Why does my cockatiel scream when I leave the room?

The main reason behind the screaming of a Cockatiel when you leave the room might seem to be loneliness because psychologically, a Cockatiel is a cuddly, outgoing, and comical bird. So, if You are an outgoing person and somebody just caged you, what will be your reaction? According to you. The same is the case with the reaction of a cockatiel when he is left alone in the room.

The screaming of your cockatiel is maybe because of the following reasons:

  • Outgoing nature of cockatiel.
  • Their natural habitat.
  • Anxiety issues.
  • Pseudobulbar affect (PBA)
  • They want your attention so they scream when you leave the room

The extrovert nature of cockatiel:

According to outgoing psychology / extrovert nature, being imprisoned and closed, and having nobody to listen to your vents, exhaust you a lot. And the person suffering from that might get a syndrome of talking to himself. The same is in the case of cockatiels.

The Cockatiels are social birds and like to interact with the living beings present in their environments and if they cannot see anybody in their surroundings, they start screaming.

The natural habitat of cockatiel:

The natural habitats of Cockatiels are the semi-arid areas of Australia. So, they are familiar with breathing in an open environment and feel irritated when they are left alone in closed rooms.

Anxiety issues of cockatiel:

Being a pet parent it is very important to keep an eye on the mood swings of your pet. In the case of the cockatiels, you can easily get to know about their mood by the position of their crest feathers.straight crests can tell you about the curiosity your cockatiel holds about a thing or any human existence that’s strange in front of him.

The flattened crest feather by the head of the cockatiel, while they are hissing, indicates that your cockatiel is stressed. So, he needs your help to be okay.

So if a cockatiel is screaming with that position of its crest feather then he is feeling insecure about your presence and is in doubt that will you be there with them or not? And they want an assurance that you will be back again and are not leaving them forever. As discussed earlier, the cockatiel is a social bird and is happy to interact with others.

Thus, leaving him where he does not find a familiar face, causes him to feel insecure and be left by the loved one which is a reason that they might get anxious about that and feel stressed.

Pseudobulbar affect in a cockatiel (PBA): 

Cockatiel screams a lot. Sometimes the screaming is worth it and sometimes they are just screaming to grab your attention towards them. It’s okay to be responding towards your pets but it’s not okay to give them the way to manipulate you.

If you know that your cockatiel is just screaming without any specific reason, and they are not afraid of anything, reply with a sweet whistle or any random vocal is okay. But, returning to the room back and forth on their scream provides them a way to disturb you. Pets are just like toddlers, you need to create a love language to generate a healthy relationship between each other.

How to stop cockatiel from screaming?

Let us have a look at how to stop the cockatiel from screaming.

As already discussed earlier, cockatiels scream because of several different reasons. The reasons may seem logical or illogical to be screamed on. But nobody dares to teach cockatiels that this is the valid reason and this is not.

Here we discuss the approaches by which cockatiels owners should get rid of cockatiels screaming.

The certainties are discussed as under:

  • Your cocktail is unfamiliar with your living style.
  • Your cockatiel wants to disrupt you.

The cockatiel is unfamiliar with your living style:

In case you have brought a new pet cockatiel. He is not familiar with your living style, so keep them with you and share as much time with them as possible to let them familiarize themselves with you and your living style so that he could not scream when you leave him in a room.

Your Cockatiel wants to disrupt you:

If you pet a cockatiel a year ago and you know that he is familiar with your living style but still screams when you leave your room to get you back as soon as possible because he feels lonely and wants a person to listen to him and talk to him. So leave him screaming. Do not get back in the room immediately after they screamed, because if the pet is familiar with your lifestyle and you are going back to his scream means that you are giving him a chance to manipulate you.


Petting a cockatiel is not a bad decision to take. But the real struggle falls when you are going to create a communication room between you and your cockatiel. This is necessary to accept them as they are and to let them accept you and your schedule. Because, the cockatiel is a very hyper, social bird.

They want your attention 24/7 and they enjoy the fact that you are getting entertained by them. Making them your priority lets him lead his life happily even when closed. But make sure not to prioritize them over your personal life. And it will turn out to be more effective if you give them a chance to live their life by themselves, by providing them with cages which have cute smart little toys in them that could be broken on the little hitting by their beaks.

This made them feel worthy and strong. Moreover, providing them with a cage that is flooded with paper clusters gives them the feel of walking on rocks. This little activity made them feel happy and abandoned them with the feeling and self-satisfaction.

This is a must to provide them with a happier healthy living.

Happy petting of cockatiel!






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