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Can pigeons eat rice? Is it bad?

Mackenzie Gary



Rice is good for humans, but does it have the same benefits for birds? Or will the birds explode if they eat like this?

The owner of the pigeons takes great care of them. They keep them, protect them and feed them like their own children. They do research before giving any kind of food to avoid any complications. Same case for rice.

Can pigeons eat rice? Pigeons can eat rice. There is no evidence that rice will make pigeons and doves explode. They can easily digest it. Feeding them rice daily may not be a good choice. Although they like to eat it.

You may hear the myth that feeding birds rice will make them explode. Is this myth true? Will feeding pigeons with rice cause their stomachs to burst?

You can feed rice to pigeons without any hesitation. There is no scientific evidence that pigeons will fly like a bomb after eating rice. It is safe for them. This is just a myth. You can also feed them oats but there is a different way for it.

Does rice spread in the stomachs of pigeons?

Rice, when cooked, expands its weight up to three times its original weight. For example, 40 grams of uncooked rice grows to 114 grams.

Some people say that when pigeons eat rice, it causes their stomachs to expand, which is the main reason they burst and eventually die.

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Rice really expands in hot water. This is due to the presence of starch in rice. It has a semi-crystalline structure that will crack when heated in water. The rice will absorb water which is the main reason for the rice to expand up to three times its original weight and size.

When pigeons and doves eat uncooked rice, digestion begins as soon as the food reaches their stomachs. Even when the pigeons drink water afterwards, there is no time to spread the rice. Moreover, the temperature inside the stomach is not enough to heat the water because hot water causes the rice to grow in size.

Pigeons can milk, here is how.

Why are pigeons fed rice?

Pigeons gain weight by overeating. This happens mostly with birds in the house. When you don’t allow space to fly, there’s no way to burn calories, which results in weight gain. Rice is a good way to lose weight when included in their diet.

Did you know? Pigeons are considered as pests of rice in some countries of Asia as they steal rice from the farmer’s crop. Rice lovers

Rice is an excellent choice to reduce the fat of pigeons and doves. It helps reduce weight. Also, it is an important source of carbohydrates.

Pigeons eating rice

How do you feed rice to pigeons to help them lose weight?

Cook rice in water. Do not add salt because salt is poisonous to birds. This can disturb the electrolytes in the bird which can cause dehydration and other problems in the bird.

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Feed them cooked rice daily for a week. Then one day of rice and one day of other food to maintain nutrition. Pigeons will love to eat rice.

There are lot of other foods pigeons can eat.

How to cook rice for birds?

Take rice and water in the ratio of 1.5 to 1 respectively. For example, if you are taking 150 grams of rice, the water should be 100 grams (for long grain white rice). Wash and soak the rice in water for 30 minutes or more before cooking. (More time is better).


It removes excess starch from the rice so it will not be sticky and takes less time to cook. Cook until all the water is absorbed by the rice. Brown rice requires more water than white long-grain rice and takes longer to cook.

How to tell when the rice is done?

After about 12 minutes, the rice is drained or when all the water is absorbed by the rice. Check if the rice is hard in the center then it is raw. Add 1/4 or 1/8 more water. Cook it for an additional 3-5 minutes on low flame if the rice is soft then it is cooked.

Can baby pigeons eat rice?

Pigeons can eat cooked rice but it is advised not to feed them until they are 20 days old. Rice is not as nutritious. In the early days, the baby needs more nutrients with less food. So try to give foods that are healthy and nutritious but need less because they have a small stomach.

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You can take care of pigeons at home too.

Read this article for a complete diet plan for abandoned baby pigeons.


  • Boil the rice in clean water.
  • Do not add salt while cooking. Salt is poisonous to birds. This can dehydrate them.
  • Cool the rice before serving it to your bird.
  • Don’t just feed your pigeon rice. Add some more food. This is because too much rice over a long period of time can affect your bird’s health. The diet should also contain a mixture of grains, seeds and fruits.

Final thoughts

Is rice good for pigeons? Rice does not harm the health of pigeons, they like it very much, it is not harmful as long as it is eaten in moderate quantities, it is good to feed them rice..

Pigeons can eat long white rice as well as brown rice. They can also eat both cooked and uncooked rice.

A few years ago, people traditionally throw rice at the newly married couple. After that, some rumors spread the news that this rice bursts with bird food. Since then there is a demand for this myth and people stop throwing rice. But this myth has put an end to a false tradition which is a good thing.