Why does my Cockatiel Scream when I leave the room?

Loneliness is probably the main reason why a cockatiel screams when you leave the room because psychologically, the cockatiel is a loving, outgoing and humorous bird. So, if you were an outgoing person and someone just put you in a cage, how would you react? according to you. The same is true of a cockatiel’s reaction when left alone in a room.

The screaming of your cockatiel is maybe because of the following reasons:

  • Outgoing nature of cockatiel.
  • Their natural habitat.
  • Anxiety issues.
  • Pseudobulbar affect (PBA)
  • They want your attention so they scream when you leave the room

The extrovert nature of cockatiel:

According to the outgoing psyche / extrovert nature, being confined and closed off, and having no one to listen to you, makes you very tired. And the person suffering from this may have self-talking syndrome. The same is true of cockatiels.

Cockatiels are social birds and like to interact with the creatures in their environment and start screaming if they can’t see anyone around.

Cockatiel’s Natural Habitat:

The natural habitat of cockatiels is the semi-arid regions of Australia. Therefore, they are accustomed to breathing in open environments and feel irritable when left alone in closed rooms.

Cockatiel Anxiety Problems:

As a pet parent it is very important to keep track of your pet’s mood swings. In the case of cockatiels, you can easily tell their temperament by the position of their crest feathers.

Straight crusts can tell you about the curiosity your cockatiel has about something or a human being that is strange to him.

Flattened cockatiel head feathers, when they are hissing, indicate that your cockatiel is stressed. So, he needs your help to recover.

So if a cockatiel is screeching with this position of its crest feather, is it feeling insecure about your presence and is doubting whether you will be with them or not?

And they want a reassurance that you will come back and not leave them forever. As discussed earlier, the cockatiel is a social bird and enjoys interacting with others.

Thus, abandoning him where he does not find a familiar face, causes him to feel insecure and abandoned to his loved one because he is concerned about her. I can be anxious and stressed.

Pseudobulbar effect in cockatiel (PBA):

The cockatiel screams a lot. Sometimes yelling is worth it and sometimes they’re just yelling to get your attention. It’s okay to respond to your pet, but it’s not okay to give them a way to manipulate you.

If you know your cockatiel is just screaming for no particular reason, and they aren’t afraid of anything, respond with a sweet whistle or a random sound. But, coming back into the room at their scream gives them a way to annoy you.

Pets are just like small children, you need to create a love language to develop a healthy relationship between them.

How to stop a cockatiel from screaming?

Let’s take a look at how to stop a cockatiel from screaming.

As already discussed, cockatiels scream for a number of different reasons. Reasons may seem logical or illogical to run on. But no one dares to teach cockatiels that this is the right reason and it is not.

Here we discuss the methods by which cockatiel owners should get rid of screaming cockatiels.

The certainties are discussed as under:

  • Your cockatiel is unfamiliar with your living style.
  • Your cockatiel wants to disrupt you.

Cockatiel is unaware of your behavior:

If you have brought a new pet cockatiel. He’s not familiar with your routine, so keep them with you and spend as much time with them as possible so that they familiarize themselves with you and your routine so that they don’t scream when you leave them in the room. could

Your cockatiel wants to stop you:

If you’ve had a cockatiel a year ago and you know it’s aware of your behavior but still yells at you to come back as soon as you leave your room because it’s self-inflicted. Feels lonely and wants someone to listen to him. Stop yelling at him.

Do not go back into the room immediately after it screams, because if the pet is aware of your lifestyle and you are returning to its scream, it means that you are giving it an opportunity to manipulate you. .


Petting a cockatiel is not a bad decision. But the real struggle is when you are going to create a communication room between you and your cockatiel. It’s important to accept them as they are and let them accept you and your schedule. Because, the cockatiel is a very hyper, social bird.

They want your attention 24/7 and they enjoy the fact that you are being entertained by them. Making them her priority allows her to live her life happily even when closed. But make sure not to prioritize them over your personal life.

And it will be more effective if you give them a chance to live on their own by providing cages with cute little toys that can break when poked with their beaks.

It made them feel capable and strong. Moreover, providing them with a cage filled with paper clumps gives them the feeling of walking on stones. This small activity gave them a sense of joy and left them with a sense of self-satisfaction.

It is important to give them a happy healthy life.

Happy cockatiel petting!

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