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Best Hopper Bird Feeders that attracts maximum birds

Mackenzie Gary

Best Bird feeders


To begin with feeding birds in the wild, you need to invest in a suitable bird feeder and if you have wandered around on the net, you would be thinking of buying a hopper bird feeder which is significantly better than other types of bird feeders. In this article, we will help you choose the best hopper bird feeder to begin your journey into the wild.

What is a hopper bird feeder?

A hopper bird feeder is also called a house bird feeder, they are house-shaped feeding trays and are built from materials like wood or metal. There are two clear windows on each side and a roof over the windows. The seeds for birds are held in between the transparent window compartment. There is a tray attached at the base for seeds to fall into.

As the birds gradually consume the seeds spread into the tray, you will gravity do its work from the clear windows. The seeds filled into the house will keep falling from a gap at the bottom of the windows into the tray. And the birds will be free to feed on those seeds in the tray.

Hopper bird feeders have a hook on the roof so you can mount them at your chosen place and the roof, which is designed in a slanting shape, protects the seeds from rain, snow, and harsh weather.

Does it seem like a perfect choice for bird feeding? But there is still one more question of which hopper bird feeder should you buy?

Drop all your confusion because here we have got a roundup of the best hopper bird feeders to invest in so, let’s dive in!

A Roundup of the Best Hopper Bird Feeders

If you want just one straightforward option for a hopper feeder, this is it. Woodlink bird feeder is designed to keep squirrels away as their weight can push down and break the hopper feeder. It has a locking top and a spring-activated perch to keep the squirrels away. On the other side, this feeder is built to attract a wide variety of birds including finches, jays, sparrows, woodpeckers, and more.

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You can keep a variety of seeds including sunflower seeds, kernels, mixed seeds, peanut chunks, and more inside the window compartment. The upside in this is that there is ample space inside the windows which means you have to refill the feeder less frequently than in usual feeders. It can hold up to 15 pounds of seeds.

Woodlink’s feeder is made from metal and has a counter-balance perch so birds of different weights can perch and feed on the hopper including heavy birds.

The feeder has a waste seed saver baffle to prevent the birds from shoveling seeds and wasting them. Plus, the birds won’t be able to chew on its zinc-coated steel body.

You just have to unlatch the roof for easy refilling and cleaning.

It comes fully assembled and you just have to hang it. Woodlink’s hopper comes with a steel hanging rod, metal mounting bracket, and an option for pole mounting as well.

Going green premier bird feeder lives up to its name and is one of a kind. This hopper bird feeder is strong, sturdy, and fully screwed. It will last you for several years with its high-quality finish. Woodlink’s Premier feeder is made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled plastic with coated metal screen bottoms that allow for proper drainage and seed aeration.

Other than the two sides of the tray for feeding, this hopper feeder comes with two suet cages for birds to eat from. Plus, there is ample space to perch on all sides. It can carry over 5.5 pounds of seeds and two suet cakes as well. You can see the seeds being consumed from the clear windows and refill easily through the hinged roof which opens. Suet cages attach finely too.

This feeder comes with a hanging cable, and it is recommended to be used with Woodlink’s pole mount which is sold individually. You can also hang it from a tree branch.

This is a wooden, ranch-style hopper bird feeder. It has two sides of a feeding tray with enough space for the birds to perch on. This feeder by Woodlink has a perforated, powder-coated metal screen bottom which can be removed easily as well. This provides easy seed dispersal and a lot of aeration for the seeds.

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This, too, is made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and has polycarbonate windows. It will keep up against harsh weather conditions as it is built with rust-resistant zinc chromate screws. These are not like typical nails and keep the feeder sturdy for long. This ranch-style buildup lets several birds feed simultaneously. It can hold up to 5.5 pounds of mixed seeds.

Woodlink’s feeder comes with a heavy cable for hanging. It is fully assembled and can be hung by a tree or on a pole.

This feeder is from the brand Twinkle Star. Twinkle Star’s classic bird feeder is made from plastic and attracts a large variety of birds. It comes in a unique design with its hexagon shape and a slanting roof that shades the birds as they feed on the seeds. It has sides for the birds to perch on and feed. As the seeds are consumed, more seeds take their place via gaps at the bottom.

This feeder by Twinkle Star can hold up to 2.15 pounds of seeds. You can fill it with sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and more to attract different birds. This feeder comes fully assembled and you can hang it right out of the box.

The lid of this feeder has a twist lock cover that locks the roof safely in place to keep the seeds inside dry and fresh. When you notice the seed level dropping from the clear windows, just turn the lock, lift the roof, and fill it in.

It is recommended that you wash it regularly with mild soap.

Stokes Select’s hopper feeder is made with some of the best features to aid the bird enthusiast. This feeder is made from 100 percent recycled materials and has a top-quality construction with a weather-resistant finish.

It has ample space even more than a traditional wooden feeder and can hold up to 6 quarts of seeds with suet cakes in the suet cages.

Some of its features include a roof to protect the seeds from rain and snow, a built-in socket to mount on the Stokes Select hanging pole, a seed diverter and drainage area to keep the seeds dry and away from moisture, and a large space for multiple birds to perch on and feed. Plus, the drainage area allows for easy seed dispersal and due to the presence of two suet cages, more birds can perch on the feeder.

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These feeders tend to attract a lot of songbirds. All Stoke Select’s feeders have top-notch features like twist-lock tops, easy cleaning, quality powder-coated finish, and much more.

One of the top-rated hopper feeders on the list, Perky-Pe’s feeder is built in the style of a perfect home for birds. It has cutouts that look like windows and doors, a faux chimney, a roof, and an adorable front porch as well.

This feeder keeps off squirrels and other animals through a perch which drops down when an animal heavier than the intended bird perches on it, closing the seed windows and blocking the seed inside. The chimney lock prevents the squirrels from lifting the lid and the metal outer cover discourages chewing. It is a full squirrel-resistant perch but make sure to hang it at least 18 inches above the ground for the weight-activated perch to work.

There is a removable roof to fill in the seeds with about 8 pounds of different seeds. You must clean this feeder every two weeks.

It can either be hung or mounted on a pole. This attractive design of a country home is one of a kind that the birds won’t be able to resist for long.

This charming Perky-Pet Deluxe Chalet Cedar Feeder does not only seeds at a capacity of 5 pounds but two suet cakes as well. It is made from cedar which has natural weather-resistant and insect repelling properties. The feeder has a transparent window for easy inspection and has a beautiful woody finish. You can easily fill and clean and can be mount or hang it as per convenience.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I clean my hopper bird feeder?

Before putting in new seeds, remove all old seeds and soak the feeder in warm water. Scrub with mild soap and allow to dry. Remove accumulated dropping from underneath and spread mulch (bark or wood) below the feeder. Wash your hand thoroughly.

Black Oil Sunflower seeds, Mixed seeds, Safflower seeds, and Thistle seeds are the most popular for feeding birds but you can use other seeds as well.

What birds use hopper feeders?

What does a hopper feeder look like?

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