Do pigeons eat rice

Can pigeons eat rice? Is it bad?

Rice are good for humans but do they have same benefits for birds? Or birds will explode if they eat so?

The owner of pigeons takes care of them a lot. They keep them, protect them and give them food as their babies. To avoid any complications they research before giving them any kind of food. Same case for the rice.

Can pigeons Eat rice? Pigeons can eat rice. There is no evidence that rice will explode the doves and pigeons. They can easily digest it. Feeding them rice daily might be not a good choice. Although they love to eat it.

You may hear the myth that feeding rice to Birds will explode them. Is that myth true? Will feeding rice to pigeons will explode their stomach?

You can feed rice to pigeons without any hesitation. There is not any scientific evidence that pigeons will blow like bombs after eating rice. It is safe for them. It is just a myth.

Do Rice expands in pigeons stomach?

Rice, when cooked, increased its mass up to three times to its original weight. For example, 40g uncooked rice expands to 114g.

Some people say when pigeons eat rice, it will expand their stomach that is the main cause that they explode and ultimately die.

Rice indeed expands in heated water. It is because of the presence of starch in the rice. It has a semi-crystalline structure that will explode when heated in water. The rice will absorb water which is the main cause of expanding rice up to three times its original weight and size.

When pigeons and doves eat uncooked rice, digestion starts immediately as food reaches their stomach. Even when the pigeons drink water after that, the rice has no time to expand. Moreover, the temperature inside the stomach is not enough to heat the water, as hot water is the cause of the increasing size of rice.

Why feed rice to pigeons?

Pigeons gains weight due to overeating. This mostly happens with the birds 🐦 in the home. When you don’t give space to fly, there is no way of burning calories which in turn causes weight gain. Rice is a good way to reduce weight when added to their diet.

Did you know? Pigeons are considered as pests of rice in some countries of Asia as they steal rice from the farmer’s crop. Rice lovers

Rice is an excellent choice to reduce the fat of pigeons and doves. It helps reduce weight. Also, it is an important source of carbohydrates.

Pigeons eating rice

How to feed rice to pigeons for losing weight?

Cook the rice in water. Don’t add salt to it as salt is toxic for the birds. It can disturb the electrolytes in the birds which can cause dehydration and other problems in birds.

Feed them cooked rice daily for one week. After that one day rice and one day any other food to maintain nutrition. Pigeons will love to eat rice.

How to cook rice perfectly for Bird?

Take rice and water in a ratio of 1.5 to 1 respectively. For example, if you are taking 150 grams of rice then water must be 100g ( for long white grain rice). Rinse and soak the rice in water for 30 minutes or more before cooking. (More time is better).


It removes excess starch from the rice so it won’t be sticky It takes less time to cook. Cook until all the water is absorbed by the rice.Brown rice requires more water than white long grain rice and it takes more time to be cooked.

How to tell when rice is done?

Approximately after 12 minutes, water is soaked by the rice or when all the water is absorbed by the rice. Check if the rice is hard from the center then it is uncooked. Add 1/4 or 1/8 more water. Cooks it for extra 3 -5 minutes with low heat if the rice are soft then they are cooked

Can baby pigeons eat rice?

Baby pigeons can eat cooked rice but it is recommended not to feed them until they are 20 days old. Rice are not so nutritious. In the early days, baby need more nutrients with less food. So try to give those diets that are healthy and nutritious but required in low quantity as they have small stomach.

Read this article for a full diet plan for abandoned baby pigeon.


  • Boil rice in clean water.
  • Do not add any salt while cooking .Salt is toxic for the birds. It might dehydrate them.
  • Cooldown the rice before giving it to your bird.
  • Don’t feed only rice to your pigeon. Add some other diet too. It is because an excessive amount of rice for a long time can affect your bird’s health. Diet must be a mixture of grains, seeds fruits also.

Final thoughts

Is rice good for pigeons? Rice do not harm the pigeons is loved by them.It is not harmful until eaten in moderate quantity.It is good to feed them rice.

Pigeons can eat long white grain rice as well as brown rice. They can also eat both cooked and uncooked rice.

Some years ago people throw rice over the newly married couple as a tradition. After that some rumors spread the news that these rice when eaten by birds they explode.From that time this myth is in demand and people stop throwing rice .But this myth put end on a false tradition that is good thing though .






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