Pigeon is not laying egg properly – Here’s what to do?

A pigeon is a bird that lays eggs throughout the year. But sometimes it may not lay an egg or if laying an egg the eggshell is soft or infertile. What are the reasons and why pigeon is not laying an egg? If laying an egg why it is infertile?

Pigeon is not laying egg because it is not matured yet. If laying eggs then there are chances that your pigeon has lack of nutrients that lead to soft egg shells. Age is another factor. If pigeon didn’t mate the egg produced is infertile also.

In order to cure this problem you need to know some more reasons so you can treat the problem accordingly. Here I will tell you some home remedies and some medicines that are helpful. If you just start giving the medicine with out knowing the reasons , it may be wastage of time .

Why are my pigeons not laying eggs Reasons?

Pigeon is laying infertile eggs?

Below are the reasons due to which your pigeon is not laying eggs.

Pigeon is infertile

Pigeons are one of the fastest growing birds . They are usually very fertile and can breed 12 times a year.With each mating they give two eggs .Out of which one is male and other is female.

Sometimes , as in humans, pigeons are infertile too due to which they are not laying eggs .If they are laying eggs than the egg may not have the abiity to hatch. These birds mate for life. But if one the bird is infertile they may leave him and search for another pigeon to mate.

How to know egg is infertile or not?

YOu can check the fertility of bird by candle method. Go in the dark and place your egg above the flash light.LIght must be enough so you can see whats inside the egg.IF the egg is clear and you see nothing except the liquid than the egg dont have the ability to hatch and is infertile.

Remember to check the egg after 7-9 days after the incubating period starts.

Your pigeon is not matured

Pigeons lay eggs only when they get maturity age. Male pigeons mature ate the age of 4 months and female touches the 6 months period . usually the mating starts at 7 .months . This is their first mating .Time period depends upon the different species of pigeons.

The baby pigeons grow very fast .IT is more heavier and has more weight than the adult birds at the age of 6 weeks . So new pwt keepers assume that it will mate soon. THis is the misconception also .Dont expect too early .

This mostly happens you brought a new pair of pigeon from the pet store. They may look mature but may be they are too young for laying eggs. Give them some time.

Lack of nutrients

This is one of the main reasons your pigeon is not laying eggs . Food is necessary for proper growth and nourishment for the body. YOu may have seen that pigeons in the cities or wild mostly don’t lack these problems becuasue they are getting all types of food .THey are fulfilling their nutrients value .

Lack of vitamin C : Pigeons may not getting diet in which there is lack of vitamin C. Deficeicy of Vitamin C may lead your pigeon to lay infertile eggs.

If you have pet pigeon and you are giving him only one type of food For example if you just start feeding rice to your pigeons all the day long and it is the only thing he is feeding on. Then it may be harmful for him. It is because the nutrients of one food is different from the others .Too much of anything is harmful. Rice is good but it not be given on the place of diet.

How rice are beneficial for your pigeon you can read here our this article.

Excess of any thing is harmful.If you just feed you pigeon only wheat .Then there are chances that it may gain weight .Obesity may cause the pigeon to lay unfertile eggs. It is due to the excess amount of fat in the body .and according to reaserach

Obesity is the mother of all diseases

If your pigeon gains alot of weight ,you might be not giving him freedom to fly. These are the birds that always return to their home even if they are miles away.They will alsways reutrn back to you If they will fly, their weight will automatically maintained as they wil burn more calories.

You can drink them Caron seeds water for losing fat in the body.

Mating is not properly done

Sometimes the colacial organs are not touched with each other properly. Chances are that sperms may not reach the egg which causes the ird to lay infertile egg . Pigeons mate for many days until they hatch the egg .

If you manually make pairs just keep that unit away from other birds for few days. IF you keep them with other pigeons the chances that pair may broken. They both will start search for new mate.This thing also cause problems in eggs.

Pigeon is old

Pigeons are living creaturs .like others they also have cycles of formation of gametes . They produce gametes for many years . Their life expectacncy may exceeds 15 years. At that time they may stop laying eggs.

How do you get pigeons to lay eggs?

Dont worry if you have this problem . The simple solutions to your problem are here. After studying the above probems you are now abe to identify which medicine is right for you pigeon.

Feed them proper food

Diet is everything.Better diet will keep your pigeon healthy and when your pigeon will be healthy it will proper eggs.

Food nameQuantity (gram)
Pearl Millet5 gm
Mustard seeds5 gm
White millet5 gm
Chick pea5 gm
Diet for pigeons

Mix all the ingredients and feed your pigeon 2 times a day. you can also add some other grains ,seeds any thing like rice to change the taste.

Also feed them chicken’s feed. This diet is helpful for proper nourishment of the pigeon.

Note: Quantity can be increased accordingly

WHat if pigeon laying eggs with soft eggshells? YOu can feed your pigeon the shell of the egg. Break the eggs into small pieces and feed to your bird.It is because the pigeon will lack those nutrients when he will eat the egg shell. Nourishment will be maintained.

You can also separate the female from the pair for few days.

You can give quality food with proper nutrition value. Feed your pigeon vitamin C tablets in small quantity . Provide them good environment with proper tempertaure maintaince .THese things will help you pigeon to lay eggs.

Fulfill their Vitamin C deficency .

Give them Vitamin C capsules in water two times a day. Break the big capsule into 4 small pieces that will work for days. This is the best remedy .

Give them folic acid also

The combo of vitamin C tablets and Folic acid is good for getting perfect eggs. Half tablet of folic acid should be given in the morning after 1 hour of breakfast .

Home remedy for Reducing fat in pigeons

You can help your bird to reduce weight by feeding them Caron seeds, green cardamom and liquorice water.

Take these things and mix them in water. Boil the water for some minutes. After that separate the water from them. Cool down the water and give it to the pigeon for reducing weight.

Related questions

At what age do a pigeon stop laying egg?

They don’t have a specific age to stop laying eggs .The highest pigeon I know has the age of 12 who was breeding still. ALthough pigeons can live longer . There was a pigeon who died at the age of 23 .At that he cant breed .

This bird can also grow old just like humans. The ability of mating decreases with the age. Usually they will lay eggs until they are alive. As i told earlier they mostly die before they stop laying eggs

How long does it take for a pigeon to lay an egg after mating?

It takes 8-12 days for pigeon to lay egg. Female after mating choose the best possible spot for laying eggs. After that they may have intercourse daily.Female can lay mostly two eggs .The first one is usually male while the second egg is female

How do you improve pigeon breeding?

Pigeon breeding can be improve if you prvide them proper food ,a good environment and best breeding pair. Temperature should also be maintained because some times if an egg is hatched in a very hot weather.There are chances that baby may die because of excessive heat.

What month do pigeons lay eggs?

Pigeons lay eggs in autumn and spring seasons moslty

Pigeons are mating but not laying eggs?

It takes time for pigeons to lay eggs. Wait for 13 days .If they still dont lay eggs check the mating pair may be they are not breeding properly.There is also possibility that one of the pigeon is infertile .Try to change the pair. Fulfill their Vitamins and calcium quantity.

This thing will surely work hope so . Read the solutions I told in this article .

How many times do pigeon lay eggs in a year?

Pigeons can lay eggs 12 months a year .They lay two eggs so total of 24 eggs a year.In winter some species of pigeons dont breedSo an average 12-16 baby birds can enter this world.


If pigeons are not laying eggs there are mostly nutrition deficiency in them. Fulfill their nutrients like vitamin C and calcium. Too young pigeon also don’t lay eggs . Without mating pigeons can lay infertile eggs . Feed them garlic which is crushed and mixed in water. Hope your issue solves .






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