaned cockatiel is for those who want a baby cockatiel. Ultimately, if you are willing to hand-feed a cockatiel, then you can take weaned one. Otherwise, cockatiel will die with ignorance or improper care. You should offer;

  • 7-8 hours daily for weaned birds to entertained them
  • Check them after every hour whether they are active or not
  • Give them soft food to easily engulfing

Your personality for pets

Cockatiel creates a mess if they feel lonely, unhappy, and unsatisfied. Cockatiel’s messy behavior is just due to owners’ mistakes. If birds feel unhygienic, messy, and overcrowded in areas, they make noise. Hence, they make sounds in various conditions like happiness, curiosity, and anger. 

  • So, for those who like calm around them, then keep avoiding to take cockatiel. 
  • Be patient with your birds and allow them freedom. 

Why is cockatiel the right choice for starters?

If you have successfully won in all the above factors, then cockatiel is the right choice for you. A cockatiel is preferable for starters due to its unique characteristics. 

Longer life span

Due to cockatiel’s longer life span, beginners can prefer them. A cockatiel can live a maximum of about 20 years. If you buy a baby cockatiel, then it is a good advantage for you. 

Easily tamed

Other than every bird, cockatiel can skillfully tame. They are sharp and quick learners. That’s why you don’t need maximum time for their training. 


A cockatiel can observe its owners easily. However, they are talkative and easily interact with others. Mainly, cockatiel requires a time of 7-8 months to talk with its caretaker. Moreover, a cockatiel is adequate for a friendless and desolate person. 

Is it hard to keep a cockatiel?

For experts, it is not hard to keep a cockatiel. But talking about starters, it is possible to keep a cockatiel at home. You can nourish babies as well as mature ones with some instruction, training, and according to cockatiel taste. When you will provide all the necessary things to cockatiel as a beginner, they will easily be tame.

Are cockatiels good family pets?

Factly, a cockatiel is a good family pet due to its affectionate and cuddly nature. They are social pets and want humans to talk with them. Nevertheless, cockatiels are active and small, which is adjustable indoors. But before training, they become dangerous for children. Besides their social habits, they are irritated due to the crowd. Shortly, they are the best pets for the family and easily become good friends.

Does a cockatiel feel lonely?

Yet, It is not unsure that cockatiel feels lonely but not due to its mate. Birds want the attention and care of their owners. So, cockatiel will never be bored if you will provide your full time to them. Although, they enjoy humans’ company and show their affections with cuddling. In another sense, they feel annoyed if you are not able to play with cockatiel and fail to provide them food. To entertain your cockatiel, try to give them a mate to get rid of their loneliness. 

Final words

Shortly, this explained article covers all the concepts about cockatiel pets for a starter. Yet, a cockatiel is a good pet for everyone, even for an expert. Moreover, cockatiel has a longer life that makes beginners fade up from their care. Besides, with bonding, you will enjoy the cockatiel-loving company.  It will be injustice with cockatiel if you have just one congested room.

They will not meet fresh oxygen and feel suffocated with the overloaded place. Moreover, weaned cockatiel can stay without their mother, and beginners can efficiently handle them. Yet, cockatiels are good family pets to treat them with kindness. Even though don’t ignore your cockatiel due to your busy routine. With your kindness, it’s easy to get a cockatiel for you. 






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